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About Solaworx, Solar Installers

Gold Partner
ABN: 85 615 467 377  ABN active since 20 Oct 2016 | Solaworx Australia Pty Ltd
ACN: 615 467 377  ACN active since 20 Oct 2016 | Solaworx Australia Pty Ltd

Solaworx Pty Ltd is comprised of a team of professionals from the solar power industry, each of whom is committed to providing the highest quality systems on the market.

The company also practices what it preaches, as it operates out of the Aldinga Arts Eco Village - the site has one of the highest rates of solar panel installations in the whole of Australia.

Solaworx Pty Ltd provides Economy, Classic, Premium and Ultra Premium products, giving customers the chance to choose a system that suits their requirements and budget. Solar modules from the likes of ECSOLAR, SolarPark and Q-Cell are among those used by the firm.

Solaworx Solar Reviews

The installers arrived promptly and carried out the job with no fuss, introiduced me to the system and left the area neat as a new pin!

The quote, the explanatory conversations, and the fair price made me feel confident in my choice.
The forwarding of the paperwork on-line was prompt and the ease of making payment on-line was a pleasure.
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New build solar installation

We are in the finishing stages of building a house and wanted a solar system installed prior to handover. We decided on Solarworx after receiving a comprehensive quote with several options and after Mark at Solarworx assured us he could work in with the builder. Despite our scepticism the anticipated problems with the builder allowing this never eventuated as Mark did as he promised and completed the contractor induction required by the builder and arranged the timing of the install to fit with their building schedule.

While we won’t be moving in for a couple of weeks yet the System is live and has now been feeding into the grid for over a fortnight and by reviewing the results through our power company portal we have more than happy with the results and output.
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A job well done

A great installation with good attention to detail. The whole job went so smoothly. I am so impressed with the Enphase micro inverters And how easy it is to monitor the system through the Enlighten app Show additional information

Provided the most comprehensive information and very professional installation

The quote arrived quick and was very comprehensive , the system was installed within 2 weeks by experienced and efficient installers
the price was competitive and I am very happy with the whole process
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Very supportive and professional installer

Mark is very supportive. He gave me 2 quotes that perfectly meet my needs. We chose 1 and happy to wait for the installation from his electrician. They were quick, professional and provided me enough information with my solar. What is more impressive to me is the after sales service from Solarworx. Show additional information

All in all a sucess

Decided to upgrade an existing DC string system by adding a new micro-inverter based system, which works well.

All in all a success. One issue during installation, in that the installer tried to remove existing system - not properly briefed :--)
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100% helpful, attentive to my requirements, patient & prompt

First quote suggested best for my needs with 2 other alternatives. Very promptly delivered. Gave me My time to consider (comparing 3 other quotes and a lot of my own research) A date was set for installation & 2 great men arrived on time & worked hard at it all day - stopping only for a coffee . They instructed me on how to use the tracking app' so that I can watch the kW's adding up ???? Instructed me to raise a work order for SAPN to come & switch me on! I could not recommend this company highly enough. Show additional information
I haven't yet had approval from SA Power Networks for the install, so put not applicable for the install rating. Show additional information

Quality system, followup was haphazard.

Salesman was happy to provide multiple quotes, adjusting options to suit us. Installation was professional, on time, and tidy. Followup was disappointing - process for meter changeover not explained properly, Electrical Certificate of Compliance was a low-resolution photo of the real cert. 14 days after installation, and after reminders, we're still waiting for some documentation (maintenance requirements, earth fault alarm actions, connection diagram, etc). Show additional information

Professional in all aspects of provision and installation.

A professional approach without any heavy sales pressure. Easy to see the full items in the quote. Price seems ok when compared to others with the same system configuration. Installers were efficient, effective. friendly and helpful answering any questions I had. Overall a good experience dealing with Mark. Show additional information

The Donald`s review

The whole process was made easy by Mark and I cannot complain about service,installation and price
A job well done
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A great experience with Solarworx installing 5kw solar Microinverter system to my residence.

I came across Solarworx via an internet search. Mark promptly sent me three quotes according to my needs. Follow up phone calls were informative without any pressure from Mark to buy. A big factor was Mark's onsite visit to my house done promptly, and all my questions were answered. I was tossing up between micro inverters and a string system. Mark favoured micro inverters and ensured I had information about both types of systems, again no pressure to buy and left me to ring him. I rang wanting accurate placement of panels on the roof which again came through promptly in the form of a picture of my roofline with panels in place..

My wife and I committed to Solarworx and the Microinverter system in part due to online research, but significantly due to Mark's open and professional manner. He talked at my level of understanding. He made it very clear that the installation by his father/son team - Andre and Brandon is done professionally with maximum attention to aesthetics of the system installation. both are qualified electricians. When they arrived at my house to install over two days, Andre and Brendon answered all my questions and consulted me at every step to ensure I was happy with what they were doing. I could not have been more impressed with their service.

The system has been operational for several weeks. Mark handled all the paperwork with my electrical retailer and SA PowerNetworks.

The online app that comes with the Enphase Microinverter and is great for monitoring daily. My system is set up to take extra panels which is easy to do with Microinverter panels and is also ready for a battery.

It was in the end a stress free purchase - well nearly given you are spending a lot of money for the system. Mark is available for follow up over the phone and I have used him in this regard. I would recommend Mark and Solarworx.
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Great team to work with

The Solarquotes website provided helpful information about solar systems and enabled me to get a handle on the different systems that are available. One of the companies they recommended to get a quote from was Solaworx.

I found Solaworx to be a very professional company to deal with. They provided an itemized quote so that I could understand exactly what I was getting for my money. Mark Moody, the Solaworx manager, was very informative and helpful when he visited our home. I ended up choosing the Enphase microinverter system.

Solaworx used Thoroughtec Pty Ltd. as the installer and I was very impressed with their work. Little things such as soldering earth connections and siliconing holes to prevent ant nests just confirmed their professionalism. I found Andre and his team to be very approachable and highly competent (given their considerable experience in solar installations).

Everything was fully explained.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Solaworx (and Thoroughtec) to anyone considering installing solar.
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He's on the roof right now.
Cant pass any judgement until install done.
Have gone with Enphase micro-inverters on 310W panels. 9.6KW.
Am replacing old 1.5KW system
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We installed 11.97kW costing $15816.40. The main reason why we took Solarworx is that they were the only one to install Microinverter, with out an extra inverter unit on the wall. Show additional information
Received the 2 quotes requested. Both quotes were reasonable and on price alone was happy to accept either supplier. What made us choose SolarWorx was the attention given to us by Mark who spent considerable time with us on 3 seperate visits talking through various options until we found the one that suited us. Attention to detail and to us the customer was an important factor and Mark’s approach sealed the deal. We are very happy with our system. Show additional information
It may well be that I am too harsh with my rating. Some of the problems in my area are too high voltages. SA Power Networks detected 270 Volts at the meter of one of my neighbours only 2 days ago. Show additional information

Wary first time purchaser happy with his decision

* Mark pushes micro-inverters and I’m a fan of them now as they offer flexibility and expandability in solar design, but they do cost more. He’ll happily offer a standard single inverter system though if this is what you wish but look into how this limits your system.
* Great installers
* Understands aesthetics are important.
* Takes time to explain.
*Enlighten app that comes with system showing how much your system is producing or how much you are using and the net total. This does not show you how much each panel is producing however, which is available for additional ongoing charge.

* At the quote stage, Mark won’t offer a plan of your roof with panels arranged. Which many of the Quote Machines will do. In the end I found this wasn’t a big deal but at the start of the process it did appear to be an omission compared to the quote machines.
* He also didn’t do an onsite inspection (neither will the Quote Machines).

Rambling Review
How often do you get to source and install a solar system? Rarely if at all, so it means we approach the purchase with knowledge ranging from trusting ignorance to kind-of-informed but a bit overwhelmed by the decisions scale.

My challenge: a partially shaded concrete tile roof with small triangular or trapezium shaped unshaded sides.

Solarworx were among those arranged via Solar Quotes and from the start Mark Moody was the most approachable and interested in my set up. Others were just about delivery of quote based on a picture of my roof. I realised some companies (and resulting call centres that got my number) were just Quote Machines.

The exception was Tindo Solar who were equally approachable. Despite my desire to buy local, the price point of the panels and Choice reviews meant I didn’t go with them.

What impressed me about Mark was his perseverance and tolerance when life intervened and I had to pause the quote process. He also offered a variety of configurations for me to choose from too. Repeatedly at different times.

I went with 14 panels with micro-inverters and I'm so glad I did. Micro-inverters mean one panel being shaded does not impact the whole system and so when the installer turned up, he was able to place three panels on my only unshaded north facing, trapezium-shaped roof area. Which wasn't planned. This therefore allows solar production later into the day.

I've recently ordered a further three panels for a late in the day unshaded western roof corner, again with micro-inverters.

If you are getting panels I would also look at your energy provider. I changed to Amber at the same time meaning I’m getting wholesale prices for my production. This has influenced my purchase of the extra three panels on the western roof as I’ll be producing at peak demand time and so get a better price.

In Autumn we were net produces, but with variable prices and our usage at peak times in mornings and evenings, we’re still getting electric bills but so much less without panels and with AGL.
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I had five companies quote via Solarquotes and I liked most, but Solaworx stood out from the rest. Mark from Solaworx, provided three quotes at the start, showing a range of options and prices. Each quote came with the product information sheets from the manufactures and the actual Solaworx quote document listed every component with the price of each item clearly shown. When I called Mark to discuss the quotes he seemed to know the answer to every question I asked and was very pleasant and easy to chat with. Mark must have spent hours on the phone with me over several calls as I kept on thinking up new questions to ask. His knowledge of the products was excellent and he was more than happy to tweak or add quotes for me so I could compare them with his other quotes or quotes from other companies. I found his quotes to be very good value and his manner to be very reassuring and relaxed. I never felt pressured to buy and when we eventually decided to go ahead, the installation was done just one week later across two days. The first day was very windy so the cabling was done that morning and the rest of the installation was done a few days later. The installers, Andre and Brandon were really friendly, polite and thoroughly professional, just like Mark. They took their time showing me the system and it really looks great. The cables are well hidden in our cathedral roof and the panels and enphase box installation look very smart. Brandon and Andre went to great lengths to install the cables in the roof which meant temporarily lifting large sections of our Colorbond steel roof. We couldn't be happier with how it looks and works.
Our electricity supplier Origin, swapped the meter out yesterday and we have been using and exporting our solar electricity since yesterday afternoon. We decided to go with Jasolar panels with enphase microinverters. We have no shading issues but love all the benefits of the enphase microinverters so went with this combination.

We highly recommend Solaworx.

PS one of the things I love is the enphase monitoring feature. The enphase enlighten monitoring software shows via any web browser or the enlighten smart phone app, how the system is performing. It shows the generation, export and consumption data in 15 minute blocks. This video shows what the app looks like and how to use it:
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Very positive experience throughout the purchase and installation Show additional information
Really good experience with this purchase. Mark was upfront with costs and the fitters Andrea and son were highly skilled and friendly. It was a difficult choice as all the quotes received from Solarquotes were great. Show additional information
Enphase individual micro inverters are very efficient and the enphase monitoring app is great. Mark did well to recommend this type of system as we had an existing (single inverter) 3kw system which we did not need to disturb. And now have two 3kw stand alone systems working side by side. A very good set up. Show additional information
Solarworx was one of three quotes. Of the other two, one was just a flat price of $5k with no other information and the other failed to quote within the first week (although it was mid-January and he did apologise for the delay).

Like many consumers, I'd done some homework but was surprised at the amount of information that I was unaware of.

Solarworx's quote had three pricing and supply options with each differnece full explained.vIn the end, we went for the mid-range one. There was an initial hiccup with installation due to roofing issues and the delay of several weeks was of minor inconvenience only. Mark Moody maintains contact and returns calls promptly, he was very laid back. It was a much better feel that the high pressure sales tactics I had experienced in our last couple of forays into solar which resulted in us postponing the decision.

It's all now installed, operates at a premium level and the retailer has switched over the meters.

All that's left now is to see what impact it has on pour power bills. I did notice on the weekend that SA Power Netwroks is lobbying the Essentuial Services Commission to change electricity tariffs so that they can charge peak rates in the evening, early morning and at night "to encourage more use during the day".

It sounds like a scam to redcue the amount we save by using solar power during the day and hitting us when the sun goes down. If that happens, make your feelings known to your local MP because if, as reported, one third of homes have solar, then we have a powerful voice.
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Overall very happy with this whole process of getting Solar installed on my house. I got 3 quotes and Solaworx were not the cheapest, but after researching the systems, Solaworx offered the highest quality system at a fantastic price. Their quote was cheaper than another quote that was using cheaper solar panels. Mark came out to my home to discuss what could be done, 1 of the quoters didn't bother which put them offside with me. Installers for Solaworx very polite, professional, and easy to deal with. Brandon and Andre did a great job and installed the system in less than 1 day. A factory defect on one of the microinverters which they picked up during install saw them come back next working day to replace it. Whole system works brilliantly and I can view the production and consumption online. Will recommend Solaworx to family and friends for sure. Show additional information
Very professional fast and friendly. Live in block of Townhouses and now everybody getting them installed because I highly recommended them ...Excellent quality system with extra warranty and confidence in tradesmen and problem solving if required... Show additional information
Started this mission with huge power bills. Had no idea what i was looking for and during the journey met some really aggressive salesman. I was recommended by a friend who said that he is very impressed with a man called Mark from solaworx with their knowledge, prices and work. Needless to say they lived up to their reputation. I had an 'impossible' roof. The installers came out and eight hours later was the owner of a state of the art solar system. Mark was patient, not pushy and laid the facts down for me to make an informed choice. I would recommend him to anyone. Show additional information
We received all the necessary information before we decide to buy. Mark was patient and helped us navigate through the various options to find something suitable for our needs. Show additional information
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Best presentation for quotation
Best value for money with high quality components, Enphase micro inverters
Included Solar Analytics monitoring package to integrate with existing system and monitor aircon load
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Mark was very prompt to contact us, the day after Solarquotes sent me the referrals. The solar system was installed within a week from when we first requested the quotes.
The installers did a excellent job with the installation and were polite and friendly. We have the micro inverters & the Enlighten monitoring system, so it is very easy to see what the system is producing. We did have an issue with one of the inverters & after contacting Mark the problem was rectified promptly.
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Mark Moody Solaworx made the process of installing a cost effective solar system seamless. I thank him and his excellent installation team and will recommend him to anyone thinking of installing a solar electricity system. Thanks Show additional information
Mark was the first to respond after receiving 3 contractors from SolarQuotes. My partner and I both had confidence in his knowledge of Solar Panels and the Solar Energy market in general. Once we decided to get Solar Panels the installation was organised in a flash. The installers were terrific - not only top technicians they were friendly, courteous and took their time to answer any solar related questions. The installation process went without a hitch - it has been 4 days since and the system is running better than expected. Show additional information
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We chose Solaworx as Mark Moody has excellent knowledge of all aspects of what is best suited our home. Could answer all our questions, we had done quite a bit
of research ourselves and what Mark had to say qualified what we had found out plus so much more. He is a very interesting, intelligent man. There was no sales push, just
the facts. It wasn't the cheapest, but an excellent system for years to come.
The installers were very good and helpful. The follow-up was also excellent. Would recommend Mark Mood and his team very highly. The whole experience was easy from beginning to end.
Thank you Mark.
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Mark and his team were very professional throughout the sale and installation. Mark's knowledge of the industry was excellent and he helped us work through some of the issues we had regarding shading of the roof, the best system for our needs and the best place for the panels. We have micro-inverters and the Enlighten system is excellent. The installation team were fantastic, very efficient and knowledgeable. They placed the panels well on the roof in keeping with the design of the house. Being new to solar we have had some subsequent questions and Mark always responds very quickly. It was a pleasure to deal with Mark and his team. Show additional information
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We have accepted the quote from SolarWorx, and there was a delay in having a roof inspection done, but this was because of poor weather conditions. After a few discussions we'll need to mount panels on tilt frames. perhaps not the prettiest scenario but our roof only has a 5 degree pitch so this will help keep the panels clean and hopefully producing optimal power. We now need to apply to council for the tilt frame installation.
So, so far happy with information and quote provided. I liked that Mark gave 3 quotes. A basic system, then better components, then because we have some shading at different times of day we have gone with the quote for micro inverters. This should provide maximum power production and fewer points of failure. Plus we can add a battery down the track if they become cheap enough.
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Mark and his crew were very good to deal with. All my questions were answered clearly and explained in detail. The install is of a very high quality. Show additional information
Mark from solarworx, didnt communicate well with his installers as they didnt know where on the roof the panels were going. Show additional information
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Show additional information
The installation on the day was speedy and efficient and professional.

Some minor delays were experienced due to unforeseen circumstances.

Purchases should ensure they understand that they are required to send forms to their electrical supplier.
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Mark from solarworx was fantastic. Was the only company to come to my house to discuss the quotes he supplied through email. System was installed within 2 weeks although i have to wait about 6 weeks for SAPN to change the meter over. Show additional information
Once the decision was made the solar system was installed within two weeks. Mark was easy to talk to and the installers consistently work with him. The whole process was much easier than I was expecting. Thank you. Show additional information
Mark was very knowledgable and articulate; he made the technical information easy to understand. He provided us with an extra option which we had not previousl considered.
Mark's expertise and availability to respond to questions regarding product and installation were excellent.
The speed at which our system was installed and running was exceptional.
The installers were very professional and communication with them, regarding best placement for panels was pleasant and productive.
Our micro inverter system is performing above our expectations and we appreciate the instant feed back on the performance of our system via the App.
Thank you Mark and your dedicated team.
We happily recommend your business to anyone considering considering installation of a solar system.
Our system is "battery ready" which will enable us to go off the grid at a future date.
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More than 1 year on, Mark from Solaworx was able to help me immediately with a technical query. Excellent service. Show additional information
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