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About Selectronic, Solar Inverters

Selectronic solar inverters review

Selectronic was established in 1964 and quickly became one of the most active companies operating in the field of custom made inductors and Transformers for the Australian local electronics market. In 1980 Selectronic started also operating in the emerging niche of renewable energy by producing its first power inverter.
Nowadays, Selectronic is a very vertically integrated company, able to manage every stage of the production process from development to commercialisation and after sales assistance. Its manufacturing lines are now purely focused on battery and solar inverters for both On Grid and Off Grid applications, with their core product being the SP PRO Series 2i battery inverters.

The SP PRO can be used in Single, Dual or Three Phase applications and can be used for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Mobile and Marine uses. All SP PRO Series 2i inverter are AS4777 certified, meaning they can be used safely grid connected in Australia and New Zealand.
The company also markets a range of modified Solar Grid inverters for use with their battery based SP PRO inverter.

Today the company's manufacturing headquarters is based in Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia.
If you want to find out more about the Selectronic range of inverters, simply browse the products below to find which ones best match your needs.  Or, if you have had the chance to try out one of their products, please feel free to share your experience with us. 

Selectronic Solar Inverter Reviews

Bought From: Crawford Electrical and Solar Pty Ltd Show additional information
Selectronic 48v 7.5kW
Fronius Primo 5kW x 2
Bought From: Essential Energy Solutions QLD
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Bought From: BTS Energy Show additional information
Premium build and operation. OEM integration with Fronius PV inverter and PowerPlus Energy batteries. Highly customisable for season, day of week and time, or use defaults.
Bought From: Max Fox Electrical
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Bought From: Goulburn Solar Show additional information
Bought From: CJ Electrical and Solar Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: All Brisbane Electrical Show additional information
Our supplier and installer has gone broke, bad luck, but contacted selectronic and have tried on many other occasions regarding a problem with my sp pro and you can guess what I got back, Nothing. We are now left with a system that has just finished its warranty period and only provides us with an intermittent power supply. Our local supplier in Mackery have been nothing but arrogant. SP Pro is a dud
Bought From: Infinity Power
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Model: SPMC481 with "" internet connected monitoring, 2 x 9.8kWh LG Chem 48V batteries, Fronius inverter, backup generator, 20 x 320W solar panels

System initially worked poorly (minimal export and often going offline) and Spark Electrical / Selectronic diagnosed that the input grid voltage was too high - Essential Energy visited and adjusted down the grid voltage to correct spec and since then the system has worked perfectly.

Diagnostic logs on the Selectronic system are very comprehensive and give a great picture of what's happening - so troubleshooting is relatively ea

The additional Selectronic optional "" component is well worth it as it gives Internet connected real time monitoring of the system.

System exports up to a peak 5.500 kWh in the middle of winter - so this also tells me that the system is working optimally - it will be interesting to see how it goes in summer when the sun is higher (6.4kW is the theoretical maximum).

We have had several grid outages recently and you don't even notice - the battery and solar combination during the day covers all power demands - we only use grid power for off peak HWS heating.

We previously had an SMA PV inverter system and we were going to go with a new SMA based system, but I'm now very happy we went with an Aussie based system (Selectronic) - it works very well and their after sales support is first rate, especially with all the questions I asked as I learnt about hybrid systems.
Bought From: Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld
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Does the job without any drama or intervention on my behalf - connection to the laptop by USB is a real bonus with the current status information being readily available - remote control is also available via the laptop
Bought From: STS Services
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Bought From: Solar Depot NSW Show additional information

Selectronic has 32 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
SPLC1200-0.0 (Nominal AC Grid Feed Power-0kW)1701500097.20
SPLC1202170 V20000 97.20
SPLC1202-0.0 (Nominal AC Grid Feed Power-0kW)1702000097.20
SPMC1201-0.0 (Nominal AC Grid Feed Power-0kW)170600097.00
SPMC240-0.0 (Nominal AC Grid Feed Power-0kW)34250095.00
SPMC241-0.0 (Nominal AC Grid Feed Power-0kW)34350095.00
SPMC481-0.0 (Nominal AC Grid Feed Power-0kW)68400096.00
SPMC482-0.0 (Nominal AC Grid Feed Power-0kW)68600096.00
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