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About Infinity Power, Solar Installers

Infinity Power

Note: Infinity Solar Pty Ltd (t/a Infinity Power) went into external administration in Feb 2016.


Infinity Power is a family owned renewable energy company that is one of the most experienced in the industry.

We have designed and installed more than 15,000 solar systems in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory for residential households and are the preferred partner of many businesses including the Brisbane Airport Corporation, agriculture giant AACo, Telstra, The University of Queensland, Energex and the Australian Government.

We are continually researching clever and innovative ways to further reduce your energy costs. We provide the whole energy saving package, which includes grid connected battery storage and off-grid solar power systems, solar pool and bore pumping, energy efficient air conditioners, solar hot water, Power Factor Correction and much more. We design a solution that is specific to your requirements and will not compromise the quality of equipment or service.

Infinity Power is not just another solar company, we are the �one-stop shop' for a complete energy saving solution.

Please give us a call or visit us on the web.

Infinity Power Solar Reviews

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System has been ordered and approved, installation should take place in February Show additional information
Paid the deposit and heard very little.......have to pay extra $1000 for an invertor to regulate......Supplier requirements .......very slow in the installation due to lack of required product Show additional information
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Solar Quotes were invaluable in assessing the systems quoted on by the local suppliers recommended by Solar Quotes and those personally invited to quote.
Their assessment reinforced my faith in solar, and eliminated any concerns I may have had relating to brands and performances, enabling me to be better informed to make a decision on the best system for my situation and budget.
The system has not been installed at this time, but my experience with the Solar Quotes recommended installer to date has been very cooperative and informative.
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I cannot comment about the efficiency and running of the product yet as the house, and therefore the panels are not in use.

Sue, the lady I was in contact with gave me a lot of easy to read information about the different components I was about to purchase.

The installers were efficient professional and left no mess. (Which is more than I can say about some other tradesmen.)

I was continually informed about the process and product.

Very satisfied
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20.1.15 Initial request for Quotes

21.1.15 3 Quotes for various systems

3.2.15 Infinity Solar inspected property thoroughly. Discussed best site for Inverter plus panel orientation. Plus fall inspection of meter box and photographed all installation points. Applied to Ergon Energy for permit. They were also very prompt to answer any submitted questions.

9.2.15 Infinity Solar came to house to sign contract. They only required minimal deposit.

26.2.15 Installation in conjunction with Ergon Energy; (who were very efficient also). Infinity were very professional installers (They are Company employees. Very neat and tidy installation. Cut over to Grid at 2pm. It all is working well.

Will update post of performance in the future.
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All the companies that quoted me via the Solar Quotes site were very helpful. The main reason I am using Infinity Solar is due to the site inspection, and their helpfulness. A very close second was Energy Aware, as they helped with the local Power Company. Show additional information
Although not the cheapest of the three quotes, we found the salesman very thorough in checking out our electricity supply and meters. He did not try and oversell the system by overstating likely electricity generated. Installation was very efficient without any problems, and the system has been running faultlessly since installation. Show additional information
Ultimately I chose a company who, whilst they were not the cheapest, were both ethical i.e. they didn't try to on-sell and recommended as a quality provider. Show additional information
Solar Quotes arranged quotes from only two suppliers. Both were helpful but the information from one conflicted with the info provided by the other, so I felt I needed a third quote. I contacted Infinity Solar in Toowoomba, and they provided a clear explanation and their recommendations were in line with the research I'd done, so I chose them. Their installler was also very professional and provided clear information about the system. They were very prompt, both in quoting and installing. I would recommend including Infinity Solar among your quoters for Toowoomba. Show additional information
They were efficient and when they had a problem with a part they let us know and fixed it as soon as they could. Show additional information
I really haven't had the system in long enough to comment on how it's working yet, so far so good Show additional information
I chose this supplier as they offered European panels rather than made in China even though it was about $1000.00 more expensive Show additional information
Very Professional, no question left unanswered, Delivery in time frame stated, all paperwork done as promised. Show additional information
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The salesman was all over us to start with and when we signed up. There was an extended delay in having it fitted. He knew what I wanted when he came to do our site inspection then when I insisted he have the tradesmen deliver what I wanted , he turned uncooperative and wanted more payment. He told us he would bring paperwork back after the job and demonstrate, he didn't. I had to follow up the paperwork. The salesman reminds me of an amused car salesman, anything to get the sale and no after sales service. I got the solar hot water system. The tradesman were great , but the salesman I wouldn't recommend. Show additional information
Found the Solarquotes website to be a very beneficial and informative source of information to learn about solar power. Show additional information
This was an upgrade of my current 4 kW system. Adding another 8 panels (extra 50%) Show additional information
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Firstly, I have to say that was the best thing in my experience in deciding to install a solar system. Everything one needs to know about solar products and installation can be found on this site and Finn Peacock promptly replied to any questions I had to clarify certain points. This saved me a lot of time in my research in this field and ultimately I believe I have dealt with a good company and got a good product at a good price.
Secondly, SolarQuotes provided me with the names of two installers who promptly replied, and one installer who didn't. I received quotes from Infinity Solar (Townsville) and True North (Townsville) I went with Infinity Solar for the following reason. The salesman I dealt with was Dean Delaney who firstly requested a copy of my last power bill from which he calculated my average power usage over the past five quarters and then recommended a 4kW as being suitable in my situation. The price quoted was $11,993.00 No More to Pay for this system which included 17 Solar World x 235w poly panels with a SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL inverter. The quote overall was very detailed and he even included copies of his own personal power bills which further impressed me. The quote I received from True North was not as detailed and basically only provided prices of it's various size systems and products. It was also about $1,000 more than Infinity Solar for a similar size system. My research on SolarQuotes on the various brands of panels and inverters also swayed me towards the product brands quoted by Infinity Solar. Dean also answered all of my 28 questions in writing (questions that Finn Peacock suggestsed should be asked) which I put to him to confirm and clarify some matters. Dean also later made a personal inspection of my premises which is over 100 km from Townsville. The system was not installed until about ten weeks after the date of contract, however weather conditions played some part in this delay. ERGON was very prompt with their approval process and the new meter was installed only nine days after the solar installation. The system is running great and at this stage within my expectations and I have no complaint. I have given a 4 rating to the above questions as time will only tell if I should have given a 5. I hope so.
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Met with Nick from Infinity Solar late in the afternoon on 9/4. Whilst Nick was here he gave us plenty of advice on things to consider no matter who we went with. Within a few hours he had supplied us with a full breakdown on costs and expected savings.
On the 8/5 I contacted Nick to organise getting the system installed and it is now the 23/5 and the system is installed and was connected to the grid today. As it is only early I have not had any need to use customer support yet but Nick rang me the day after installation to check how things went and assure me that if I have any questions just to give him a ring.
The reason I choose Infinity over the others was there was no hard sell or what appeared to be empty promises just facts, this with the information on SolarQuotes website made the whole process very easy.
In regards to the 3 companies I was contacted by through Solar Quotes.
One was not interested from the start - did not look at our meter or do measurements to see if panels would fit and became even less interested when he realised that I had no intention of signing a contract there and then no matter what they wanted to offer.
One came in all checked everything and full of talk but I felt like it was a lot of empty promises.
The third one despite me want them to come out and give a quote and advise emailed a quote to me and I have heard nothing since.
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Of the three installers, Mark Group let me down by failing to turn up to give me a quote, and did not return phone calls to reschedule the appointment. The other two, Halcol & Infinity both had terrific salesmen who where very upfront and knowledgeable.

I decided to go with Infinity because they had a slightly better system (in my opinion), and they have their own tradies. The salesman convinced me to spend a bit more and get a 5kw system instead of a 3kw. I was skeptical at first but he showed me first hand data from his own 5kw system plus some of his own power bills before and after solar installation and that turned me. I am very happy with my decision.

Infinity solar use their own tradesmen for the installation, who were quick and efficient and did a great job. They were happy for me to stick my nose in ask all sorts of questions about the installation and solar in general.

I think I got a great price: 28 x 190w Trina panels and an SMA inverter for $13,250 fully installed. Halcol were very marginally cheaper on a $ per kw basis, but I felt the Trina panels were a bit better than what Halcol were offering.
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Finn, your website and the emails you sent out telling me what to look out for were absolutely fantastic. The comparison chart made me feel better about the products I was choosing between. I was able to ask the right questions and sent one shonky rep packing. It is a big investment and your info was really so helpful and so invaluable. The reputable firms should be giving people your web address because you answer all the important questions. When you don't really know much about the subject it is easy to get a smooth talker to con you into something that is not really necessary or suitable. Thank you so much for making me feel happily informed about the choices I have made. Show additional information
I found there was a communication problem . - only communication after initial quote was if I rung them to see what was happening (three times) - plenty of apologies and excuses, but only after a letter did they ring me and keep me in the loop. I hope they`ve learn`t and corrected the hiccup because the result is fine. Show additional information
Excellent service and installation, but the proof will be in 3 months time when the electricity bill arrives whether I made the right decision, so far so good. Show additional information
The Infinity Solar Team provided a reliable service and follow-up which has made the installation a pleasant experience. Show additional information
This was a good all round experience. First of all the information from Solar Quotes was solid gold. Infinity Solar answered all my questions and I felt comfortable when told of delays due to rain. One thing to note, they didn't measure the roof correctly, so when it came time to install they needed an additional tilt kit. As the price was locked in I got this for free. Tilt kits usually cost between $500-$600. I was able to easily research the German manufactured Inverter and Panels and also found test results for the panels from a link on the Solar Quotes website. The other companies had panels that I couldn't find any information on. The workmanship from the three blokes who installed the system was truly impressive. They obviously understand what it means to have the system look good and fittings and fixtures installed correctly. Last but not least. Infinity Solar were the most expensive of three local quotes by approx $500.00. Show additional information
I left my purchase til the death ie night before the expiry of the 44cent FIT in Qld. I was told installation would likely be not til October so was surprised when installer rang in August ready to go.
I think a pre installation visit would have been useful for the installers but after a slight delay Bruno and Amos got into it. Their work was professional and their manner and service friendly. To date no issues just waiting now for energex to install the new meter. The display on the sunny boy inverter is clear and provides both graphical and current status view of usage.
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They are a Local Supplier, so I can visit them if there is a problem. They have been in business for over 20 years. Show additional information
Sad to say, only one of the companies responded and guess what, they got the job. Because only one responded, I did ring around for other quotes but I still found Infinity to be the best option. Show additional information
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Other two did not contact me so I gained other quotes however decided on infinity as they met all my requirements and could not be of more help, Very satisfied Show additional information
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Infinity Solar are very good to deal with, Energy Australia & SP AUS NET are not so good to deal with still waiting for grid connection after nearly 4 months wait. Show additional information
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All german made system at a good price Show additional information
This supplier did more than just whack the system in and clear off. They tailored what we needed. Came back immediately to fix something that went awry. Explained things and options to us very well. Show additional information
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Company did both solar power and water seamlessly - top marks! Show additional information
Quality German products supplied Show additional information
We are very happy with the service we received from Infinity. Because we have a shade issue in places we had Tigo installed so we could see how each panel was going before we had to trim any trees. It is a comfort to be able to go online and see how each panel is performing. Show additional information
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