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Businesses and residents of Melbourne have charged ahead with support for solar energy in recent years, with installations of PV panels becoming a common sight on rooftops throughout the metropolitan area.

As well as the massive uptake of home solar power systems, a great example of a large PV system in Melbourne (and there are many) is installed at the city’s famous South Melbourne Market.

The renovated roof was fitted out with 3,000 solar panels; part of the LIVE Community Power project – an innovative program that was cleverly funded via shares sold to investors.

Another high profile solar power system installed in the Melbourne area is a 500kW commercial scale rooftop array at Toyota’s Altona North manufacturing plant.

With so many solar installers in Melbourne, there will be significant competition for your business. That being the case, you will be able to secure a professionally installed, good quality system for your home at a reasonable price that will serve you well for many years and slash your electricity bills.

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As to how big a system you’ll need in Melbourne – as a general guide, 1 kilowatt of solar panels will generate around 3.6 kilowatt-hours a day, averaged over a year. If you consume around 18 kilowatt-hours of electricity a day, a 5kW solar system could be the best size option for you.

However, other factors come into play when sizing a system. A good solar installer will take those into account when quoting on the optimal PV system for your requirements and will explain those factors to you in detail to assist you in your purchase decision.

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