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Urban Renewables Reviews

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About Urban Renewables, Solar Installers

Urban Renewables is a specialist in the design and installation of Solar PV systems across Victoria. With a traditional base as an electrical company, Urban Renewables has been involved in the Solar PV industry since early 2010, focusing on providing an informative, reliable and clean service that you would be happy to refer to friends and family. Whether it's for your home or business, Urban Renewables is that smart choice for Solar installation and maintenance.

Urban Renewables Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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The company was small and very knowledgeable Adrian had the information we needed and he was not only the sales person but the installer. We were very pleased with the visit to our home before quoting and checking our roof for the optimum placing of the panels. Installation was completed very efficiently and the paperwork put into place to ensure the inspector came out promptly. The Electrical inspector commented that Urban do good work, which is nice to hear. We used Peacock media site to check for an alternative supplier and we were very pleased with the references so called them to quote. Very impressed with the whole process. Show additional information
Adrian is a top guy and good at his craft but also very good and patient in explaining whats what. Highly recommended Show additional information
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Adrian and Jol were very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions - and I had a lot. They suggested a system that was perfect for what we needed and were the only company that quoted me that actually got onto the roof to check for shade, installation points etc. Same people who quoted did the install which was very important to me as we had a 100 year old roof and tiles, so wanted to make sure they did a good job. Very professional and friendly service. I would definitely recommend them. Show additional information
I'm glad I found the Solar Quotes website. I'd been thinking about solar for a while and didn't know where to start - the website is great for explaining solar. I got the quotes and was happy with all of them. I went with Urban Renewables and they were great start to finish ... from quote, to installation, to all the paperwork. The system was up and running in a day and now all checks (retailer/distributor) have been done and I'm feeding in to the grid as well. Highly recommend Adrian & Jol from Urban Renewables. Show additional information
Adrian from Urban Renewables has been excellent throughout this process.
He is very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. Highly Recommended

I'm also very happy with the attention to detail during the installation, which included replacing a couple of my tiles and cutting off branches that may have obstructed the panels at a later stage.
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Would thoroughly recommend them.
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Really great service. Manged to install 17 panels where other installers could only do 15. Great investment as the additional 2 panels worked out great for a good design solar system. Really good work on the installation and the system performing to expectations. Went with 5.61KW LG Neon 2 panels and 5KW Fronuis inverter at a very competitive price Show additional information
Adrian has installed systems on two homes now. Couldn't be more happy. Does roof assessment and design of system personally, not using Google maps, and does the fitting himself with colleague. Show additional information
Came the day nominated, quiet, efficient, no rubbish left - 1 month on we have had no hassles and performing as anticipated Show additional information
Perhaps ask me again in 12 months time after I can see what the system can do, just switched on yesterday. This is the reason I only ticked the "good" for Value for money and Quality of early to tell. Show additional information
Adrian made a time to visit, get up on the roof and give great advice on what system to go for having regard to design of roof, different orientations and how we use our power on a daily basis. The system has be up and running for about 3 weeks and is operating very well. We are able to monitor it through the Enphase Enlighten application which is great. I addition Adrian handled all the required paper work and the whole process was smooth and seamless. Have followed Adrian up a couple of times with a couple of questions and he always gets back to you with a response. Could not fault Urban Renewables Show additional information
They were the last of 3 quoters so I was very familiar with the issues concerning options for my roof. I was impressed by the extra effort they put in to recommend the best installation for the different roof angles. I correctly judged that they would pick the best most appropriate hardware and do a good job. Installation was quick and with no inconvenienve to us and a thorough clean up. After installatin service is terrific also. We are extremely happy and glad we made a good choice. Show additional information
Adrian and Joel were both very professional and provided excellent service
I would highly recommend them to anyone else
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Very busy guys; we expected to wait several weeks, but turned up soon after engagement and did a second storey install within a day. They were $1000 cheaper using Enphase and LG panels than another quote for same components. The independent inspector said these are the neatest and best installers. Show additional information
Adrian at Urban Renewables was a stand-out compared to the others that I asked to quote (one of the others didn't even bother to quote). He managed to fit 12 panels on a roof space that the other company claimed could only fit 8. He actually took the trouble to get up and measure it where the other company estimated using satellite imagery. The result is extremely pleasing. He continues to offer advice and assistance as required when dealing with the retailers. Outstanding service and highly recommended. Show additional information
Could not fault Adrian and his team. Outstanding attitude to their work and towards us explaining every issue that they felt or we felt was important Show additional information
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I looked around and I got a number of quotes. I was impressed by the attitude of Adrian and I liked what he proposed.

This is a small company; two guys who deliver a quality product - they made it easy for me and they seem to try to ensure that you set a good outcome. Communication is good. The actual work is excellent - fast, clean, effective, efficient and professional; they even clean up the inevitable mess.

We liked the fact that the guys we bought from did the install.

We are recommending them to our family and we would recommend them to others.
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Professional installers great job. No problems with system all running quite nicely. Show additional information
Obtained 2 quotes, 1 from my electricity provider and the other from Urban Renewables. The first was all internet transacted with quote received for 2 systems. Thereafter, there was a series of follow up discussions, that were reasonably well dealt with, but the question was always asked, "when was I going to make a decision?". This process occurred during January and towards the end of the month I received a phone call advising that "there is a special" on the go and if I decided to go ahead I could get a bit of a discount. I had raised a matter in respect of the existing switch board and asked the question, would it require any modification and if so what is the likely cost? The consultant was unsure but advised it could be in the vicinity of $600 - $1200, but he would refer my photo of the switchboard to the electrician for comment and get back to me. To this day I am still awaiting his response. My experience with Urban Renewables was, that on contact, a time and date was set to come and inspect the site and Adrian arrived as agreed. He physically inspected the site, advised what sort of systems would be best for my location and power usage, indicated where the hardware would be located and the steps required thereafter. Three days later the quote arrived. I selected the system and we agreed the installation date. The following day Adrian rang to advise there was no current stock of the Inverter I had selected and probably would not be until towards the end of March. He then advised that an 8KW inverter was available but at an extra cost of $100 to which I agreed. Installation went smoothly and professionally,with the job completed on the day. When time came to "flick the switch", the system failed to respond. Two days later Adrian returned and replaced the inverter and it has been working smoothly ever since. When the independent inspector came to review the installation, he made specific comment on the quality of workmanship that he has seen at every site installed by Urban Renewables. It was indeed a pleasure to deal with Adrian from start to finish of the process and as a licenced electrician and to get informed comment on the requirements of the switchboard. I would highly recommend Urban Renewables services. Show additional information
Adrian was very thorough in his quote, even getting up on the roof to check measurements. The quote also included the option of using micro inverters if required.
They were the only installer who insisted on placing the inverter in a shaded position on the east facing wall, even though it meant longer cable runs (others said it would be OK on the north facing wall!). Adrian and Jol did the installation, which was completed quickly and quietly with no mess left behind.
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Adrian at Urban Renewables was really good to deal with. Inspected the site, gave great advice, always willing to provide information when requested and quality installation. I would highly recommend Urban Renewables Show additional information
This was not the cheapest quote I received but I am so glad that I went with Urban Renewables as it has been a stellar process. The connection was not straightforward (difficulty in getting a line from the power box to the units because of the architecture of the house) but all was resolved with little fuss. Energy production has been brilliant. All steps in getting linked to enable feed back into the grid were explained with projected time frames, and all fell into place with no fuss. I cannot be more emphatic in saying what an excellent job Urban Renewables did in installing this system. Show additional information
The three quotes offered similar / same top tier equipment at very similar prices.
My initial proposed install (3 micro-inverter equipped arrays on different roof tops) would have been costly and, in hindsight, a bit too big. Urban Renewables proposed a smaller, simpler to install, two array micro-inverter system with a view for future expansion (battery) as required. In light of the metering (production and consumption) that I can now view through the Enphase Enlighten system, I think that even a 2Kw system would have sufficed (not much profit to be had with $0.07 feed in tariffs).

The installation date moved around a bit due to weather, but it happened all in one day and Adrian & Jolian did a neat job and re-arranged the existing meter box layout to fit it all in.

The paper work is working it's way through the retailer and supplier and all appears to be progressing as expected.
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Extremely happy with our installation by Urban Renewables. We chose 285W LG Mono X2 panels and a Fronius Primo 5kW inverter, very happy with the quality of the equipment and the price. Urban Renewables were the only installer who actually went up on the roof to have a look when they quoted, the only ones who demonstrated the online monitoring which the Fronius inverter can provide, and the only ones who recommended installation of the additional Fronius smart meter. Very neat and careful installation, completed in a day and cleaned up thoroughly after themselves. They also completed and submitted all the paperwork on our behalf, and updated the inverter to the latest firmware. Great to deal with, no pushy salesmen just down-to-earth guys who are the ones actually doing the installation. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Show additional information
Urban Renewables is a small company, but deliver a VERY HIGH quality system, honest, reliable, and are to be trusted. Adrian (the Director) quotes and delivers the installation.
Personal service, there are no catches or 'gotchas'. What you are quoted is what you get.

Adrian and his installer came on the day he booked with me, worked quietly (no loud jangling music or swearing), and cleaned up afterwards.
No mess, no fuss.

We've had the system in for nearly 3 months, and even on cloudy days its converting sunshine into electricity. Amazing! Our electricity bills are really down.

We wholeheartedly endorse their products and services. We've had no trouble and do not foresee any either.

Urban Renewables is a great company, they choose the best quality solar equipment and install it neatly and strongly on the roof. Don't be fooled by other companies.
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Adrian, from Urban Renewables, was the only person I had visit to assess the site and offer a quote who actually got up on the roof and measure the space and assessed the roof space for suitable mounting points and cabling options. The other "consultants" relied on the Nearmaps application. Urban Renewables also provided good quotes for both string inverter and micro-inverter options (I have significant shade problems in the morning and a little in the evening) that included all the relevant data sheets for the quoted products and Urban Renewables terms and conditions. Compares to the other (bigger) companies who sent out representatives, I was much more comfortable with exactly what I would get from Urban Renewables than these other companies. And their pricing was competitive. Show additional information
Helpful access to a good and competent supplier. The supplier was prompt to inspect and give a quote and accepted our changes along the way. He quickly installed the solar system with the latest technology for monitoring performance via my computer. We would never have found him without help from Solar Quotes. Show additional information
Adrian and Joel provided an excellent service and were quick to respond to all our questions. There high quality product was good value because there were no consultant fees. I would strongly recommend this company for home solar power installation. Show additional information
Brilliant service and quality of install. Only company to quote and measure on top of roof. Most said we'd only get 9 panels on North & West aspects, Adrian got total of 19 on North & West aspects. United Energy inspector said out of the 400+ installers he inspects for in Melbourne these guys are always perfect and never have any faults. Very happy. Show additional information
Adrian provided the most competitive quote and the installation was excellent. We were very pleased with the level of service. Show additional information
Adrian replied within 5 minutes to my email asking for a quote. He showed up to inspect my house 2 days later, and his quote arrived another day or so after that. I went with him because he came across as efficient , and the favourable reviews on Solar Quotes confirmed my impression. I am glad I did. Installation went through without any delays. When the inspector came to look at their work he said Urban renewables were one of the best outfit and that he had to inspect 100s of installers’ work in the Melbourne area. Five stars!! Show additional information
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Adrian was the first to contact me, first to come out and the only one to quote after getting on the roof to check the surface area and answered all my questions without making me feel like anything was too much trouble.
Even before we gave them the job, Adrian was always happy to help.
They were not the cheapest of quotes but what I really liked was that the person quoting was the one completing the job and he knew exactly what we had discussed and what to expect after seeing the roof.
All other companies didn't see the roof.
Adrian tried his best to price match and I was very impressed with the follow up after.
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The installation was carried out in a timely manner on a very cold wintery Melbourne day. The guys were on time and had the work completed in the time frame they had given me. I am still waiting for the energy provider in my are to complete the metering therefore cannot judge that the finally outcome will be.
My supplier Simply energy were prompt in there follow up looking forward to seeing the full benefit once the metering is competed.
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Urban Renewables were easily the best company - got on the roof and analysed my situation fully, then quoted a great system that maximised capacity on my roof. Adrian was easy to work with, started and finished the job when they said they would, and have kept in contact. Echo mend them thoroughly. Show additional information
Adrian was extremely helpful and knowledgable and promptly answered our questions when we emailed him. Installation was quick and easy and we were very happy with the result. Show additional information
Adrian from Urban Renewables is very good at what he does. Gives you an honest appraisal of your needs and always gets back to you when he says he will. He was actually the only person who came to quote who actually got out a tape measure. Installation was performed by Adrian personally, and very hassle free and over quite quickly. All in all a nice job. Show additional information
I had an Englishman , Irishman and an Australian Quote my Project ,by phone and Email .
The only company who wanted to come to my home to quote and look at the roof etc was Urban Renewables, two young Electricians who also do the Installation work .All work completed on the day as promised on time very neat installation ( I am an old Plumber ) .Local company in Bayside I have a very high regard for the quality of work completed and professional service .All rubbish removed and all cables installed with the wall cavities .
I would highly recommend this company if you want Electricians to do the work and ensure all is completed to the correct standard no Subcontractors for me .use a small local Company like Urban Renewable s
4kW System installed: 16 # 250watt Trina Honey Panels with an SMA 4000-21 Inverter currently producing about 24 Kwatts on a good sunny day .
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A paperwork glitch has delayed implementation of feed in tariff. Show additional information
Adrian has been professional and articulate in helping us choosing and installing the system. Very happy with the service. Pity AGL customer service follow-up has been very poor....delay in connection to the grid, of course. Show additional information
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After a very thorough analysis on the roof (only 2 companies did actually get ON the roof!), Urban Renewables put a lot of effort into coming up with a design which maximised the number of panels and solar output. Finally settled on micro-inverters, with panels optimally placed on our awkward two storey roof. Installation was efficient and the guys cleaned up thoroughly when they had finished. System is working well, and is linked to our Wi-Fi so we can monitor solar output in detail on the PC or iPad. Very satisfied and would recommend Adrian and Urban Renewables to anyone considering solar. Show additional information
We used the guys at 'Urban Renewables' based on the standard of the service and professionalism during our first meet right through to the final install and follow up. We very carefully spent several weeks seeing different companies and what set these guys apart is that they are qualified electricians, not sales guys. They don't try and pressure you, they explain the setup, the equipment, what happens during the process and answer the questions that only an installer can answer. I would wager anyone to find a better set up than these guys, they even swept up the dust caused by the drill in our garage. I can't rate these guys highly enough and would happily recommend them to anyone. In fact we are using them for our replacement LED installation in the next few weeks and the best thing about that, is that we already know they are good. You will not go wrong with these guys. A++++ Show additional information
Urban Renewables were the cheapest, but that was not why we selected them. Their electrical business has been around for several years, and solar panels have been a more recent addition to what they do. They gave us several names of recent installations, who all came back to us with glowing comments. The two partners in this business do all the installation and electrical work themselves and have been more than helpful in every way. Some of the quotes we received were from outfits that did not even bother to come here and check everything. Urban came here, explained everything and climbed up on our roof to check all aspects and take measurements. After installation, the electrical inspector who came here mentioned that "these boys do a terrific job with everything 100% spot on, where with others we often need to get recalls to fix things that were not OK." Show additional information
Very happy with quality and perfection of installation by the supplier Show additional information