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About Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd
Gold Partner
Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd is a SolarQuotes Client (what does this mean?)

Energy Assist is an Australian owned and operated company with experience in the solar power industry since 1994. Our focus is creating a high quality solution that is right for you, your property and your budget. We listen to your needs, analyse your bills and engineer the right system for you.

How do we do this? We pride ourselves on educating our customers on solar power to ensure they understand exactly what they are investing in.

We have our very own Showroom & Testing Facility located in Croydon where we have multiple systems installed, operating and monitored. At our facility we test the panel performance and compare panel to panel by reviewing our monitoring results. We have panels and inverters on display so you can visualise the components that make up your whole solar system.

Here at Energy Assist we install all types of solar power from residential systems to commercial systems as well as on and off grid battery backup systems. We have installed a huge range of system sizes from 12 panels all the way up to 1,600 panels. So for all your solar power needs contact us today for great advice, great packages and great installations.

Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

Battery and panels installed promptly after Quote was accepted. Plenty of information was given about what systems where available.
Prompt contact via either phone or email after experiencing minor issues.
Solar system is working beautifully as described by Technicians.
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Your advice and information on Facebook etc has been invaluable. Show additional information
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Very happy with the service. System is up and running as from today. Show additional information
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Of your 3 quote request companies only 1 quoted they had a different view of the hardware and that virtually eliminated them.
I sourced 2 other suppliers and finally chose a local company fully accredited that been around for about 10 years and was very competitive in their price and had a sound knowledge of what they were offering,
My installation is scheduled for 2 weeks.
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Very happy with Horst, the salesperson and installer.
Always keeping me informed of progress and followup.
Highly recommended.
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At this point in time we are up to the install part- currently happening.
Customer service so far has been good. Installers seem competent and arrived on time.
Still waiting to see if the system lives up to its promises.
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Not installed yet. But was the only one of the 3 quotes where the staff made me confident that it was about me and NOT THEM. Show additional information
Energy Assist were recommended to me by a colleague who had them install a microinverter-based system at his place. He told me that their pricing was good but that the main reason he went for them was that they were knew their stuff and were willing to work with him and answer questions. Happily, my experience was the same. Of the five companies that quoted, Energy Assist were the equal-cheapest and on top of that they answered all my questions thoroughly and promptly, gave me great advice, and were generally a pleasure to work with. They also did a neat job of the installation. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
(6.55 kW system with 23 x 285W Canadian Solar panels on tilt frames, 5 kW SolarEdge SE5000H HD Wave inverter, DC optimisers, and consumption meter)
(price bracket includes Federal STC rebate but not Victorian rebate)
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They worked with me on layout and options, they did not tell me “this is the only way to do it”. Also, they came and inspected the site BEFORE they finalised a quote. They did not just sit in their offices and use Google Earth. Show additional information
No fuss great communication they took time to explain how it all works and best practices to get the most out of it.
Next thing on the list is a battery system to store the hours I don't use

Thanks guys !
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The installers Jerome and Chris were very efficient with the installation and paid careful attention to the requirements of my body corporate. They were also willing reduce the cost of the install when we decided not to add tilts due to body corp constraints.

Astrid was very pleasant to deal with and answered all my questions over email and phone promptly. I felt like I had a good deal with the Sunpower P19 Panels.
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Dealing with Adrian has been a breeze in terms of easiness or asking questions or getting any issues resolved. The system was installed in Mid September and initially had some small technical problems (like you can expect with any new technical products) but Adrian and his team resolved them quickly, once I raised it with them and that is where I liked the effort as now I can know the team behind the company actually cares about the customer rather than just selling something and move on.

Since September I essentially have no bills now which is a testament to the product quality and installation. Very happy with the product and the company.
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Dealing with Adrian and the team was great from start to finish. The workmanship done on the install was of a high standard and faultless.
We had an issue with the inverter not long after install but Adrian put me onto the right person and this was resolved with no fuss. Since the inverter was recalibrated the system has been faultless and we couldn't be happier. I have recommended this company to family and friends and would happily use you again.
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Dolf and his team did a great job from start to finish. We started with a visit to their showroom where Dolf explained the different parts. He is knowledgeable and gave us different options, without being pushy and was very patient. He also passed on the savings when prices of parts came down. The installation was done in an efficient and organised manner. We were informed of the process and which parts needed our action. The system was up and running quickly and we could immediately see how it was doing. All in all, really happy with the outcome and you can definitely trust these guys to do a good quality install. Show additional information
very good and help fill Show additional information
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Not on the grid yet, but it seems to be working well. When it's on the grid and I can monitor the performance it will be easier to rate it, but so far I'm impressed. Show additional information
It will be good if they assist with setting up the online monitoring software as well. Show additional information
Admittedly after our previous experiences with solar companies ( both incompetent and crooked one of which took our $900 deposit and disappeared ), most companies would shine, but after contacting your company it was like another world. Everything went smoothly,quickly,and our questions were answered with the whole system up and running within a month from start to completion with the meter recording surplus exported. Show additional information
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Keith Ondarchie is the person you have to remember to talk to when you want to get the solar system from Energy Assist. He is an engineer and he comes to your place to look at the whole setup and feeds you whatever information you need to know without talking about money. After I got the quote, he told me that there was going to be a special deal coming so he told me to wait for it and true enough there were further discounts to the system I chose. He then called me a week later to tell me that he had a customer cancel on him so he need to clear off the panels in his warehouse and if I could confirm my purchase he can come within the week to install the system and also give me a free energy meter plus the discounted price promised! I had my finance approved and as I needed to go on an overseas trip with limited internet, they even assured me to transfer them the deposit or the full sum until I was back from my trip! Energy Assist helped to set up all the work that needed with my energy retailer and all that and Keith even sent me a screenshot of the solar monitoring dashboard to let me know that the system is working well while I'm away. I am truly happy with what Energy Assist has done and I would recommend them highly to anyone I know. Show additional information
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I plan to re-charge my 12 kWh electric car from my solar-charged home storage battery. This requires a big solar system and a battery at home capable of storing 12 kWh. None of the suppliers were familiar with this application and tried to sell me a smaller system which they were familiar with. It was not easy to get my requirement across to them. Show additional information
System looks great, own consumption generating from day 1, great service and installation. Still waiting on grid connection (which is up to our Elec co.) , so some time to wait till we see some return, but so far so good. Dolf and Astrid very helpful, knowledgeable and flexible to needs. Show additional information
Very slow on paperwork. 3 weeks since installation and papers only lodged today with supplier. I thought this could have happened a lot faster. Show additional information
Having recently installed a pool and deciding on the option of heating it with a Heat Pump (reverse cycle A/C) we were always intending on installing PV panels to cater for the energy that used over Summer. I wont pretend we were not initially stunned by the amount of energy the HeatPump (along with the pool pumps) actually ended up using. We quickly realised that getting a Solar solution was a mandatory aspect of our pool setup not a "nice to have". What is brilliant is that our usage is perfectly aligned with the output of a solar system and having large east and west facing roof space we will be able to extend our production across a wider period each day allowing us to maximise our personal usage of the solar power. Hopefully!

Contacting solarquotes and getting the 3 providers they recommended has been great. The only difficulty was differentiating between the excellent service from all 3 providers and deciding on what solution was going to work best for us without over investing and spending more than was absolutely necessary.

In the end we have decided on a SolarEdge SE7300 inverter with 34xJA Solar 290W smart panels totaling just under 10kW. Obviously the inverter is well under the maximum capacity of the panels but since the panels will be split across the East (x14) and West (x20) roof spaces we understood that this would only clip very occasionally. We will wait and see over Summer! It was difficult to determine if we were making a mistake here though as another provider made a very strong case for installing 2x5kw inverters to ensure we got the most out of our panels. In the end we decided (pretty much based on our own research) that the problem with that configuration was that if our 20 west facing panels (5.8kw total) ever ran at full capacity a 5kw inverter would need to clip the output where the 7.3 will not.

It was not a huge factor but the other thing that influenced our decision was that the solaredge we decided we wanted to go with was the primary recommendation from the provider we chose where the others were primarily suggesting different products.

We are getting our system installed in a few weeks so I will possibly revisit this after that is completed. I am pretty confident we are going to be very happy with the solution we are putting on our roof.
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We had a very positive experience dealing with Keith and his staff. Everything was highly efficient, we seem to have very good quality solar panels and inverter. Very smooth operation, excellent installation team and would recommend them to others. Show additional information
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Recommended via family member. Very attentive personal service. Would highly recommend of you're looking for top end. Show additional information
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We elected to add solar panels to two properties, we liked the ability to be able to monitor the solar panel performance from afar and on a panel by panel basis. We felt that Adrian from Energy Assist explained the process well and provided timely answers to our questions (even over a long weekend). Show additional information
Excellent service and installation. Don't want to give the system 5 stars yet as I have not had it long enough but in a month all has been perfect Show additional information
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Pleased we found your site. However a recent post you spoke of price drops for mains supplied power in a couple of years but in your model you have prices rise at 7%pa forever. How so
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We are in the middle of the installation - it has stretched out over 2 weeks, partly due to the wrong inverter being delivered, illness of the installer (he did come on Cup Day to help catch up but then had two days off for a wedding), and a delay on delivery of the battery. We are still waiting on half the panels to be installed plus the inverter and the battery. We are not particularly fussed about the delays however they have not been very good with communications! Show additional information
I was very hesitant at buying solar because I knew very little how it worked and I had heard of bad experiences in purchasing from shonky operators. Thanks to your website, visits to the supplier's showroom and site visits by them, I armed myself with a good understanding of solar. The unit was sized to my need and the installation was done in a day, painless and by top tradesmen. It's been a month since purchase and now I simply look at a webpage to see how they are performing and, at the same time, watch my electricity supplier's graphs which, most days, show that I not only are self-sufficient but putting a few dollars power back into the grid. Overall, a great success. Show additional information
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