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Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Energy Assist is an Australian owned and operated company with experience in the solar power industry since 1994. Our focus is creating a high quality solution that is right for you, your property and your budget. We listen to your needs, analyse your bills and engineer the right system for you.

How do we do this? We pride ourselves on educating our customers on solar power to ensure they understand exactly what they are investing in.

We have our very own Showroom & Testing Facility located in Croydon where we have multiple systems installed, operating and monitored. At our facility we test the panel performance and compare panel to panel by reviewing our monitoring results. We have panels and inverters on display so you can visualise the components that make up your whole solar system.

Here at Energy Assist we install all types of solar power from residential systems to commercial systems as well as on and off grid battery backup systems. We have installed a huge range of system sizes from 12 panels all the way up to 1,600 panels. So for all your solar power needs contact us today for great advice, great packages and great installations.

Energy Assist Group Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Sales Adrian was knowledgeable and provided good advice. Astrid was good in helping with the follow up. The installation took a lot longer than excepted due to various reasons like the weather, etc. etc. But eventually Kris and his team got the system up and running, and it was a good job done.

It's now inspected by the independent inspector, waiting for the energy retailer and distributor to do their bit.

I'm also glad to have installed the energy meter which gave me a good understanding on how I'm using the electricity. It's a good recommendation from Adrian. :-)
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All 3 suppliers gave different advice and different systems. All said they had the best quality, the right figures and correct assessment of my needs. If you send me another survey in a few months time I will answer the first two questions for you. Your advice and website, however, were good places to start and I don't think I would have purchased without these 3 good quotes. The problem was they were all so good I could not tell them apart, and only time will tell whether I have taken the right quote and got the right advice. Show additional information
EnergyAssist have been difficult to contact and are largely unresponsive since my system was installed on 6/3/17. There was no follow-up by them to explain the process and timeframe for inspecting our newly installed solar system, so I had to make phone calls and write emails to get clarity. I was told that the inspector had tried to contact me, but there was no missed calls, no voice mails and no emails to evidence this. Eventually EnergyAssist made contact with an inspector and the inspection was completed soon after. I then had to follow them up to find out what happens next and how long it would be before we could start getting the benefits of the system we've paid for. With several days passing and no response, I yet again wrote to EnergyAssist asking for my question to be answered. A couple of days later I receive a response saying the paperwork had been submitted to our retailer and it may take a couple of weeks, then you will be notified. As my energy retailer (Dodo) is not the meter provider (Citipower), I wrote back asking if both have been notified and also as the system had been left on, was I liable to be billed for energy generated by the system since installation without the meter being changed. Despite an email reminder to them a few days later, no response. I do feel let down in that having spent over $8,000 with EnergyAssist, their customer care factor is next to zero. I normally don't voice my opinions so openly, but in this case I think people should be aware of organisations such as this that take your money and don't support their customer sufficiently.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your feedback Chris and sorry you feel you were unaware of the timeframes from you retailer for your meter to be upgraded. As mentioned in our documentation your retailer must manage your meter upgrade between you and your distributor as they are the only ones with such authority. We pride ourselves on customer service and apologise that you did not receive our messages. Show additional information
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Energy Assist have been professional, easy to deal with and stood by their quote and installation scheduled. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to install Solar PV. Their price was very competitive, the installation professionally done and the products installed top of the line. I'm very happy with the result and hope to engage their services again in the future when installing a battery system. Show additional information
I plan to re-charge my 12 kWh electric car from my solar-charged home storage battery. This requires a big solar system and a battery at home capable of storing 12 kWh. None of the suppliers were familiar with this application and tried to sell me a smaller system which they were familiar with. It was not easy to get my requirement across to them. Show additional information
Very pleased with the recommendations provided by Solar Quotes. Very difficult to separate the providers but ended up choosing a system with optimised panels due to shading issues. Very professional installation. We are yet to have the Smart Meter reprogrammed (which has nothing to do with the Installer) but production appears to be optimal and online portal enables real-time information to be reviewed. Show additional information
This got down to a decision between a $6k system through Energy Assist and a $4k system with a large mass advertiser. Adrian from Energy Assist had basically convinced me at the start that his company were better, and their products more reliable, but I initially decided I would go with the larger company as I could not justify the cost differential.

I then decided to do a little more research before making the final decision, and after reading a massive number of reviews on the large advertiser, I decided that the more expensive system with better components was a safer option for me. One of the telling comments about the large advertiser was someone noting that the only positive feedback was from people who'd had their system for less than three months!
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The comments above relate to the matter so far. The installation of the panels and inverters was good, but we needed the power board replaced. We are not quite sure at this time [1 week] about part of the wiring concerning the electric HWS. We are monitoring the usage -there is a booster system that was to be linked to the solar wiring. The use of solar power to boost the HWS was a final clinching factor in our decision making.

Review below : YES - the review could go in except for this last box as it is a work in progress, and all may be fine -it was a necessity in our case to have the old power board replaced, so not directly a solar system comment
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Salesman did not oversell. In fact he was restrained to the point of being pessimistic. We were impressed. Installation was quick but the wholesaler [United Energy] took its time to get the system going. The system will have paid for itself in 4 years - perhaps sooner if power prices go up, which they certainly will. Show additional information
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Energy Assist sales consultants were extremely knowledgable.
We bought from them because we considered that they had the best custom solution for us.
The Solar Power website was immeasurably helpful in conducting our research - we went from zero knowledge to 'experts' in 2 weeks.
Thank You Finn!
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We were initially quoted on 12 panels, but issues with installation on a flat cliplok roof meant they could only fit 10. The supplier did not make any suggestions for where to put the other two panels, simply said we would pay a lower price - and get a lower powered system. It was our suggestion to place the other two panels on the tiled part of the roof nearby. After confirming with the Inverter manufacturer, the other two panels were installed giving us the system we wanted. Show additional information
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We looked for a solar system for our cricket club and were very pleased with Energy Assist. They were professional and friendly from Start to finish and the most knowledgeable of the people we spoke to. The system was installed in a timely manner and is very neat looking. The Cricket Club is now covering the bulk of their usage after 1 year of having the Solar on. Show additional information
They were friendly and took time to explain everything before I decided. when they came to do the job they were well presented, thoughtful and cleaned up after themselves so there was no mess left. They also followed up to ensure the system was turned on shortly after all the paperwork was sent keeping me updated along the way. Show additional information
I think this survey would be more meaningful in say 6 months' time, when I have experience of the system working or not.
So far, my system is not switched on - hope my retailer will do it after the Xmas break.
I read a number of online reviews by happy customers, but in fact they didn't help me make comparisons or judgments. I didn't find any negative ones. I also read your reviews of inverters - or was it panels - model by model number, as assessed in California. But this boiled down to a very narrow range of manufacturers. And it seems that models are being improved or redesigned all the time, so if I was offered a product with a different number from your list, what should I make of that?
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Value for money? Only time will tell if it was a good economic decision. Show additional information
The Installers are great it is just the Power Suppliers and getting them to swap over. we are still not on the grid and it has been 4 weeks. AGl need to be more accountable. Show additional information
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Energy Assist did not give us a hard sell. They explained solar systems, advantages and disadvantages, and ways to save money on electricity. Gave us a number of options for our situation - shade for times in the winter. Never did they give a hard sell just gave us the information and gave us time to think. We decided on a 4.5KW system with a Solar Edge Inverter and Jinko Smart Module panels. Installation was quick and they explained everything along the way. So far, the after installation customer service has been great. Very happy with Energy Assist Victoria Show additional information
Friendly and informative, easy to understand installers were friendly and helpful, i would highly recommend energy assist Show additional information
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There is so much you need to find out about when researching solar, and we did find out some valued information from your 3 businesses. Show additional information
Can highly recommend Energy Assist Vic. Great communication, easy to arrange, onsite quote and inspection, all questions answered, super quick turn around from sign up to installation, smaller local business with a interest in their customer. Very glad we decided to go with this company over other larger companies. Would certainly deal with them again in the future if we ever expand our solar system.
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If I need another system elsewhere I will ask them to do it for me.
Very good service, clean and good quality installation.
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I am very happy with Energy Assist - good service and happy to help. The solar energy business is something I knew nothing about and I had to go with my instinct. I spoke to a few companies and there is alot of pressure to make a sale - they tell you lots of things about their services and guarantees but it came down to price and although the system is not up and running yet, I'm happy so far. Beware - there are alot of cowboys out there! Show additional information
Installation was quick. Up and running well. Show additional information
Meterboard was upgraded with circuit breakers and it took four days to get the electric hotwater system back in operation. Show additional information
It is hard to rate value for money or quality of system until he have had a few bills to compare the "before and after".

Energy assist was easy to deal with and their service and follow-up with paperwork was great. Our system was installed on 2nd March, 2012. Final payment was made on 7th March, 2012.
Certificate of Electrical Safety was issued on 7th March, 2012. Paperwork sent to RED ENERGY 9th March, 2012

The same cannot be sail about our Energy Retailer RED ENERGY.
They managed to loose our paperwork as after approx. 2 weeks without any word I rang them only to be told they didn't have our paperwork. I had rang Energy Assist to make sure they had sent everything before I called RED and they had sent it off 2 days after receiving our final Payment.
RED them asked if the paperwork could be re-sent, so I asked what fax number or email they would like it sent to so it didn't get lost again.
I received a call later that same day to confirm they had received our paperwork and that I would receive a letter outlining their costs to reconfigure our meter and a form for our consent.
Another 2 weeks passed before I rang them again only to be told they were waiting for our consent to do our conversion. Surprisingly to this day we have not received any paperwork to that effect from RED.
Consent was given over the phone and I was told it could be a further 20 business days before we were connected!
This would have made it 2 months since we had our Solar System installed!

I am happy to say that as of Wednesday 2nd May we are now connected to the grid and hopefully now able to take full advantage of our somewhat sizeable investment.
Energy Assist were better than Good, but I think Fantastic is a bit over the top.
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Rezeko bombarded us with computer generated emails and ignored multiple email questions to them until a sales manager was involved. Further computer generated emails followed without any feedback as to why emails from us were ignored. Another supplier / installer was on our shortlist however did not get the job due to inconsistent and sometimes contradictory but slow answers to our questions - with an overlay of smart attitude whilst 'slagging off' the opposition installers. They also gave poor STC value in comparison and initially varied installation timeframes for a relayive of mine. Such service caused us to feel the company may be unreliable, whether or not such an impression was accurate. So we chose Energy Assist. Show additional information
They had the best website.
Response to questions was very good.
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