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About Smart Energy Answers, Solar Installers

Smart Energy Answers
Gold Partner

With over 8 years of experience in the solar energy field, Smart Energy Answers brings together the knowledge and professionalism to provide you with the highest quality energy solutions for your individual needs.

Smart Energy Answers has an extensive team of designers, electricians, engineers, and technicians specifically trained in all areas of solar generation power systems.

They have in-house Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installation teams and CEC accredited designers and engineers, and their MD Sam is well known in the industry for the quality of his installation designs and workmanship and for having physically installed and commissioned the largest commercial Tesla Powerwall Installation in the world.

Smart Energy Answers is a certified installer of Sonnen and LG Chem Batteries, Flex Powerplay Solutions, Schneider Electric Push Home Automation and Tesla Powerwall.

Smart Energy Answers Solar Reviews

First of all I think your website site is excellent in providing information on Solar, thank you.
Solar Energy Anwsers have been reasonable to deal with however they failed to notice that my meter box was in a no-compliant condition after they had installed the panels and inverter which held up the whole installation, they should check all meter boxes to make shaw it can take solar before they hand out quotes.
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Still waiting for app for phone! Show additional information
Fantastic in the sense that they responded in a timely manner to all questions, requests and follow - up support. In general, however, I would have to say that the whole process is a bit like going down a dark tunnel, not idea what to expect at every turn. for example once signed up, each stage of the process handled by a different person and in their own timing, as with follow up inspections, contacting Electricity supplier etc, not to mention all the steps /paperwork involved in the rebate. Show additional information
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8kw system (24 x Sunpower E327 panels and Fronius 8.2-1 inverter including 5 TiGo power optimisers for winter shadeline).

What I liked:

* Generous 2 hour onsite consultation which asked our needs, explained options, industry trends, and long term considerations. Very knowledgeable and strategic thinker.
* introduction to Sunpower panels and explanation of the difference between quality panels, in particular degradation of panels over time, and factoring this into the overall cost of a system
* Overall a professional install that has worked seamlessly without issue in the first few months.
* Accurate estimate of expected output

I wish:

* Price still feels quite high compared to some other offers
* Customer service post install is quite slow to respond. Feels like this is done in their spar time when not doing installs, and they are very busy doing installs
* The inverter included an aesthetic shade box, as inverter gets morning sun, and can overheat on very hot days. Also worried LCD screen on inverter will fade within a year.
* I had chosen SolarEdge so I could have individual panel monitoring. When system is not performing as well as I would expect, I have no idea why, despite having read all your articles, which offers many reasons why.
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The installation was quick and efficient, the follow up paperwork, no so. It has taken three weeks to get some of the legal requirements finalised. Show additional information
Couldn't fault them, to date, great customer service, very quick, good communication. Not yet connected to the grid (that's for Ausnet to do). Show additional information
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GOOD - Daily output seems to be slightly higher than forecasted average for a system my size so I am grateful they suggested the components I eventually went with

GOOD - Installation work was top notch, Installers explained every step of the install to me, this alone made up slightly for the marginally higher purchase price

Not so GOOD - still questioning the installers use of a single phase inverter vs 3 phase, Energy provider installer of Smart Meter advised this was a poor decision - remains to be seen if it was or wasn't

Have not yet had a full quarter of billing to determine what the ROIC will be
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There is a performance anomaly that we are currently arguing about, and I keep getting seem rolled.
I have SolarEdge optimisers and 5kW inverter and 17 x 315W sunpower panels in 3 groups thus;
9 panels on a flat roof, no shadowing
4 panels facing E at 10�, wall to W produces complete shadow from 0% @ 14:00 to 100% @ 16:00
4 panels facing E at 33�, same wall to W produces complete shadow from 0% @ 11:45 to 100% @ 13:45

On12/3/19, under zero cloud the system gets to full power 3.5kW @11:15, then drops to 2.3kW @ 11:45 before there is ANY overshadowing and the 33� panels are slightly better than 45� from perpendicular to the sun's rays.
After that, there is a much more gradual drop in power as the 2 adjacent E facing 4-panel groups go into shadow one after the other.
To me, as an engineer, the 1.2kW drop over 30 minutes should not occur. And the responses from the previously garrulous Norman Kozlowski have become rather terse. It seems the "optimisers" are stealing about 2kWh a day, and I'm getting no answers.
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These guys were the most expensive, however they were the most professional and skipped all of the usual sales BS that the other excelled in Show additional information
Smart Energy answers were the only one of the 3 recommended installers who both personally visited and submitted a written quote. Norman was a very knowledgeable and engaged sales person.

Installation was a little rushed (they underestimated the complexity due to installation team not visiting beforehand). Some quality fit and finish issues on cable conduits. Also, did not program physical layout of SolarEdge inverter, so I can't use the function to see which physical solar panels are getting best performance.

Actual system performing extremely well despite our complex roof configuration on an inner city terrace. LG 360W panels with SolarEdge inverter and optimisers. Love the detailed reporting from the SolarEdge monitoring portal and App.

Regularly getting peak performance of 4.5 to 5KW in middle of the day and total system performance from 25-30KWh a day depending on weather. Very good given tree shading issues and different roof angles.

Would recommend Smart Energy, they just need to slow down and take a bit more time on complex projects.
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Smart Energy Answers were efficient in all respects - from initial contact through installation & followup Show additional information
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I'm very satisfied with their service and products. Show additional information
My Solar Edge Converter is over 24hrs installed and is not working. No one knows why yet but I had to contact the electrician to get him to hurry the process up. No solar energy yet but it all looks good. Show additional information
There was very little to tell the 3 providers apart as they had similar products, prices etc. The thing that got us over the line with Smart Energy Answers was that they sent a sales person out to our house. This meant that we were able to discuss it together (my husband, salesperson and me) and consider different options - requesting prices for different combinations. Smart Energy Answers were good - no complaints. Show additional information
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I rated customer service as 4 [good] rather than fantastic because I'm waiting for 6 more panels to be installed. Out of the 30 panels contracted, 24 panels for installed as the supplier / installer ran out of stock. I've promised the missing panels to arrive within a month to complete the installation. Overall I am very satisfied. The system is top notch, and the installation went smoothly and the people I've dealt with have been friendly, helpful, and top. Show additional information
Very satisfying. Installers very professional in all aspects--friendly attitude, pleasant and co-operative, on time start and leader of group remained after team had left to repair and strengthen one of the roof ridges which a previous roof tiler had damaged. Team members were most willing to explain various aspects of the installation and answered all my questions willingly and patiently. Also the original salesperson/consultant was efficient, friendly, professional and informative from beginning to end and I look forward to dealing with the company and would highly recommend them to family and friends. Show additional information
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Great system and overall every quote for a system above 5kw was $9000 + which went against estimates online etc. Show additional information
I haven't down-rated Quality of System or Customer Service for any reason other than I don't feel I've had enough experience to know for sure yet. The system components are all top rated so hopefully it will prove to be fantastic and customer service has been absolutely fine so far but I haven't had to call on it for anything significant. Show additional information
I can strongly recommend Smart Energy Answers, I had a great experience using this provider. I had my system installed across 2 different roofs which was a rather complicated setup. Norman and Sam with team did a great job installing the system. It looks fantastic and the system is working perfectly. Strongly recommended if you are after a serious and professional provider! Show additional information
Only company to come to site to quote. Our home has some significant difficulties with installation. Good installers,broke a few tiles, thankfully had enough spares, Sam Husband did the inverter install and is clearly very experienced.
Overall pretty happy.
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I bought the �The good solar guide� book by Finn Peacock first prior to seeking quotes from suppliers. Only then was I informed and purchased without regrets Show additional information
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recently installed ,still evaluating after sales implentation Show additional information
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Came to house to check requirements
Time from quote to install 2 weeks
The owner on site day of install
Small business great customer service
Installation exceptional
SYSTEM is great
Trina panels
Fronius inverter
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The installation was completed 2 weeks ago. We're waiting for our electricity supplier to install the smart metre. I'll be in a better position to answer the last 4 questions after the smart metre has been installed Show additional information
We will be asking for a bit of coaching in getting the best out of it. Show additional information
I had a problem with panel installation, suspecting damage to the roof. The installer did return and a few adjustments made on the brackets which now line up the panels nicely. Show additional information
It is ridiculous how long it takes between installing the system and when you are finally allowed to turn it on. Show additional information
Initial install was rain interrupted, the team completed the job in a timely manner and kept all arranged appointments. We are extremely satisfied with them and their work and would recommend them highly. We found the whole team operated without any Bull Shit which fits perfectly with our way of doing things. Show additional information
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Installed yesterday... not much to report yet! Show additional information
The installation went very smooth. No problems or extras to pay.
AGL came the day before and installed the new meter.
Just waiting now to see the savings.
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