Types of Solar Battery

There are four main types of battery used in connection with storing electricity from solar power systems. Below is a summary of the various technologies currently commercially available and links to further information on each type.


1) Lead acid 

Boring perhaps. Ugly and bulky definitely. But also dependable, tried and tested. Lead acid batteries have been taking Aussies off-grid for decades. But they are rapidly being eclipsed by other technologies with longer warranties and lower pricing as solar battery storage becomes more popular. 

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lithium-ion-powerwall2) Lithium-ion

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are evolving in leaps and bounds as the electric car industry drives their development. Spearheaded by the brilliantly marketed Tesla Powerwall, lithium-ion batteries are looking to become the most popular choice for on-grid solar battery storage for the foreseeable future.

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reflow flow battery3) Flow 

Flow batteries are a relatively new entrant to the battery storage marketplace (though their technology has been around for many years).

They are called flow batteries because they have a water based solution of zinc-bromide sloshing around inside them. At the moment only a few companies are producing flow batteries for the residential market, the most prominent of which is Redflow, an Australian-based flow battery company that outsources battery manufacturing to Thailand (previously North America). The ZCell is the smallest flow battery on the market.

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4) Sodium Nickel Chloride GridEdge Quantum

Sodium nickel chloride technology is yet another competitor to the dominant lithium-ion storage technology. In Australia, GridEdge is producing their Quantum battery which, offers a range of environmental and safety benefits due to its unique battery chemistry.

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