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How to Buy a Hybrid Solar System

So you've got your heart set on adding batteries to a solar panel system or buying a complete hybrid solar system? I understand your motivation. Selling energy to the grid for 10c and buying it back at night for 30c sucks and batteries are a solution.

But... there are some realities about home energy storage that you must be clear on - so that you go into the solar battery buying process with your eyes wide open.

I understand that not everyone buys based on financial payback, but as money is a scarce resource for most people, let's go through the financial realities first: 

Battery storage will simply not pay for itself at the moment.

As new products hit the market and economies of scale kick in, this may change - but at the moment no battery storage product has an economically attractive payback period.

Please also be aware that adding blackout protection to an energy storage solution will cost even more. Many battery storage systems do not offer this as standard.

Also bear in mind that going totally off grid is the only way to guarantee no electricity bills, but that is totally uneconomic for most people with an existing grid connection.

If you understand all that and are still keen to support the emerging battery storage installation industry, then I salute you!

If you click the quotes button at the end of this page, I'll arrange quotes for a hybrid solar system from installers in our trusted network ASAP.

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