How much do solar hot water systems cost?

Good question! It is amazing how hard it can be to get ballpark prices out of solar hot water companies. So here’s some pricing for you:

Note that all these prices already include the solar hot water rebate – without it they’d all be about $1,000 dearer.

1) Flat plate systems

These start at $3,000 fully installed for an imported system. The most popular Aussie made brand, Solahart, sized for a family of 4/5 will cost you around $4,000 fully installed.

2) Evacuated Tube Systems

These cost from $6,000 upwards, fully installed. I only recommend spending the extra if you live in colder parts of Australia like Hobart or Melbourne.

3) Heat Pump Systems

These start at about $3,000 fully installed and work well in any climate. 

When you are working out payback, expect any of these systems to cut your hot water heating bill by 70-80%.

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