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Aquatooth is a wholesaler/retailer, supplying a wide range of solar energy equipment including solar panels, inverters, grid connect kits and mountings. The company is based in China but has contact phone numbers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The company says that its service is direct from factory to system installers and end users at low cost, while maintaining high quality renewable energy products. Aquatooth says that they use their own products to power their plant and offices in Nantong, China, and they also encourage their staff and suppliers to be energy conscious and use Aquatooth solar systems in their businesses and households.

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“ I was referred to this company from a friend who recently installed a kit supplied by them. He was happy with how everything proceeded, so I contacted their English speaking guy via their website, He was promptly in contact with me and has been for a month now, as I’ve gone back and forth, figuring out what I wanted. I’ve gone from knowing nothing about solar installations to having a basic understanding of most of the components that are involved. Spoken over the phone with him and tonnes of emails. So far my experience has been pleasant, with an edge of daringness mixed in, which is how I like to do things, sometimes anyway. Beats the drudgery of a western lifestyle. Their website is a pleasure to use. I email Simon my “new” configuration, and within hours he emails me back a link to a full quote. Further links from the quote link you to the specs of the individual components. Its brilliant; I’ve got about five different quotes I can pull up from older emails, and they’re all still there for comparison.”

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We decided to import directly from China, then employ a local Installer.

Experience with the Chinese was excellent. Instant email and phone communications. Shipping, Customs and Duties were only $2185 from China to Lakes Entrance.
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