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BioSolar is a solar energy company based in Brisbane. The company says that it is dedicated to working with the best manufacturers of solar power products in the world. They say that they use C Sun solar panels and that these can last for at least 30 – 40 years. They also use Samil inverters. BioSolar also say that their systems come with a 10 year comprehensive warranty on the whole system. They also say that their designers and installers are CEC accredited.

A single reviewer rated the company highly for value for money, system quality and installation; and very highly for customer service.

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Tim Watson from Biosolar has been assisting me to interpret my bills in relation to what I am being charged and what my inverter is showing as usage and generated.
Tim has been extremely helpful in giving me the confidence to speak to my provider and walked me through how to correctly gain the information I needed.
His customer service is exemplary as was his professionalism and depth of knowledge. He was patient and clear in the information he provided.
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I had 1 bank of panels installed on June 23rd 2013, the 2nd bank July 10 2013.
The 1st feed in tariff I received was $49.76, I didn't worry about that one as it was the winter account, 2nd feed in tariff was $90.97, for the same period this year the feed in tariff was $467.77, the 3rd was $41.92, that was then that I knew
something was wrong, I kept emailing and ringing to let them know, wasn't until I told them that I was going to Consumer Affairs, things start to move, they called on a Thursday and the following Monday someone was here.
He knew something was wrong, he kept ringing someone, then he finally got on the roof and found the 2nd bank of panels were not connected correctly. He was at my place for over 1 1/2 hours. That meant I went without the full use of the panels for 13 months.
After several weeks without results I contacted Consumer Affairs again, they then told me the person that was doing my claim left the company, and he had passed it to the most relevant person, after about a month I rang to find out what was happening with my claim and was told that he had also left.
I kept ringing the company, one time I was left hanging for 15 minutes, I rang again in December 2014 to be told that because of hail damage they were busy.
10 days ago I sent them an email attention to the CEO no reply, so I tried to ring them on 1300 number I was given when I had the panels installed, the recording tells me it is wrong or disconnected, the number from the white pages rings then drops out.
For 13 months I have been paying 16 panels, when only 8 worked
So much for customer service. with them it is none.
I would Like to know if they are still operating.
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This company said they offered such great aftercare and warranty, it's why we chose them.
Initially the sales people were lovely. The installers were very pleasant, but our real problems began after the recent storm, we thought we ought to get our system cleaned, and then checked for hail damage.
Constant calls and emails to the company resulted in nothing: no one calls you back, you never speak to a person; just an automated message bank.
Then our electricity bill came- we had virtually no solar credit, I.e. the inverter had stopped working: we checked the unit and there was a fault light showing.
So I stepped up the emails and phone calls: nothing. I went down to the office: all boarded up.
No idea if they are still functioning as a company, we have asked the bank to cancel our payments to them. I have no idea what we have paid to them over the years; but right now all I have is a really expensive solar hat for my house.
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The Solar Quotes service was extremely helpful - It really guided us to help decide on the variety of factors involved. The recommended companies which provided quotes were all useful in their different slants. We ended up with 4 comparable quotes and were in a great position to negotiate, as well as understand what we were getting into. - Thank you
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Will be installed next week, just hope we've made the right choice. Thank you
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After sales follow up is good.
They carried out an after installation inspection to make sure all was OK.
Follow up from their call centre is pretty good.
They had run out of the panels and inverters included in the original quote and installed higher quality equipment as a result.
The installers wired the meter box up incorrectly and the Supply Authority would not install the new meter. Biosolar rectified this within a day but as with all bureaucracies I went back to the tail of the queue to get the meter installed.
I had a rattle on the roof in high wind after the installation. The Biosolar follow up inspection could not find anything specific although some cables were tied more securely. Yet to see if that worked.
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The salesman was very informative about the system and answered all questions we had. We were not seeking solar systems to start with and by the end of the sales pitch, could not see why we had not fitted it earlier when the rebates were much better, but went ahead with the purchase anyway as we knew the power prices were on the rise and we already averaged $900 quarter bills.
Everything went ahead like clockwork, the pre-inspection where I joined the electrician on the roof and he showed the best plan for maximum production. He also pointed out that the trees on the boundary would cut down power production and so have since planned with neighbour to get rid of trees.
Installers were on time and professional in their approach and even changed some cracked tiles for me with some new ones that I had standing by.
My only complaint was that when I contacted the help desk about monitoring of the system, I was told that this was still a little time away even though I understood this to be available from installation and to my knowledge has not started as yet. Also they were unaware of the newer meters fitted by energex and so could not assist me in reading them. I rang energex who were able to sort it out. I marked down service as I think this is something that the company should be aware of.
The post inspection electrician took the time to take me through all the screens and what to take notice of, now to find a good solar panel cleaner.
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Biosolar informed us prior to installation that our roof was in "medium" condition. They never said what this could mean. The pre-check went ahead and they installed our panels which work nicely, however their installer buggered our roof and two days later it poured down raining and went right through our roof ruining the ceiling. They sent a guy round to seal up the hole their installer had made, but refuse so far to pay for the ceiling damage, saying "we told you your roof was in poor condition". So nice of them to warn us beforehand that this could happen!! (Not). But then, they were in a hurry to grab our $15K I guess, then wash their hands of any responsilbility for their installer causing hundreds of dollars damage to our house. So, beware folks.
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Great price, great quality, and great service, but the best thing was the 10 year warranty on everything including installation and 25 years on panels. They turned up when they said they would. They called when they said they would. Everything happened as I was told (time wise). I am very pleased with the whole experience. I would highly recommend Bio Solar.
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