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Update 12/2/18:

A representative of Coldflow advised that they no longer offer solar.

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We had a system installed around 12 months ago, it works very efficiently very happy
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Very good experience with Coldflow Solar. Also had my heating and cooling installed by Coldflow
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I found Dave Coldflow's Solar guy excellent. Dave was was a very good communicator, and understood our expectations, and explained exactly all the options. Nice to see my bills much lower than friends.
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Their knowledge through their research department is extensive. Their company has been around for a long time and want to continue being around, providing a quality service.
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We have had no end of difficulty in dealing with Coldflow. After shaking hands on a deal for 4 units (we were buying units for our 3 daughters houses as well as ours and they changed quotes after delaying instal by 6 weeks. A part of the deal was a 2 year interest free loan for 2 of the units, which we now find is costing us $400 per month in interest and Coldflow don't want to know about.

We are overseas at the moment and email Coldflow as often as possible, but thay won't reply/help and it is difficult to do aything about until we get home next month.

I do not recommend Coldflow.
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Experienced very good, quick customer service until I actually agreed to go with them. At that point, once we'd sorted out a date, I've barely heard from them. The installer forgot the paperwork, and sent it 4 days later after I asked about it, I asked for an invoice/balance due and eventually got that, but I haven't had any confirmation that they've received our paperwork or if that's in fact all the documentation we needed to start feeding in to the grid - they only asked for a signature on one page of a document, to transfer STCs, but I thought we were meant to nominate a provider to sell to and that sort of thing - also no idea if we're getting a smart meter, when, or whether they've sorted it out.
The panels appear to be working fine (although on installation day, I was nervous when the installers said "Gee, dunno if we'll fit the panels up here" but they did...). Also wonder because the paperwork claimed the installer was also the system designer, but their sales guy had told me "he" was the system designer.

Price and pre-sale service was good.
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