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Cool World Solar is a solar energy company based in Brighton, Victoria and operating throughout Australia. The company says that it can install a solar system within 30 days, and they have no deposit requirement. They say that they have a completely integrated service from design through to installation. They also say that their installers throughout Australia are CEC accredited.

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1. Connect 2 Solar gave me misleading information which resulted in the solar panels not installed where i wanted them and at a greater cost.
2. The panels have destroyed the look of my house ( i told them i didn't want to see them from the street).
3. I wasted my time and money proving to them that the panels should have been fitted to the north facing roof and now they are saying it is going to cost $1,800 to move them.
4.The installation date changed 3 times which resulted in the cancellation of my holidays.
5. When the system was connected to the grid it shut down power to my house ( incorrectly wired).
6. The date to rectify this problem changed 2 to 3 times.
7. Why after being told that the panels had to be installed at an angle of 28.5 degrees were they installed at 17 to 18 degrees ?
8. Why do the panels overhang the side of the roof by approximately 20 to 30 cm ?
9. Why fit electrical conduit to the front of the house when it could have easily been placed on the side of the house, out of view ?
10. The most important question - Why wasn't i given the option of having the panels installed on the north facing roof from the start ?

I should have been given this option, it's only logical to have the panels fitted to the roof facing the sun and also positioned where the strong winds will have minimal effect, not on a roof where they don't fit.

Please do not use Connect 2 Solar to install your system otherwise you may go through hell like i did.
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Only supplier using 250W panels rather than 200W.
Installer put everything where I wanted and did an extremely neat job.
He also let panel rail room to install extra panels later if I wish.
Use Trina Panels and Aurora Inverters which, from my research are extremely good value for money.
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They were happy to discuss the sale and installation process untill I got it, straight shooters.

The staff were great and provide a turn key process for me, they did all the paper work and followed up on my behalf. I found that to be a great help.

I have recommended them to my friends.
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Your quote system is very good. Would have gone with one of the people but friend came along.
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The follow up with United Energy and Jemena to arrange a TOU meter replacement is a bureaucratic nightmare and typical of how privatization of the electrical distribution system has lead to spiraling costs and delays. Attempting to get quotations from retailers, including PFIT has also been difficult. My consensus is that few, if any of this countries electrical retailers really care about their clients!
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