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Tried to make contact with the Melbourne office on numerous occasions. When I did manage to speak some-one, it was always "I'll get someone to call you. I still think there is something not quite right as the power bills continue to come. Customer care/contact is poor.
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The salesman was lovely. Mind you I thought at the time, what a great product to sell, 'no electricity bills, save the planet, all solved and finished in 6 weeks'.

At the time the feed in tariff was 32 cents/min. I was kicking my self I hadn't got the money together earlier and got the 68c. This was in June 2012.

I built a stand alone frame to specs supplied by the company, so I could position the panels for optimal sun access, North facing at 32 degrees. The head installer was excited when I sent him photos and said he wanted to put it on his web site to show other people.

Installation was a nightmare. the installer who came was shouting at his labourer all day and when he got so angry he slammed the meter box door 3 or 4 times (and bent the hinges) another man who was working here told him to calm down.

Anyway, it was all VERY unpleasant for something I thought would be a feel good experience.

The electrical inspectors finally turned up a few months later and said all was good, the frame was good and it had passed. I phoned Country Connect a week later to find out why Origin hadn't received the inspection report and they told me it hadn't passed.

To cut a long and very painful story short. After calling at least every week, they finally sent the paper work to Origin one week after the cut off for the 32c feed in tariff.

January 6th 2013, 7 MONTHS LATER! and I still didn't get connected until Powercor had re configured my smart meter six weeks after that!

So all that time I was not only paying my normal power bills but I was making the repayments on my loan for the panels.

As far as efficiency, I should be producing more than I was using but I am still paying 70 dollars a fortnight to Origin for power. And over the last quarter I made $31 of power. (the system cost $7000) I am a single mother and a student.

I am thoroughly disappointed with the whole experience and would not recommend Country Connect to anyone.
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Country connect solar installed this system 6 months ago, we were getting half of the 5kW, after a lot of phone calls over 3 months they came and discovered that the inverter was wired incorrectly.
In the following 3 months we have phoned and phoned sent emails, as to date 3.06.2013 we have had 1 phone call back.
We are not getting what were told we would, when signed the contract.

We believe that panels are at at the wrong angle 15deg, and for some reason we have not got a certificate of electrical safety.

I would not recommend this company.


Shortly after we went to Consumer Affairs, an installer called to change the inverter as they thought it was damaged when it was wired incorrectly and also checked the panels on the roof. Then on the 9-7-13.the installers came back and removed all 20 panels and replaced them at the correct angle ( 3 days ) again wired incorrectly ,with smoke coming from inverter. 3 hours to re wire, I just hope the inverter is ok.

We did get the certificate of electrical safety but as the system was changed we had to get another one with the help of energy safe , as to date 27-11-13 we have had no contact from country connect solar.

We are happy with the system now, but as for country connect solar I would not recommend them.
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This company will most likely put in a reasonable system for you but don't expect that anything they tell you will happen.

With the quote we were told that a power outlet would be fitted in the shed on which the panels were to be mounted, and that the system would be installed within 6 weeks but (the old principal "buyer beware") on later analysis, found these points were not written on the contract.

It actually took exactly 4 months to be installed and we had to pay extra in cash for the power points.

We were twice given dates to expect the workers to arrive when they never came- no calls of explanation, and the office won't call back if you leave a message.

We had two crews that did arrive (having driven 3hrs to get here) only to leave again saying the original inspection was not accurate. When a decent electrician did arrive he instructed that I needed to fit extra steel beams to the roof and gave a verbal description of what was needed. It was obvious to me at the time of the quote that some sort of supporting frame would be required but the quote was given as 'fitted cost''.

After $170 of steel (and some timber to mount the inverter) plus labour, the beams were up ready for their next visit. 'You didn't put any on the far edge!' he said. I didn't realise I needed to! I offered to put in the extra 6.8m of c-purlin but was told 'we'll see how we go'. At the end of the fit the electrician said they may rock a bit in the wind and said to call him if it got too bad.

I did get another quote within the cooling off period and called 'Country Connect' back with some questions. The bloke said 'they must be using crappy Chinese panels, wouldn't you much rather these high quality German ones?' I climbed up on the roof the other day to find our panels are polycrystalline (read: less efficient) with "made in China" on the back. So far, for short periods during ideal conditions, the panels have managed a peak of 2.7Kw, still 10% short of their rated output.

Should have gone with Gippsland Solar!
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Did not tell me about extra costs e.g. New meter-cost $307 and new Mains switch approx. $200. Even though salesman took photos this was not told to me until after installation of panels. Also panels were not able to be fitted where originally instructed.
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