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Eco Delight is owned and operated in South Australia and focuses on providing quality products at the best possible prices. It hopes to provide long-term energy solutions and create a cleaner future for all.

All solar panels provided by the company come with a 25-year performance warranty and five years for the framework. Meanwhile, the inverters have a five-year replacement warranty that can be doubled on selected models for an additional cost.

Installers working for Eco Delight have a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as being fully licensed electricians with accreditation from the Clean Energy Council.

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Quoted in November finally completed today 24.04.12 when the new meter was installed.
Original delay due to local installers too busy.
When they finally arrived in February it transpired the roof was too small to allow for the panels to fit on one side.
In order to fit panels they had to be split which in turn required a larger 4.2 inverter capable to be splitted.
Loss of power estimated 10%.
Consultation with Eco Delight resulted in no additional charges for larger inverter, substitute 190 panels with 250 panels and $200 discount
Of course when Energex arrived to install the new meter, noted different inverter and insisted on a new set of paperwork rather than cross out and insert new model number.
Eco Delight, when I advised them of this did all they could to expedite matters, however to no avail.
Energex treated this as a new application which took over a month to travel over numerous desks.
Eco Delight operates from SA and relies on computer generated info to give quotes but should do local inspections to ensure panels will fit.
Their local agents were excellent, professional and very helpful.
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The system has not yet been installed, but all approvals have been met.
Some providers were very expensive stating that their service and quality were the difference, however I have found that apart from the Inverter, most panels were very close in specs and efficiency and warranty.
All installers have to meet strict standards, and to pay several thousand dlloars more did not stack up. The system ordered used the SMS inverter with 16 250W panels.
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Eco Delight is a SA company that provides the materals for the job and sub contract out to installers Australia wide. Our installers were from Urban Energy Australia who I can fully recommend for their service, communication, and installation skills.
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The installers supplied to me by Solar Quotes were less than enthusiastic in their contact. Two of them did not supply much information on their first contact, and did not seem to leave much idea that there was any room for negotiation. as I was trying to make comparisons, I wanted as much information as possible in the first instance.
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