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Energy Wise Group is accredited by the Clean Energy Council and all its installations are compliant with the strictest Australian standards. Solar panels and inverters from the company are all of the highest quality and have been given A+ ratings by Germany's Photon Magazine.

Products used by the firm include those manufactured by the likes of Hyundai, Silex, S-Energy and Sunrise Solar Tech.

All staff at the Energy Wise Group have been trained by senior members so customers can be sure their solar power systems meet their expectations. Furthermore, design and installation workers all have the necessary certifications and insurance.

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Alex is a very thorough guy and even tried to put me off buying it becasue of the low feed in tariff! I told him I was doing it for environmental purposes, not financial gain, and he explained the whole thing to me extremely well.

As he installed my HWS 3 years ago, I'd already had great experience in the past with him.
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We went with the Chinese 'EverSolar' 1500kw inverter and the Australian made 250 Watt 'Silex' solar panels. As our power board was of the old porcelain fuse type they needed to upgrade it so that was included in the quote. The nearest competitor was hundreds of dollars more. So we went with these guys based on price and the initial discussions we had with them that demonstrated that they knew what they were on about and were NOT dodgy fly by nighters. We also liked the fact they came and did an onsite quote (you won't believe how many only quote by phone. Or should i say overquote!)
The system itself appears to be a quality unit and is working quite well, although peak output hasn't gone past 1.25kwh in perfect conditions and zero shade interference (A friends 1.5kw systems runs at between 1.4kwh and 1.5kwh at peak). So its efficiency doesnt seem to be perfect at this point. Possible tweaks needed? Installation was professional, neat and quick.
Negatives are few but include over a months wait for installation and very little communication from their side letting us know when installation was taking place. We paid the deposit and waited weeks to hear back from them? It took two phonecalls to confirm all was ok but it did concern us that no contact was made back to us to inform us that the deposit was recieved and the paperwork was lodged with Energex.
Overall however we are very happy with our system and happily recommend this company. For the money and for a quality system they are an excellent choice. Thanks
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Other than price, we chose EWG as we know the person who does their installations. He is a local and recommended them. Unfortunately, since purchasing the system, he no longer installs for them, so we are waiting for EWG to find someone to send up from Brisbane to install our system!!! We are dissapointed that it won't be a local doing the installation.
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