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Go4Solar is based in Adelaide, South Australia and both its directors have been involved in the solar power industry for the past six years. One of them is a licensed electrical contractor and is accredited by the Clean Energy Council for design and installation, while the other takes charge of administration, sales and marketing.

The company prides itself on offering quality solar power products and always strives to meet the needs of its customers.

Go4Solar uses monocrystalline solar PV panels - products are supplied by the likes of SMA, Luxor, Delta and REC Solar.

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2 weeks after installation and I made final payment they still have not lodged the form a with ergon to have my meter changed. Have had no paper work for warranties etc., and have asked for information on how to use the control unit to be told twice now, they have asked their technician but he has not got back to them, and the salesman is no longer contactable - he has voice male message to call a office lady.
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As the process is not yet complete I cannot say how the performance, quality, etc is/or will be, however the electricians who set the panels up, etc. were very good.
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Sales person promised installation in the first week of June but system wasn't installed until the first week in July... seven weeks after order and deposit. Now, waiting for inspection and connection to grid.
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We had to put up with a lot of excuses as to why the installation that was promised within 2 weeks didn't eventuate until 7 weeks after we signed the contract.
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Installation completed on the date nominated, just been inspected and told it was a very good job
waiting on Powercor to check smart meter which we have and then the system can be turned on. This is reason value for money and quality of system stated not applicable, however, the panels used from your check list they are at the top of the tree.
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We knew the salesman personally which is the only reason we went with this company. So far so good. There were some delays initially caused by no-one coming to actually measure and plan on site then delays in getting the contractors down to do the job. Ultimately though, the contracting crew were very professional and certainly knew exactly what they were doing, nice guys too from Industry Electrical. We are not connected up yet though and hope that all happens before the Government reduces the feed-in tariff further.
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We chose Go4Solar because they are a local company, with their own intallers, definately not the cheapest, but we considered with their owner salesman, quality components, availability to answer any concerns, call back check at 6 months,and overall presentation, to be the best one for us. Thank You 'Go4Solar' South Australia.
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Only 8 panels were required for a 2kw system because 250 Watt monocrystaline panels were used and this made it easier to fit on our relatively small section of North facing roof. The price would have even been just under $3000 if we had not had to split the system; again due to using the available North facing roof.
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I am one of several customer's in a radius of less than 1kilometre.
Also some of our friends living in Morpett Vale have one installed.
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