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Got To Go Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Sydney and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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Poor Service and poorer quality

Salesperson misled me as to arrangement for this system. It turns out it was a rental so at the end I don't own it. $8k for a dodgy system. The savings quoted at the beginning were fanciful especially since the system frequently shuts down and resets. Even on bright sunny days it rarely gets near its so called capacity of 3Kw. My bills have dropped but by only about $150pq so overall Im out of pocket $150pq. Complete and utter con!
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Two and a half years of battling to get a feed in tariff only to find it is a non compliant system and no solar installer will give a certificate of safety. Now I know why they never supplied the certificates to begin with.
They promised to take care of all the details and diverted on nothing.
Thieves is the nicest word I can use
I would prefer to use more choice words to describe them.
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Absolutely ripped off, nothing I was told was true now it’s costing me over $8000 and sneakily locked into a contract I didn’t agree on. Hasn’t helped with lowering cost at all and has been the biggest waste of money! Can’t even get onto the company! Will be going to Dept Fair Trading
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The amount of saving I was told I would receive was complete BS. Basically have had almost no reduction in electricity costs per quarter but now I'm paying the bill plus paying off the system as well. Total misrepresentation, I feel completely ripped off. Would be great if you could actually get them to call back too.
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The system worked well for about three years then the inverter broke down. It took almost three months to have it replaced, then it broke down again after only two weeks - the installing electrician said that a reconditioned unit was supplied, not a new one. The company is not able to be contacted, with phone calls simply not going through! It seems that what seemed too good to be true, really was!!!! I am NOT IMPRESSED. A pair of poor old sucked in pensioners - we are contacting the Dept of Fair Trade.
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Panels installed around July. Meters not hooked up until mid Nov. Now in January and our electricity supplier still has received no details that we are connected to solar. So far our $500/quarter "savings" has actually cost us $1000 in repayments to this company and an increase in our electricity charge (approx $200) for one quarter.due to the meter replacement/reading....BEST PART they NEVER phone you back. Currently about to commence legal action.
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Note - Instillation is YET to occur as we are waiting on Engineering approval before council will agree to install the system.
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Surely wont recommend the salesperson, spent 3000 dollars for 1.5 Kw system, same is available for much less.
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2nd job contracts signed early October - due to roofing issues delayed installation. Company terribly difficult to contact and speak to anyone. Finally organised for installation in late Dec. Installers good - did 3 installations at townhouse complex. All 3 done in one day. Contacted by company to do metering. This to be done Thursday 10th Jan. So far this time with company no hassels or hiccups. Process has been smoother and staff more helpful - maybe they learned from the appalling customer service first time around?? Here's hoping.
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After signing contracts took 5 weeks to install. Told by Mark Mifsud sparky it would be up to 1 week to do metering - if I hadn't heard by then, call him directly. 3 weeks later still chasing company and leaving dozens of messages - never got a reply. Rang Mark directly - didn't have company authority to proceed. He never got back to me. Contacted sales rep Brad several times - finally he gave me mobile number of sparky who came and did job. Back and forwards between sparky and company as to who has authority to do metering - Mark and brother and crew keep passing the buck between every one. Finally took 4 1/2 weeks to get metering done in Dec 12. All up 9-10 weeks. Only got action for instal and metering when threatened to take further action. Customer service is zero !!!!

Check bank statements as they deduct payments not authorised to deduct. Have billed me 3 times. Still chasing refunds / reimbursements. Watch out for these guys!
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Third class service provider. Have rescheduled my appointment 3 times.

Always their technician broke his leg or fell off the roof a day before.

Crap provider.
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It is 7 weeks since i signed the contract and paid the installation and metering costs and still not completed. After numerous calls and noone will tell me the name of the owner of the company - Even the installer of the panels Modern Visions Mathew Mifsud does not know ! \r\nI have been told to contact the Metering people - Though they are in the same building they dont seem to work together ! I received a call a ago stating the meter will be installed by Friday 16th November noone came and today the drama continues between nasty office staff and their two companies - Got to Go Solar and metering . I have just contacted Ombudsman and fair trading.\r\nDont want to deal with this lot .
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They are selling a 1.5 kw system installed for $990.00, plus the connection by a specifically rated sparky of approximately $350.00. All with a 2 year warranty, which by then will not be an issue as my daughter will be able to afford to upgrade by then.

I do appreciate your assistance, but only ever received 2 quotes, as I mentioned in my last email.

Thanks again.
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The company I found was very efficient, Sales guy was lovely and explained everything clearly. The price was the best that I have seen which was $830 which included metering. I couldn't have asked for better guys to do the job.

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One week after panel install, meter still not done. Sales rep claimed "same day", panel installer claimed "1-2 days".

Rang office and was told ANOTHER 1-2 WEEKS!! After various back and forth about claims of "same day", I was told that I "have nothing in writing, and if it ever went to court it could never be proved".

Correct, there was nothing in writing. I felt I had been scammed by sales rep. Don't use GottogoSolar.
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Due to winds over the christmas period we have already had 2 of the 16 panels come off the roof.
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