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Green Engineering (Vic) Pty Ltd operate in SA and Victoria.

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Incredibly shifty company. Please do your research before even considering this company. They will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get your money and once done, they WILL block your number regardless of any questions you as the customer may have.

They have no ethics and will do anything, even scamming the elderly, to get your money. They do not care about the service, the product or your solar needs.

Be wary.
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Worst company to deal with warranty repair
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We were very pleased with the prompt and efficient service and the quick responses we received from this company.
All were knowledgeable and provided detailed quotes complete with technical information and pay back calculations.
We are quite pleased with our chosen supplier, Green Engineering Solar who also provided additional savings by hiding the cables inside the wall panel and switch board replacement
Highly recommend
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Signed contract one month ago and paid $550 deposit. After then found out not eligible for a rebate. Immediately sent written termination email as contract said within 3 business days but no reply at all. Called sales and 1300786008 many times, they admit have received my termination email and agreed to refund deposit, then kept telling me “someone will call you back soon”, “our accounting team will contact you today” but never happened…. I also contacted their company director, he asked me to forward termination notice to his email address and said he need to confirm with sales. Still nothing ever happened. After that they start to ignore my calls and text messages. Call 1300 they hang up once heard my voice.
Agreement number VIC296
I still haven’t received refund until today!
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?????????????????2????????????????????????????????????????The worst company I have ever seen, took my deposit, no installation, no reply, no refund, no picking up the phone, very very very poor management. Every word I said is true.
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Worst after sales and warranty I ever had.
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We specified our system and they were not quoting on their standard kit. Many refused to quote on our specification that was based on about 4 months research. The contractor doing the installation "Cameron" was a real gem, real tradesman and new his stuff. He noted he loved doing microinverters installation as there is no main invertor to install so process is quicker for installer. Best time was from installation to old pre smart meter the feedin reversed the follow direction so meter KW went backwards.
Distributor took long time to formalise smart meter but we enjoyed the period from Nov 2014 to about March 2015 on the old analogue meter. That is not Green Engineering problem as we organised smart meter rollover.

Our micro invertor system can grow, beauty of microinvertors and I would not hesitate to get quote of Green Engineering should we grow our system. I kept Cameron's info as key to a good job is good workmanship by a trade an that knows what they are doing. That is Cameron.

Credit to sales person from September 2014 Nisal Somarathna, as he was prepared to quote on our very different and specific system specification with Jinko and ABB microinvertors.

We would not change anything and have on second story 2.5 KW east and 2.5Kw west. Would have put 2/3 west but we don't have that roof space at second story.

We have not had to use Green Engineering for warranty issue and reading reviews that look hairy since 2016. We had a microinvertor drop off system input but I did a software push refresh from web server portal that fixed issue but ABB were ready to supply replacement and I would need to organise installation and return of faulty microinvertor. All not require. ABB are out of this world....even though they are really in Italy and a leading component maker.
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I would not recommend this company, from the high pressure sales filled with lies to installs that haven't been thought out properly to broken tiles left and roof leaks to ZERO after care, I’ve just lodged a vcat claim, I’m just thankful my cameras have audio at my house, I’m especially glad I took before photos of the roof so I can prove the damage. Ok so the sales person was very mis leading to me, I was told made in Germany inverter WRONG designed in Germany made in China and Australian panels but really they are made in China, energy safe says Things to watch out for:

Check that the inspector who signs the 'Certificate of Electrical Inspection' field has actually climbed onto the roof to inspect the wiring from the panels. Well folks he did not.

My recommendation is RUN FROM THIS COMPANY
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