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Impulse first started out as a home improvement company in 1991, serving South Australia. It now has branches in New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland and manufactures new and innovative renewable energy products.

It is a member of the Housing Industry Association, Australian Security Industry Association and Master Builders Association, so consumers can be sure of a quality installation.

Impulse solar power systems have been designed to meet the needs of Australian families and all panels come with a 25-year warranty, as well as a high-capacity inverter. All installers for Impulse are licensed by the Clean Energy Council.

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It took several weeks to get the system installed, but then their electricians weren't able to connect to the grid, never answer their phone, and when they do the manager has just gone home, never return phone calls. Now it has stopped working. Do not phone 13 33 40 as the message never gets thru, try 13 11 78 sometimes someone answers, failing that try 88182280 and you are promptly asked where you got this number from.I was told the inverter company Clenergy will not help with warranty, and will not answer their phone, this was told to me by Impulse, Richard is the manager. I phoned Clenergy and got thru OK, turned out Impulse had not ordered the inverter, this is my 3rd inverter I am waiting for, so far I have had 2 different brands. Do your home work and look around. I am now waiting for The Office Of Fair Trading to reply. One should not have to do all this ringing to get the solar system repaired
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My credit card details were incorrectly noted by Impulse and the company did not let me know. I contacted them to see if the application to the energy provider to connect had been lodged as time was getting on. It was then they told me about my credit card.
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We signed on the spur of the moment, only to find the price was 19,000 with discounts to 15,000. After a month of phone calls, being ignored etc. We finally settled for 11,000 cash. Then the manager tried to 'steal' our recs from us. We haven't heard from him since we sent a photocopy of the original contract showing that this box had not been ticked by the sales rep.

It was without doubt the worst interaction we have ever had with any firm.

We have their sign in our garden (as per contract) we certainly won't tell any lies if asked!
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The company involved were not able to service their customers. They did not answer phonecalls, or messages, even communication via overnight courier.
There was no contact at all after them getting the $500 deposit to proceed. I would rate their service as appalling.
We did not know any of the procedures involved nor were given anytime line or advice in any way. No one came and quoted or looked at the roof or surrounding area to advise if suitable (there are many trees).
It has taken 3 months from initial deposit for panels to be installed and the electricians were only Level 1 so they were unable to finish the connection to the grid. Now I have to source yet another firm which we must wait even longer .
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Job was done efficiently and promptly, but have only just received Integral's approval to instal - after 5 weeks! Had to find my own installer.

None of the 3 you recommended was able to quote within a week, so we went ahead with the one who approached us.
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