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Modern Group Solar Reviews

Yes Modern are a bit more expensive, as others have mentioned the rep used the sales pitch of reducing the cost if you market the solar power by displaying a Modern sign for a few dollars. What everyone fails to mention is there is no point having a warranty if the company goes bust. Modern are a 40 year company, Solar companies that started 12 years ago more than 50% have either changed there name or gone broke. I paid $6720.00. Unlike other companies Modern complete all the paperwork and contact your energy provider. smaller companies have better prices but less product information. I rang Modern on the 23/2/17 the rep arrived on the 24/2/17 the job was completed on the 3/3/17 1 week after paying a deposit. I am now generating 75% capacity on a cloudy day. and my panels are directed to gain capacity after 2pm its 12;30.
Very happy. It will take 20 days for the energy rep to configure the meter to return energy to the grid.
At the end of the day I paid the extra for a quality inverter that I can upgrade and connect batteries when there price comes down,. I paid an extra $1000 for quality PV panels and I wanted qualified experienced Electrical contractors mine was actually an engineer and designer as well as being a Solar Electrician for the past 12 years. They completed the fit in 3 hours. I had all contracts and receipts sent via email within 20 min of the job being completed Modern do all of there paperwork via electronic forms rather than paper.
Its a no brainer you can get deals $1000 $1500 maybe even $2000 cheaper but whats the point if it doesn't work to capacity, if you cant guarantee the company will be around in 2 years, who is doing the job who is walking on your roof.
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Modern Solar completely damaged our roof when the 16 panels got installed. Had to battle it out with them and show photos of the 2 inches of the roofing screws poking down from our ceiling. Modern tried to duck and weave but finally their insurance company paid the bill. Mis informed us about the savings we would get. Never return calls when questions need to be answered on system. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND MODERN GROUP FOR ANYTHING. Show additional information
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The salesman promised a big savings on power usage with their 5 KW Solar Panels. We are only getting half the savings he said we would. The hot water solar unit lasted only a month before element blew & i got the run around before a serviceman repaired it. Thank god the roof renovation is ok, i hope. Show additional information
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