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On Aug. 2017, a salesman from Modern Group knocked on our door and offered a 2.3 kW solar system, with the "so-called" best and most energy efficient solar panels (monocrystalline) in the market, but with a cheap but "so-called" reliable Solapowa inverter for $5,000.

He promised ALL of the following:
1) 2.3 kW is more than enough for us (total of 4 adults in our house), with an allowance for future installation of ducted air-conditioning as we currently don't have air-conditioning yet that time. We told him that we plan to have ducted air-conditioning in the future, and we want to have the same savings like my parents' house (my parents who live with my 2 adult siblings pay only $50 to less than $100 per bill with their 4 kW solar system from Eurosolar). The salesman promised that we will be experiencing the same savings even with just the 2.3 kW system. He kept on insisting that we don't need a bigger solar system because the solar panels that they are providing are very energy efficient. Also, he said that if we have a bigger solar system, we'll not gain much while we give almost free energy back to the grid.

LIES! After two months of installing the solar system from Modern Solar, our first electricity bill (covering Sept. 1 to Nov. 1) was around $305. We immediately called the salesman and complained why we're still having such high bills despite having the solar system installed. The salesman said that it was often raining over those months and there wasn't enough sunshine. We waited for the next bills covering the summer season (WHEREIN THERE IS NOT MUCH RAIN AT ALL), but the lowest bill we had was $180 considering we don't even have air-conditioning yet!!! This was very frustrating after paying a hefty $5,000 for a solar system that couldn't give us the savings that we're expecting. Clearly, our 2.3 kW system is not giving us enough and will be very insufficient if we add air-conditioning in the future.

2) He also promised that they will optimize the position of the panels in our roof, in a way that we will get the maximum sunlight during the day.

LIES! They put all our solar panels into just one side of our roof (east side only). A lot of people told us, even from different solar energy providers, that they should have put some panels to the west side to maximize the sunlight in the afternoon.

3) He also promised that our solar system will have a free wi-fi device where we can track daily the energy generated from the panels via our phone.

LIES! There wasn't any free Wi-Fi device! After installation of our solar panels, we were told that we have to pay additional fee for that Wi-Fi device.

4) He also promised that we can always reach him if something goes wrong with the solar system or if it's not meeting our expectations.

LIES! We tried contacting the salesman again after receiving our high electricity bills during summer, but he never responded to our text messages and calls since then! We tried ringing Modern Group's customer service and explained the situation, but the person we spoke to was rude. He told us that there's nothing they can do about it and that he can't comment on whatever the salesman verbally promised to us as we don't have any written proof.

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