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About National Solar Services, Solar Installers

National Solar Services
National Solar Services is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves ACT. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

National Solar Services Solar Reviews

A quick word of advice. Stay away from this mob.
You and your money will be parted from each other quickly. Once the money has gone expect nothing apart from emails that seem to
promise something but deliver very little.
I have a 6.6 kw system, with half the panels facing South East, not what I ordered, but this is what was installed.
My 6.6 kw system at the moment produces 6 -9 kilowatts per day. I was promised an audit on the installation, still waiting.
The installer cannot be contacted for weeks on end. How does he get new work.
Still waiting for a wi fi dongle to monitor output
Still trying to find the export limiter
Still wondering why I only have a 5 kw inverter.
Still wondering why I went this mob.

"National Solar Solutions is not licenced to operate in NSW"

That is, any issue regarding National Solar Solutions falls outside of the
jurisdiction of NSW Fair Trading Commission. If anything goes wrong, then you need to go a Tribunal hearing to try and get National Solar Solutions to address the issue.

In fact until that hearing is resolved National Solar Solution cannot be compelled to fix anything, regardless what is in the contract you signed.

A real slap in the face for Consumer rights in NSW.

Let us not even talk about inverters with a 5 year warranty.
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The overall experience has been delightful. Properly installed, and the system I've signed up for does what it needs to do. Communication along the way was as expected (read: nothing to complain about). It took a while to get connected but that mainly has to do with the retailer and not NSS. Show additional information
Bought the first part of this system via an online Grays Auction , contacted the company and said i wanted a system double the Size , no problems they charged the same amount , very good deal , 20kw system for just over $11000, Company rang and Asked when install would suit told them Six weeks later , they booked a time and rang a couple of times just to make certain we were on track at our end , they turned up on the day ,the guys were great and did a wonderful job ,and were on time and keep me informed all the way through the job ,looks like great product and a great professional install job , Thankyou ,Your company was a pleasure to deal with . Show additional information
Initially sold via Grays on line as a 20 panels by 250 watt (5 kw) with Solax inverter and then said they could not installed 20 panels due to Ausgrid rules so their 3rd party installer only came on the day with 19 panels.

After a lot of arguments with both Grays on line and National Solar including involvement of Fair trading NSW and some 2 months later, agreed they could installed 20 panels and installed the last panel.

System is working well.
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Bought the system through Grays Online. We thought we received a bargain. Knowing we had to pay an extra $700 for paperwork as we are Victorian, we were happy. Unbeknown to us, the system didn't involve connection to the fuse box / metering box. The auction said otherwise. NSS demanded the $700 upfront as well as extra moneys for connection. We paid. Over the following three weeks, we heard nothing. We rang, we emailed, still nothing. We contacted NSS head office, Grays together with Daisy and Glen. Then response. They'll instal on Tuesday. Then they changed their mind to Wednesday. Two different companies were sent to instal, apparently a software issue caused this. Furthermore extra money was demanded by installer otherwise no installation. We explained Glen was paid this via credit card, wasn't on his paperwork, and Glen from NSS denied extra money was paid. So we had to pay another $600 extra for wiring charges for three metres of cabling to the fuse box. Overall we received a bargain priced system. Not the one advertised as they had to change the panels as they'd ran out. It appears NSS go under numerous names including TGS and other larger well known companies names with similar complaints on this forum. It was a painful process, not a Grays Online issue, buyer beware, don't buy a system through these companies. Interesting that according to the installer that NSS are a multi branded company. Their supervisor is to ring us to help sort it out. That was four days ago.

We've stated we paid a good price, knew the extra $700 payment upfront, just not expecting extra $600 to cover the cost of connection to the grid prior to installation otherwise no installation. Didn't get the system advertised.
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We purchased the solar system from Grays Online. We thought it was a one-off auction for solar systems but National Solar Services (NSS) use Grays Online to sell their systems on a regular basis. We checked out the NSS website we could not find an ABN to research the company. The footer to the single page website states (as of 16 August 2017) " � 2017 National Solar Services All rights reserved. Australia's One of the best solar panels Installation company". The lack of coherence and accuracy of that footer basically sums up our telephone experience with NSS (ph 1300 360 700). We are still waiting 3 weeks later for the manager to return our call. NSS sell their systems with standard installation. We understood that there would be additional costs of installation as we have a 2 story house with an unusual roof. However, while the system designer/installer in Brisbane was very friendly and well spoken, NSS requires all additional installation costs to be fully paid before the system is installed. The installer promised to email me a quote for the additional installation costs but I have not received the email over 4 weeks later. We applied to Grays Online to cancel our purchase due to the fact that we were not confident with NSS and their installer and were not comfortable paying for a solar system fully up-front before the system was installed. Wisely Grays Online holds the money for the solar system purchase until the system is installed (which in our case had not occurred). When we last spoke to Grays Online for the third time about cancelling our purchase, Grays Online said they were also waiting to hear back from NSS! We have now received a full refund from Grays Online and will not have any further dealings with NSS. Show additional information
Prior to installation I received a demand for a further payment. Though I was not convinced, I gave National Solar Services (NSS) the benefit of the doubt and made payment for the additional amount. On installation day NSS demanded a second additional payment which they justified for additional extraneous (to bid contract) work required. I paid this second demand on good faith. Subsequent ( 4 weeks later) to the completed installation NSS requested a third extra payment claiming an "error" had been made and more money should have been requested from me. I sought evidence to justify all claims for additional payments but none have been provided though NSS persisted in demands for the additional payments. On the advice of Consumer Affairs I have not made payment of this third amount sought. My advise is stay clear of National Solar Services and don't trust Grays On-line Auctions to vet who they associate with. Show additional information
bad service,
appalling fine print.
bad purchase via auction site.
even worse follow up.
bad response from company on everything.
'bad & appalling response when requesting insurance, still no Workcover, no 3rd party coverage.
still no firm date for install, even though dates made, but they cancel
still they wont advise when it will happen.
they have had my money for months.
see national solar services - run for the hills!
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