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Polaris Solar operates within Western Australia and has thousands of customers from all over the state.

Solar power systems have been installed by the firm everywhere from Esperance to Port Hedland - it understands the challenges that face the Australian climate. The company has a partnership with Blueline Solar, which provides quality products designed by Australians.

Customers can make the most of a free, no obligation individual consultation to discuss their energy needs, where the team will explain what products are available.

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They have not delivered what they promised. My latest electricity bill is $700...more than before I had solar panels.. I was told I would save a minimum 80% of my bill. I average a saving of $10 per bill and considering the amount of the system, they have left us out of pocket and in debt. Over 10 calls and emails and Still waiting on someone to come out and check the system. Trying for over 2 months to contact them...I would stay away from Polaris. If I had known prior to this where I would be left now...I would have stayed far away from Polaris
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Don\'t believe a word these people tell you. The system I had installed was to cut my bill to next to nothinh. It saves me $15 per month. It's rubbish
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Regarding customer service my awful comment relates to the sales department. The technical personnel were good.
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Be careful with Polaris. They installed panels in October 2011 and broke 3 roof tiles doing it. This was not reported to us and tiles were not replaced (we had big stack close to place the Control Cabinet was installed), they decide to use silicon. A month ago we notice marks on ceiling and it was confirmed that silicon repair did not last. But it lasted a year, so it is out of warranty. After few phone calls (they do not return your call when you leave a message) we manage to 'talk' to manager (who only pass message to receptionist because we are not important to talk to once when sale is done) and he declined our claim to come and fix it because it's out of 1 year warranty. Nothing about breaking tiles and not replacing them and not informing us that they are broken. It is out of warranty, and this is all that he wanted to say.
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Warning. Do not sign anything with Polaris until you do your homework.

After I realised I was getting ripped off I was forced to pay thousands to be able to go to a different company.

Pressure sales techniques used, and massively overpriced.
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Yes, the word con artists springs to mind. I feel I was railroaded into buying as it was just before the government rebate was being withdrawn. Had I had a bit more time I would probably not have chosen this company.
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Sales person over promise the performance. Does not advise to the best interest of the customer.It is all about the sale. If you are a couple who work and is not at home during the day, it is pointless to have more then 6 panels if you dont have a pool.We were promised that we will not get a bill if we had 12 panels.

Our bill has been exactly the same as before the panel were installed.When you contact Polaris they are no longer interested to help out.The sales person denies that he promised we will have a bill of not more then $30 to $40 if we got 12 panels. My panels cost me $15,400.00 and I still get electricity bill of $200.00 which was what I used to get before the panels.

I went to a Home show in Perth Convention center and talked to 4 solar companies in regards to buying solars and was amazed at how up front and honest they were, did not sugar coat the sale.They advice me that all power harnessed in the day will go to the grid and synergy pays 8 cents for it. When we come home in the evening we buy back at .22 cents. Hence it is best for people who are at home in the day time, for peope who work 8 to 5 pm it best to get a few panels to cover the weekend.

My advice is go research and get everything in writing as Polaris will deny what is promised verbally.

I will make sure I advice all my family and friends to not buy from Polaris
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See information detailed above --- can't comment on efficiency yet --- waiting for connection and first account!
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Getting the quotes and info from this site was a great help. Thanks a lot.
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I am in the process of buying a house and have paid a deposit on a German system. This system will have 11 panels and should provide sufficient power for my needs. The company Polaris is considering opening an office in Geraldton, so anticipate being able to contact a local dealer sometime in the future should any problems arise.
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Has not been installed yet.
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