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Sanctuary Energy is an electricity retailer that sees projects through from the design stages right up to installation and beyond. It aims to provide competitive prices and the opportunity for customers to lower their energy bills.

Commercial and residential customers can benefit from the expertise of Sanctuary Energy - it has worked on a number of large-scale projects over the years. Solar PV systems from the company are delivered on-grid.

People are encouraged to make the most of feed-in tariffs and other incentives available from the government in order to ensure their solar power installation is as economically viable as possible.

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I would think twice before switching to Sanctuary energy, from day one this company has not been good, not to mention 2 year wait, for a silly smart meter to be installed and to have a rude contractor turn up to install, then leaves with no reschedule, steer clear of them.
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Oh My God!!! Had the solar system for a few years now and its broken down every year since... No support from Sanctuary Energy and the repair takes months to sort. Look else where for your electricity needs - you have been warned.
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After the panels were installed and in fact were ready to use,it took months for someone to come and "turn it on" to the grid.I forget exactly how long,3 to 6 months? I am really surprised that someone else wrote that it took 3 years.I was also unemployed for a while and that made it hard to pay the bills but I kept paying as much as possible.The account that I now have is full of fees, not what I really used. Another thing is that because I was unemployed for a while,a charity gave me $200 worth of vouchers but SE sent them back for some silly reason .They came back after 14 days and then they were worthless. There are more things that I could write about but I am waiting to hear back about some of my problems.
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The Inverter failed and we have waited since the beginning of February for for it to be replaced by a new one. Now the end of April they "think"it may be here by next week but we have to find our own electrician and send them the bill.
The solar panels have been incorrectly fitted on the roof and our wash house roof caved due to the leak around the fixture in a storm mid February this year.
Sanctuary energy don't back up their Warranties and now say its our place to find someone to fix the damage to the roof where it leaked as the solar panel installation as the guys are now in liquidation.
No one replies to phone calls and when we do ring they are always in meetings!!!!!!!!!!!
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Aside from from the extraordinarily long time it took to get the solar installed, we were told the system would save us money, but this has not proved true. Our electricity bills are now 30% higher than they were in the past. Their advertising is false in my experience and I would not deal with them again. How do I get out of this noose of a contract?
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They will not talk to you and the Complaints officer never available and will not ring back. Staff don't know what they are talking about and keep giving different answers.
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It took some time to get the system installed but it was all worth it. The panels face west and have paid for themselves in just under 2 years (Thanks to the feed in tariff). My only regret is not having a larger system installed.
The installed system uses 8 x Sungen SGM-190D Solar Panels and a Sungen SG-N1K5HV-au inverter
The people at Sanctuary Energy are generous with their time and I have never felt pressured to end a phone call if I have contacted them with questions.
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Our panels were installed 3 years ago.They were connected today and that was only because we were scheduled to go to a tribunal hearing in relation to this matter next Tuesday ! During all that time they never once contacted us to let us know what was happening.We have obviously missed out on the feed in tariffs scheme because Sanctury Energy delayed for so long.The most dreadful treatment we have ever received in relation to the purchase of any service.If it were not for the fact that we are tied into a contract we would have dumped them long ago.
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Original Review on 31-05-2011:

Hi Finn
The system is being installed in the village this week. I have filled out the survey as best I can. I can't believe that only 50 took up the deal (out of 271 units).
Jessie Lester
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Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 3/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 3/5

16 months later we asked Jessie: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Definitely NOT.
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