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Solar Energy Gippsland is a Solar Power Installation company based in Malvern East and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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it is now nearly 3 years post the signing of the deal. yes it took six months to install the panels, and then the final cheque was paid. But the problem arose down the track when they never submitted the paper work for the photovoltaic meter install, nor registered the system with SP Ausnet. I was quoted 66 cents per kW if I paid a 50% deposit and it was installed by the cut off date.

That was the best lie ever, The 66cents per kW was never guaranteed by the government, but indicative only. Every government department I speak to suggest I have been misled and defrauded. There has been no follow up works and my $13,000 dollar system sits idle on my garage roof. The job was on sold to another installation company, and Solar Energy Gippsland took a cut in the deal. They may think that the job is long gone and forgotten, but by just one person or more reading this and seeking to do their business elsewhere will be a reminder of the losses and heartache they caused us. feel free to contact me on 0416 073 947
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I had 4 quotes all together. 3 were in the $17K range. One was in the $13K range (fortunately he was one of the 2 that impressed me with his knowledge and service so I went with him). All quoted on similar systems. The last one quoted after I had received the $13K quote so I showed him that quote. He immediately dropped his price to match. If he can drop it by almost $4K so easily, that tells me that there are deals to be done. Don't accept the price quoted people: haggle!
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Solar Panels and Inverter installed with in 3 weeks.
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