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Solar Energy Services is a Solar Power Installation company based in Melbourne and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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This company's after sales service is beyond disgusting.
It took more than 6 months, to have a problem rectified, with phone call after pone call, excuse after excuse.
They wanted us to get on our roof to take photos of the panels, which, got marks on them like little cigarette burn marks.
They don't replace with new, either, so don't think that you will get brand new panels.
They told me, after allot of work on my part, that the panels would be replaced and told us that they will be here to instal them one week and ended up coming a week before.
Just as well we were home, otherwise we would've had to pay for the installation, had they not been able to install them that day.
This company is disgusting.
I wouldn't even recommend them to my worst enemy.
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We have 2 meters on our property, so we bought 2 systems. We had to chase the sales consultant up as we signed the contract in October 2015. Finally had one system installed in March 2016. When it was checked to be connected to the grid, the wrong NMI had been put on the contract. We had to wait for over 2 months for this to be rectified.
The second system to be installed on our house was finally installed in May 2016 but we had the same problem with the NMI. Since then NOTHING has been done as far as we can tell. The work was inspected but no final paperwork has been submitted to our supplier. We have been supposedly putting power back into the grid or being 'self suffient' during the day but our winter power account has been roughly the same for 1 quarter as it was for the previous 3 quarters.
We have contacted the 'Business Development Manager' who passed on a number to contact, I have left numerous messages but had NO response. All I want is the paperwork submitted. As we access anyone we now have to hire another contractor to go over the installed work and submit the missing paperwork. This is ALL at extra cost to us.
Doing the maths, pay for panels and installation, if and when it is finally connected and working (recognised by our supplier) we get a rate of .055 cents, then we have to pay AGAIN to have the thing finalised and signed of.
What a huge drain of MY energy, time and waste of money!
Not at all happy with the way SOLAR ENERGY SERVICES does business.
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21/2/2016 - Order signed
15/3/2016 - I sent a message to the sales person to say that no one has contacted me on the installation date. He replied that someone from the office will call.
The office called to make an appointment for installation on 28/3/2016.
28/3/2016 - Installation of support structure and inverter done. Panels not installed as the wrong panels (i.e. not the brand ordered) supplied.
I sent a message to the sales person about the wrong panels. No reply from him.
30/3/2016 - I sent a message to the sales person about the panels. He replied the technical dept. are organising the correct panels.
31/3/2016 - The sales person sent me a message saying the importer and distributor of the brand order do not carry much stock. Hence the delay.
21/4/2016 - I sent a message to the sales person about the instalation of the panels. No reply.
28/4/2016 - The office left a message on my home phone to organise installation. Appointment made for 13/5/2016.
13/5/2016 - Appointment not kept. I sent an email to the office (as sales person is not replying to my messages). The reply is installation to be done on 16/5/2016.
16/5/2016 - Appointment not kept. Sent an email to the office. Office phoned to make an appointment for 18/5/2016.
18/5/2016 - Correct panels finally installed.

Supplier Reply:

Solar Energy Services have always been supplying a top quality German Branded Panels. In this instance, the customer having read in some 'independent report', specified that he would instead want a particular Brand Chinese Made panel instead. We complied.
However, the local importers of the Brand do not stock the particular model of panel which are fairly pricy, thus they only bring them in when they have an order. That was what caused the delay. Lesson learnt. Next time we will stick with supplying tried and proven products from a supplier that has a good track record and customer service.
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