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Solar Newcastle Reviews

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About Solar Newcastle, Solar Installers

Solar Newcastle has showrooms in Port Macquarie, Albury and Newcastle, offering solar power designs accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Systems are also provided with a ten-year installation warranty and 25-year performance guarantee.

Some of the world's best known solar power systems are on offer from Solar Newcastle, including JA Solar, Samil, Macsolar and Eltek Valere.

Both domestic and commercial solar panels can be installed by Solar Newcastle - the team of experts can help determine which system is right for your needs. No obligation site inspections are available for those who may need a little extra assistance in choosing the best product.

Solar Newcastle Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Don't expect any after sales customer service....cause once they have your money and you need to have a technician come out to service a fault you can expect to have your solar system out of action for weeks at least 4 weeks for me . So much for the brochure stating that they have technicians 5 days a week and will attend to your needs within 48 hrs, and you can expect to be spoken to in a condescending manner from the technician manager. I will never recommend them to anyone in future. Show additional information
I found it most useful to visit a physical shop. They could explain a lot and we could ask any questions we liked.

In lieu of a good website (with pricing!) and specific details, a visit to the shop was required to make us feel comfortable about making a purchase.
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I found the Mark Group to be too nice and tried to become more of a friend... He was unsure about his product and was constantly having to call his head office for information... He also was extremely pushy as if he was desperate for the sale!

GoSolar were very helpful and it was hard to decide which place to go with as they were both similar in price....

Each company have different brands so it's like comparing apples and oranges!

Your site was helpful as I was able to understand what the people were saying and able to ask questions accordingly to help make an educated decision.
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Solar Newcastle was very professional to do business with they were very honest and up front and their service was very prompt. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to install a solar system. Show additional information
We ended up going with this company for two main reasons:
1. Their quote came in at least $1000 under all other quotes, $2500 less than one (!!) for a system that was comparable in terms of panel size, brand etc. We couldn't understand why one company quoted us over $5000 for a 1.75kw system - way over priced.
2. Based on the good experience of some friends had with the company and their longevity in the sector it made us feel comfortable that we were going to be looked after.

However, we would have been just as happy to go with Mark Group or Solahart Newcastle. Their customer service was brilliant, they were very knowledgable and I was able to ask many questions that made me feel like I would be looked after. But they were both much more expensive by at least $1500.
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They were very professional (quoting and installation) did what they said they would do in the time frame they indicated and even managed to get the system on the grid in less than a week after installation. Show additional information
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One of the companies Adtecheco was nearly 3 times the price of All Green but we went with Solar Newcastle because they had 25 yrs. warranty compared to only 5 yrs with All Green although they were abit more expensive but still half the price of Adtecheco.

Thanks for your help.
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Panels installed but waiting 5 weeks for metering due to installer sickness. Show additional information
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Everything has gone to promised plan. Still waiting for Energy Australia to install meter and connect but has only been 2 weeks as yet. Really only considered those companies that visited our house to quote and answer our many questions as to the quality of their system and to advise which was right system for us. Unfortunately most companies quote via Google Earth and little other information. Show additional information
The Mark Group was very good, just not competitive enough in price. I also wanted someone who was willing to come to the house rather than just quote based on a Google Earth search.

It gets very confusing when all companies are saying they use A grade panels, have the same warranties etc, but say that their panels are the best.

So in the end my mother and I were both purchasing so after narrowing down inverter size, brand and warranty, along with A grade panels we chose the company willing to to give the best discount to us.
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I was on site when system installed, both teams (mechanical and electrical) answered all my questions. They arrived on time all done and finished in approx 3 hrs. I was shown how to read the displays. Meters arrived on time and system completed within 1 hour. Show additional information
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The supplier I went with was willing to come to the house and quote and explain things. Show additional information
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Very professional group that followed up their quotes to ensure we made the rebate cut-off for NSW. One of the few companies that has an experienced and qualified solar systems designer. VERY professional and efficient installation. As a technician myself, I was suitably impressed by the quality of the workmanship throughout. Their systems are not the cheapest on the market, but they are definitely of high quality and are backed up by warranties.

I have recommended Solar Newcastle to friends and neighbours and will do so in the future.
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Appreciated the information you supplied. I learnt a ot and was able to ask questions I needed of the salesman. Chose to use a local newcastle company and had personal recommendations from friends who used the company. Show additional information
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Local company using local installers. Show additional information
The quotes I received were from Central Coast firms. As I wanted to speak to people face to face, I decided to get more quotes from local firms. I was able to get the local people to advise me as to how many panels would fit on my roof. There was some disagreement when just using Google Earth or a similar site from the office only. Show additional information
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The installers arrived on mass and were on the roof, in the roof and at the switchboard busy doing their tasks and all was finished in surprisingly short time. Now waiting on the Gross meter to be installed so until then I have expensive panels doing nothing on my roof. The installation was very neat and instructions on monitoring the inverter clear and easy to follow. The inverter is capable of handling 3KW so room to add extra panels if I want to later. Show additional information
Quick and thorough installation Now i got to see the results Show additional information
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They notified me immediatly when the government cancelled the buy back price, and did everything necesary to be locked in by the dead line which was that night. Show additional information
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The choice was largely determined by recommendations of others in the area who have had panels installed. A very good free onsite inspection and appraisal of our needs was also very helpful. Show additional information
I apologise for not contacting before, but in the middle of renovations and forgot. I was very happy with the installers who contacted me from your list - superior solar, ecosmart and smart power technologies. All were reliable and quoted within the week of me phoning and arranging for a quote. All the salesmen were very professional except for the one from Smart Power who was a little pushy, but otherwise ok. All three salesmen were very good in the fact that they spent time explaining the system and were happy to answer all our questioin.
We decided to go with solar Newcastle as they were much cheaper than the other three and we were very happy with aspects of the service.
I wish to thank you for your service and the hints and ideas that you sent after we made initial contact with you. I would prefer that you did not use my name and state. thank you once again and I am very sorry for not responding before this.
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The system has not been installed yet. I have only just made the commitment to purchase.
Installation due 3rd November. Hook up about six weeks after I am told.
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They explain things so you can understand how it all works.
Have also seen there work & they do a very good job.
Turn up on time as they have just installed a 3kw system for our
best friends.
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As stated previously; the biggest problem was to get companies to physically sight the property before quoting and as some were interstate this was not possible. We ended up with Solar Newcastle because they visited, explained the system thoroughly and anly required payment of the net amount after rebates. The installation team were excellent also. Show additional information
Other suppliers either wanted to install sight unseen, or
someone just dropped in when they were in the neighborhood.

We have a shading problem but 2 suppliers (who did not offer thin film cells) had monocrystalline panels that they assured us were not affected by shading. However my reading of the literature did not support this assertion.
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these people seem to want to give their customers genuine advise on solar power whether it is to their advantage or not,which gives you confidence to deal with them. Show additional information
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Very ethical company; no payment at all up front - only pay in full on the day of installation; no contract of any sort.

Separately, your website was VERY helpful in providing background, knowing what to ask the providers (what to look out for), and becoming confidant in dealing with them. We have recommended your website to others. THANKYOU
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Good so far however hasn't been installed as yet Show additional information
Installation in 3 weeks Show additional information
After initially quoting for equipment they didn't have,then over-quoting the second time,then being unable to give me a date to finalise the job,I am now generating power.
The installation itself was done to a very high standard(an outside electrician's opinion) but staff at their showroom seem poorly trained even regarding simple queries and installation details.
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estimated payback time 5years
its efficiently reduced during winter months especially during rain periods
as temperature increases above say 22 decrease in generation
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Company was efficient, professional, reliable, knowledgable and price competitive. Highly recommend A+ experience. Show additional information