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Briefly.....we had a system installed on the roof in the second half of 2011. Three panels were to be located to the east of our solar HWS, away from the Evaporative A/C, and the other six to the west of the solar HWS. The three panels were originally placed right next to the Evaporative A/C making access to it for maintenance difficult. This was after the consultant had assured us that in his plan he will detail that the panels would be positioned away from the A/C.
Also, after the installer had agreed to place the inverter and the isolating switches on a side wall of the house, it was placed on the front wall of our home next to a bedroom window! After calling Solar SA, no apologies were given. Just, "Its not the first time we have put an inverter where the householder did not want it!" I told Solar SA that we were not going to pay the balance of the cost until we were satisfied with the job. Eventually the installers, contacted us and arranged for these jobs to be done. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised that we received an apology for what had happened. I asked for the holes that would remain on the front wall to be filled and this was agreed to. I was also told that the plans from the consultant were found "somewhere in a filing cabinet at Solar SA", so the three panels were in the wrong location.
Well, the inverter was moved, but we had several holes and dynabolts left in our front wall. No repair was attempted. Early in the week the panels were moved to the location that they should have been placed.
In the course of working on the roof, one roof tile was broken in two (but sealed) and 11 other tiles were repaired by me as the edges and corners have been broken off. I did mention that the Monier roof tiles are quite brittle and to inform the installers to take care. I was advised "They are quite experienced and been on more roofs than I have!". Now I am aware that it is not difficult to break these tiles, but I would have expected them to make good the breakages.
Now to the repairs to the brickwork and mortar on the front wall. After Patrick had apparently told the guys to use grey and brown sealant (we have brown tiles and grey mortar). So guess what? They used red ochre sealant. It was smeared over the dynabolt holes and into the mortar space and looks simply awful.
I rang Patrick and he apologised (once again) for this. He said "It is as if they don't care" of his workers. He did seem more concerned that the cost of all of this to him is $80k per annum (not sure about this comment, maybe to employ these guys I guess), than the over $8k cost to us the customer.
I suggested to him that we have been patient through all of this and that I will repair/replace the red ochre. They had their chance.
Patrick told me that he will pay for the materials I will purchase to make good the repairs ("I am true to my word" he told me). Yes, we guess that initially when he said that they would fix everything that he was "true to his word" then as well. I only have a verbal agreement to this reimbursement. I will endeavour to get something via e-mail. Well e-mail confirmation was received.
I also went up on the roof again and repaired another seven broken corners and edges of tiles and replaced one completely split (but repaired with sealant) tile. Payment for $30 worth sealant I purchased was received after Christmas of 2011.
Solar SA have NEVER rung to apologise or to determine how the process was going. All we got was an invoice to pay. Even after we sent the feedback form to them with some of this information on it. This I believe is very poor treatment for the over $15k that they will eventually get for the system installed on our roof. The Solar SA glossy brochure says it has "highly trained solar energy installers".
I have recounted this tale to quite a number of friends and work colleagues. It is not a good advertisement for Solar SA. In the process of selecting a solar product we carefully considered four quotes from four different retailers. I would like to think that at the time we made the right decision especially when it was costing us $8k. I am sorry to admit we probably made a costly mistake.
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Very Professional and Responsive.
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It was rather protracted. First, I had to be around when the man came to deliver the panels etc., and they had to sit under cover on the deck until the day of installation a week later. Then I had to be around when the guys came to do the installation and then it rained so had to make another day to finish as they only managed to get the rails up on the first day and then I had to wait for over a week because so many people were trying to get their panels installed before the 30th June. Then because they came late in the day, by the time they were finished there wasn't enough light to show me how to read the inverter or the blue tooth. I am sure had it not been so close to the end of the second round of the rebates and the weather had not been so inclement then things would have run a little more smoothly. The other annoyance is that, there has been no follow up by Solar SA to see if I am satisfied with everything. The reason for choosing Solar SA was because they had the equipment that I wanted. Beyond that, it seems once I had signed up that their work was done and the rest was up to the contractors that did the installation. How hard is it to take five minutes to do a follow up phone call?
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