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Solarex Australia is a Solar Power Installation company based in Laverton North and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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They cannot be contacted NOW at all , I have also had the " 3 months of no paper work bit" now I find out consumer affairs have had to deal with them prior to me getting my system from them ( silly me for not checking prior!) , but wait there is more! the system was installed in 2013 , it is now 2017 , I have a 5 year warranty on my inverter, guess what ? Yes the inverter has a problem ( with a relay) , and nobody at Solarex will answer the phone. Stay away , stay well away from this mob.
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Same issue they are not contactable.I know there is complaint against them in consumer affairs.Inexperienced installer has damaged my roof and there is water leakage.
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As with other reviewers, we experienced interminable delays and had to change the location of the majority of panels to fit the roof, resulting in a drop in performance. Installers could not speak English; Company almost impossible to contact; failed to provide paperwork until I threatened going to Energy Safe Victoria (which I eventually did as the date for the supposed electrical inspection - which never happened - was weeks before the system was connected). Energy Safe Victoria have now inspected the system and installation, and have switched it off due to a list of concerns which need rectification. I now have to pay another electrician to come and rectify the work and have it inspected. (Naturally I wouldn\\\'t be in a rush to ask Solarex to rectify same). Guess you realise by now I wouldn\\\'t recommend them to anyone!!
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I went through Group Solar Buy.

Solarex installed the system in May last week. After that no info at all .

Called Group Solar Buy and Solarex many times.

Always says under processing and submitted paperwork to my energy company. But they didn't.

I am thinking of going to Consumer Affairs Victoria. I never recommend them to anybody. Terrible service and lot of headache.

I regret selecting this installer.
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I chose Solarex Australia based on the review of a friend of mine. Their experience was nothing but positive. The same cannot be said for my experience.

I accepted their quote in the last week of May 2012. On June 16th 2012 I messaged them Regarding installation and was told it'd be 2 weeks. Installation occurred in the middle of July. And now in the middle of August I have heard nothing further from them, even after leaving several messages on their answering machine and after contacting my energy retailer whom informed me they haven't received the required installation documentation confirming EWR and CES forms from the company I emailed them about the paperwork on August 9th and have heard nothing since.

This company's professionalism is questionable at best. They are ridiculously hard to contact. When you phone all it goes to is an answering machine where you leave a message. Nobody has contacted me since I emailed them back in June. The installers barely spoke English and since no paperwork has been completed i am not sure they were qualified to install the system.

My energy retailer informed me nothing can be done until they receive the paperwork which is almost impossible to do if the company doesn't hand it over, so they recommended I contact consumers affairs regarding my experience to see if they can manage to contact them. My fear is I am stuck with a solar system sitting on my roof that wont be operational for quite some time, if at all! So I wait.

This company would not be high on my recommended list. My recommendation is look elsewhere.
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Don't deal with Group Solar Buy - EVER! They say whatever you want to hear, but have no control over Solarex (their sub-contractor) at all, and as such, are powerless to resolve any issues.

After inspection by the salesman, we were told we didn't need a new switchboard - we did! (But hadn't budgeted for it). 50% of the panels which were to be installed on the northern roof wouldn't fit (despite assurances they would), and had to be located on the western roof, resulting in reduced efficiency.

As for Solarex: almost 3 months of stress, with the first choice of panel we had contracted for not being available, interminable delays and haggling, and the certificates have just arrived by email, but only after lodging a complaint with Energy Safe Victoria.

Installation of the Solar system was OK, but installation of the new switchboard (arranged by Solarex) appears to be very sloppy. Given that the installers arrived at 4.45 on a mid-winter evening in Melbourne to carry out the work and only had a torch on the end of a power drill, probably didn't help!
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I signed with Group Solar Buy in Vic as they promised a good system for a good price and guaranteed install in 3 weeks. They called me every day till I signed.

It has now been 6 weeks and still waiting for my install. They never call and keep making excuses. At this point I would warn people not to trust them and go with another installer. If they didn't have my deposit and the subsidy hadn't decreased I would sack them in an instant.
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Very honest, realistic, and knowledgable staff.
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The guys that did my solar where super fast, Group buys solar where agents for Solarex Australia they used another company to install the system and the installers only took 4 hours, great guys.

After seeing other systems and how other people where totally ripped off. Some paid twice the value of what I recieved. I was all so going to install solar hot water but was advised not to as it was wiser to stick that cost into extra panels. I am glad I did.

I looked up solar panel forums on internet and found what I was receiving was of a resonable standard and it turn out to be a good buy.

The installers also told me what company to access my grid power from as some are still paying as high as 68 cents/kwh.
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BEWARE EXTRA HIDDEN COSTS. Company who installed the Solar System kept adding extra charges so what initially sounded like a very good deal ended up costing more. Subcontractors who did the installation wanted cash in hand to pay for electrical board upgrade which was an additional expense not known to be involved when we paid our deposit and also demanded cash for 'down time ' due to rain! Group Solar Buy were very helpful but they were not the suppliers, Solarex Australia were and added on 10% for credit card payment without declaring this in advance. Altogether we felt a bit ripped off. As to quality of the products time will tell if they work well and last the distance or not.
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