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Solflow Pty Ltd, trading as Darwin Solar NT is a Solar Power Installation company based in Darwin and serves NT. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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Expensive waste of money. Ongoing problems with system - solar panels not working for 18 months and pool pump continually stopping. No instructions, no follow up service and no response to phone calls or emails.

Supplier Reply:

Dear customer, the system has always been operating according to specifications, and when checked by ourselves and independently by Hi tech pools everything was found to be working.

You were also supplied with performance charts that verified the solar production.

Even though we have found no faults with our products - in good faith we replaced the Pool Pump (WHICH WAS OUT OF WARRANTY) and had the bearings burnt out - (indicating a possible sign of running whilst dry) and we have offered to replace and upgrade the controller (EVEN THOUGH THE EXISTING ONE WORKED).

We have come out on numerous service calls for NO CHARGE and fail to see what else we can do to rectify a problem that when a qualified technician inspects is non existent AND THIS WAS INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED.

There are always situations outside of our control and which the products cannot be held responsible for - if settings are altered (there were indications of this) or pumps run whilst dry etc. You are the only customer that has all these problems, I would like you to consider the numerous issues with your pool maintenance that could have contributed or in fact caused many of the problems. When Hi-tech serviced the pool they needed to repair a leaking sand filter and replaced a faulty chlorinator. Also of concern was that water was seen below the skimmer box and the pool pump may have been run whilst dry. AGAIN IN GOOD FAITH WE REPLACED THE POOL PUMP EVEN THOUGH IT WAS OUT OF WARRANTY.

We have CHARGED NOTHING for all the equipment and service time and yet you now reject the offer of a replacement controller because you refuse to agree to the reasonable terms of only having a trained technician adjust the settings and refuse to accept a call out. I fail to see what else any reasonable business would be expected to do? I hope any reader of this review is not concerned to contacts us directly and may feel confident that we will always work in a professional and respectful manner with the highest standard of service.
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