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SunPower is a Solar Power Installation company based in Belmont and serves WA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Good looking panels with stable production of electricity to cut my bills.
Panel rating: 5/5
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My system was installed very quickly once I had accepted the quote.

My system is not working properly as Ergons equipment such as outdated transformer is stopping it from transmitting the generated power it produces through the best part of the day back to the grid.

Sunpower electrical has contacted Ergon to update their equipment so that my generated power can be sold back to the grid, but it is slow to get them to do the required work. Even with this problem, my system has still managed to produce about an average of 8 to 10 kWs of power each day. To date, it has produced over 225kws of power in the shaded part of the morning and afternoon in the past few weeks.
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Very obliging operator with local knowledge.
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Their initial mistake from the office, not supplying tilt brackets, cost me two weeks of solar income.
This mistake then led to further errors, such as installing the panels facing west.
Now, the bracket are too far down the back of the panels meaning a strong wind will get under them and crack the glass. Still waiting for a reply on that one.
Not much communication from their end either, although they have offered me $ 50, which goes some of the way to covering the couple of hundred I am now out of pocket.
Their team, Connect Services, was good though. They knew their stuff.
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Company responded quickly with pics of their product and inspection on one of their installation.

Installers were qualified electricians with good communication skills. The 2 trade persons involved are the only people I have met that put a soft material between their ladder and the guttering whilst working on the roof....good PR eh.

The installation on completion looked first class.
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Sun Power is small but highly professional and very knowledgeable about solar power. An excellent company for anyone on the NSW Southern Tablelands to do business with.
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