Studer Innotec SA solar inverters reviews

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About Studer Innotec SA, Solar Inverters

Studer Innotec SA solar inverters review

Studer Innotec SA is a Swiss solar manufacturer established in 1987 and, since its beginnings; it has developed products and solutions geared toward the conversion of solar energy.

Today, Studer Innotec relies on a network of tens of partners around the world, even though its main offices and production plants are all based in Switzerland. This means that local Australian customers will have to contact the European staff, should they incur a problem or need some clarification about their products.

Being a completely vertically integrated company and thanks to a pretty large range of products, Studer is able to supply its customers in the nautical, solar, telecommunications and mobile markets with the most appropriate energy solutions for their needs.

Customers can choose among several different products, including the inverters in the AJ, SI and Xtender series. This last one, in particular, can be used for several applications thanks to the fact that it combines different functions (for example battery charger and solar inverter) in just one tool.

If you want to learn more about Studer Innotec’s line-up of solar products, make sure you have a look at the photovoltaic products listed on this page to find the ones that best match your requirements and needs.

Plus, if you got one of their inverters, and you would like to share your experience with us, you are more than welcome to do so.

Studer Innotec SA Solar Inverter Reviews

Studer Innotec SA has 29 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
AJ 1000-121680093.00
AJ 1300-2432100094.00
AJ 2100-1216200092.00
AJ 2400-2432200094.00
AJ 275-121620093.00
AJ 350-243230094.00
AJ 400-486430094.00
AJ 500-121640093.00
AJ 600-243250094.00
AJ 700-486450094.00
C 1600-1216130094.00
C 2600-2432230095.00
C 4000-4864350095.00
XPC 1400-1216110094.00
XPC 2200-2432160095.00
XPC 2200-4864160095.00
XTH 3000-1217 250093.00
XTH 5000-2434450094.00
XTH 6000-4868500096.00
XTH 8000-4868700096.00
XTM 1500-1217150093.00
XTM 2000-1217200093.00
XTM 2400-2434200094.00
XTM 2600-4868200096.00
XTM 3500-2434300094.00
XTM 4000-4868350096.00
XTS 1200-243465093.00
XTS 1400-486875093.00
XTS 900-121750093.00
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