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Zhejiang KRIPAL Electric solar inverter reviews

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Zhejiang KRIPAL Electric solar inverter reviews

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Zhejiang Kripal Electric Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company established in 1987 specialized in the production of AC contactors, circuit breakers, rotary switches, thermal overload relays, industrial plug sockets, float switches, weather protected switchgears, and of course solar inverters.

The company, nowadays, employs a work force of about 600 people and has an annual turnaround of almost 50 million dollars. Kripal has a pretty well established network of distributors around the world, but all offices, plants and warehouses are based in China.

Every Kripal’s product is CE, CCC, VDE, UL, TUV, KEMA, Semko and SAA certified meaning that they can be safely sold and installed pretty much all over the world.

Their range of products features mostly off-grid inverters in the KSG series and, depending on your requirements, you can choose among different solutions suitable for residential or commercial environments.

If you want to know a bit more about Kripal Electric’s line-up of solar solutions, make sure you browse the inverters listed on this page to find the ones that best fit your needs and requirements.

And if you bought one of their inverters in the past, don’t forget to leave a comment to share your experience with us.

Zhejiang KRIPAL Electric has 19 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
KMO-150W120 V150 W85.00
KMO-300W120 V300 W85.00
KMO-500W240 V500 W85.00
KMO-600W240 V600 W85.00
KSG-100KT-TV400 V100 kW96.90
KSG-10KT-NW900 V10000 W98.10
KSG-12KT-NW900 V12000 W98.10
KSG-15KT-NW900 V15000 W98.20
KSG-17KT-NW900 V17000 W98.20
KSG-1K5-TW450 V50 W94.00
KSG-1K7-NW500 V1500 W96.80
KSG-2K3-NW500 V2000 W96.90
KSG-2K5-TW450 V50 W94.60
KSG-30KT-TV880 V30 kW95.60
KSG-3K-NW500 V2600 W97.00
KSG-3K6-NW550 V3400 W97.60
KSG-4K6-NW550 V4400 W97.60
KSG-50KT-TV 400 V50 kW96.60
KSG-5K2-NW550 V5000 W97.60