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AxunTek Solar Energy solar panels review

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AxunTek Solar Energy solar panels review

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AxunTek was established in 2007 by Toby Lee and his fellow pioneer partners, with the aim of developing the CIGS solar panels technology that was first introduced in the 80's.

CIGS panels proved to be more competitive and cost effective than both amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon panels, displaying at the same time the shortest energy payback time among all PV solutions.

Today, one of the key elements in the AxunTek’s production line is that every technology has been developed in-house; for this reason, AxunTek is the only company in China to develop and produce its own CIGS solar systems and to have several patent in the U.S, in Europe and in China being also on the way of joining the ranks of global leaders in Japan and Germany.

CIGS solar systems can be used in all situations, from rooftop to power plants with the advantage of being esthetically more pleasing than their silicon counterparts thanks to their transparent look.

Additionally, CIGS can also be used to produce flexible solar panels and modules, making them the future best choice also for personal use as well as for a variety of other applications including street lightning, solar water heating and so on.

If you want to know more about their products, make sure to browse the products listed below and don't forget to read the reviews to see what other customers think about AxunTek's solar panels.

AxunTek Solar Energy has 2 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
AA963450175 (CIGS cells)Thin Film756789.20Yes
AA963450180 (CIGS cells)Thin Film807289.38Yes