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First Solar solar panels review

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First Solar solar panels review

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First Solar was founded in Arizona in 1999, but the commercialization of their solar panels began three years later. In the following years, First Solar shifted part of the photovoltaic manufacturing process to its plants in Ohio and Germany, also starting new production lines in Malaysia. In 2009, the company acquired OptiSolar’s PV systems projects, a California-based company active in the construction of solar power plants. This operation was followed in 2010, by the acquisition of NextLight Renewable Power. Again in 2010, First Solar created Utility Systems Business Group, engaged primarily in the development of utility scale solar projects.

First Solar’s Australian headquarter is located in Sydney, but the company operates worldwide thanks to a broad sales and production network and thanks to important partnerships with companies such as Gehrlicher Solar AG, COLEXON Energy AG, Phoenix Solar AG, Conergy AG, Juwi Solar GmbH and Sorgenia AS Solar.

First Solar took part to the creation of several important projects by providing modules and solar panels, for example, the construction of the ex- military base of Lieberose near Cottbus, the Bentegodi stadium in Verona, Italy, the Ordos City project in Mongolia and the largest plant in the world based in Ontario. The company’s production lines are mostly based in the United States and are specialized in the manufacturing of thin film photovoltaic modules, ranging from 60 to 92.5 Wp.

If you would like to find out more about First Solar, you can read our clients reviews of their solar panels, you can browse the list of their photovoltaic solutions below.

First Solar has 21 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
FS-270Thin Film706796.00Yes
FS-272Thin Film737096.28Yes
FS-275Thin Film757296.27Yes
FS-277Thin Film787596.26Yes
FS-280Thin Film807796.13Yes
FS-367Thin Film686494.81Yes
FS-370Thin Film706694.86Yes
FS-372Thin Film736994.90Yes
FS-375Thin Film757194.93Yes
FS-377Thin Film777394.94Yes
FS-380Thin Film807695.00Yes
FS-382Thin Film837895.03Yes
FS-385Thin Film858195.06Yes
FS-387Thin Film888395.31Yes
FS-387-PlusThin Film888395.31Yes
FS-390Thin Film908695.33Yes
FS-390-PlusThin Film908695.33Yes
FS-392Thin Film938995.68Yes
FS-392-PlusThin Film938995.68Yes
FS-395Thin Film959195.68Yes
FS-395-PlusThin Film959195.68Yes
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