Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E solar panels reviews

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About Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E, Solar Panels

Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E solar panels review

Sainty Solar is one of the main components of Sainty International, established in 1974, and in 2010 it was merged with Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Ltd.

The company specializes in the manufacture of portable PV panel units, streetlights and lanterns; the main production plants are located in China, and the company has commercial branches in Europe and America but, at least for the moment, not in Australia. Sainty Solar has developed projects for both commercial and residential markets as well as for utility-scale applications in about 30 countries worldwide.

If you want to find out more about Sainty Solar’s line up of products, make sure you read the reviews here below from customers who previously bought their photovoltaic products, or explore the PV systems listed below to find the ones that best meet your needs and requirements.

Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E Solar Panel Reviews

Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E has 56 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
GES-5M170 (72 cells)Monocrystalline17015390.00Yes
GES-5M175 (72 cells)Monocrystalline17515890.29Yes
GES-5M180 (72 cells)Monocrystalline18016390.56Yes
GES-5M185 (72 cells)Monocrystalline18516790.27Yes
GES-5M190 (72 cells)Monocrystalline19017290.53Yes
GES-5M195 (72 cells)Monocrystalline19517690.26Yes
GES-6M205 (54 cells)Monocrystalline20518590.24Yes
GES-6M210 (54 cells)Monocrystalline21018990.00Yes
GES-6M220 (54 cells)Monocrystalline22019890.00Yes
GES-6M225 (54 cells)Monocrystalline22520289.78Yes
GES-6M230 (54 cells)Monocrystalline23020790.00Yes
GES-6M235 (60 cells)Monocrystalline23521290.21Yes
GES-6M240 (60 cells)Monocrystalline24021690.00Yes
GES-6M245 (60 cells)Monocrystalline24522290.61Yes
GES-6M250 (60 cells)Monocrystalline25022790.80Yes
GES-6M255 (60 cells)Monocrystalline25523190.59Yes
GES-6M260 (60 cells)Monocrystalline26023590.38Yes
GES-6M265 (60 cells)Monocrystalline26523990.19Yes
GES-6M270 (72 cells)Monocrystalline27024390.00Yes
GES-6M275 (72 cells)Monocrystalline27524890.18Yes
GES-6M280 (72 cells)Monocrystalline28025490.71Yes
GES-6M285 (72 cells)Monocrystalline28525890.53Yes
GES-6M290 (72 cells)Monocrystalline29026390.69Yes
GES-6M295 (72 cells)Monocrystalline29526890.85Yes
GES-6M300 (72 cells)Monocrystalline30027290.67Yes
GES-6M305 (72 cells)Monocrystalline30527790.82Yes
GES-6M310 (72 cells)Monocrystalline31028190.65Yes
GES-6M315 (72 cells)Monocrystalline31528690.79Yes
GES-6P225 (60 cells)Polycrystalline22520390.22Yes
GES-6P230 (60 cells)Polycrystalline23020890.43Yes
GES-6P235 (60 cells)Polycrystalline23521390.64Yes
GES-6P240 (60 cells)Polycrystalline24021790.42Yes
GES-6P245 (60 cells)Polycrystalline24522290.61Yes
GES-6P250 (60 cells)Polycrystalline25022790.80Yes
GES-6P255 (72 cells)Polycrystalline25523190.59Yes
GES-6P260 (72 cells)Polycrystalline26023690.77Yes
GES-6P265 (72 cells)Polycrystalline26524090.57Yes
GES-6P270 (72 cells)Polycrystalline27024490.37Yes
GES-6P275 (72 cells)Polycrystalline27524990.55Yes
GES-6P280 (72 cells)Polycrystalline28025490.71Yes
GES-6P285 (72 cells)Polycrystalline28525890.53Yes
GES-6P290 (72 cells)Polycrystalline29026390.69Yes
GES-6P295 (72 cells)Polycrystalline29526890.85Yes
GES-6P300 (72 cells)Polycrystalline30027290.67Yes
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