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About Perfect Source Technology, Solar Panels

Perfect Source Technology solar panels review

Perfect Source is a solar company that was established in the late 90’s in Taipei, where the main offices and production plants are also located.

However, part of the production process takes place in Germany, thanks to Solarnova, one of the most renowned European solar manufacturers. The company operates in a fully vertically integrated system, allowing them to manage every phase of the production cycle, from the design to the actual manufacturing stage, from the marketing to the installation phase.

Perfect Source specializes in the design and development of several high-power (from 200 to 250Wp) monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels that are suitable for a variety of applications including rooftop power generation, remote location power generation, street solar lamp posts, and many more.

Every PST product is TUV Class A standard (+/- 3%), ISO 9001 14001 and UL 1703 compliant and the company itself is ISO 9000-2000 certified.

If you want to find out more about Perfect Source’s line-up of products, read the reviews here below from customers who bought their PV panels in the past, or take a look at the solar products listed on this page to find the ones that best meet your needs and requirements.

Perfect Source Technology Solar Panel Reviews

Perfect Source Technology has 37 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
PST 170 3GP48Polycrystalline17015188.82Yes
PST 176 3GP48Polycrystalline17615789.20Yes
PST 182 3GM48Monocrystalline18216289.01Yes
PST 182 3GP48Monocrystalline18216289.01Yes
PST 188 3GM48Monocrystalline18816788.83Yes
PST 188 3GP48Monocrystalline18816788.83Yes
PST 194 3GM48Monocrystalline19417389.18Yes
PST 194 3GP48Monocrystalline19417389.18Yes
PST 194 3GP54Polycrystalline19417389.18Yes
PST 200 3GM48Monocrystalline20017889.00Yes
PST 200 3GM54Polycrystalline20017889.00Yes
PST 200 3GP48Monocrystalline20017889.00Yes
PST 200 3GP54Polycrystalline20017889.00Yes
PST 206 3GM48Monocrystalline20618489.32Yes
PST 206 3GM54Monocrystalline20618388.83Yes
PST 206 3GP54Monocrystalline20618388.83Yes
PST 212 3GM48Monocrystalline21218989.15Yes
PST 212 3GM54Monocrystalline21218989.15Yes
PST 212 3GP54Monocrystalline21218989.15Yes
PST 218 3GM54Monocrystalline21819488.99Yes
PST 218 3GM60Polycrystalline21819488.99Yes
PST 218 3GP54Monocrystalline21819488.99Yes
PST 218 3GP60Polycrystalline21819488.99Yes
PST 224 3GM54Monocrystalline22420089.29Yes
PST 224 3GM60Monocrystalline22419988.84Yes
PST 224 3GP60Monocrystalline22419988.84Yes
PST 230 3GM54Monocrystalline23020589.13Yes
PST 230 3GM60Monocrystalline23020589.13Yes
PST 230 3GP60Monocrystalline23020589.13Yes
PST 236 3GM54Monocrystalline23621189.41Yes
PST 236 3GM60Monocrystalline23621088.98Yes
PST 236 3GP60Monocrystalline23621088.98Yes
PST 242 3GM60Monocrystalline24221689.26Yes
PST 242 3GP60Monocrystalline24221689.26Yes
PST 248 3GM60Monocrystalline24822189.11Yes
PST 248 3GP60Monocrystalline24822189.11Yes
PST 254 3GM60Monocrystalline25422789.37Yes
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