Renogy LLC solar panels review

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Renogy LLC solar panels review

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Renogy is an American manufacturer based in California with offices and warehouses in New York, Long Beach, Chino and Baton Rouge. The company, which started out as a small enterprise among Louisiana University students, consists now of three different branches: biomass, LED technology and, of course, solar.

Renogy is a vertically integrated company, specializing in the production of solar inverters as well as mono and polycrystalline solar panels with a power ranging between 50 and 320 WP, making them suitable for different uses including residential and commercial applications.

Also, Renogy’s line-up of solar solutions includes smaller PV products that are designed to be used outdoors such as solar phone chargers, solar flashlights and smaller solar panels and kits especially developed for boats and RVs.

Overall, the production lines are able to supply around 500 MW of photovoltaic products, all of which are ISO, IEC, TUV and ETL certified.

As of today, the company does not have offices or marketing branches in Australia yet; however, if you want to find out more about Renogy’s range of products, you can browse the reviews here below from customers who bought their solar panels in the past, or you can have a look at the photovoltaic products listed on this page to find the ones that best match your requirements and needs

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