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Shenzhen Zhong Jing Solar solar panels review

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Shenzhen Zhong Jing Solar solar panels review

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Solarfennel is a Chinese solar manufacturer established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Shenzhen Zhong Jing Solar Co. Ltd. Solarfennel’s development and production lines are able to design and supply mono and polycrystalline solar panels for both commercial and residential markets with a power ranging from 3W up to 295W.

Even though Solarfennel is Chinese-owned, the production plants are located in Europe (Germany) and have an overall yearly capacity of 100 MW. The company’s headquarters are located in China but they don’t have any international marketing or sales branch abroad, meaning that Australian customers will need to refer directly to the main Chinese offices should they need any assistance with their solar panels.

The company itself is ISO9001:2008 certified, and its production process is CSA, UL1703, and CEC compliant meaning that their PV systems meet all the requirements needed to be marketed all around the world.

If you want to know more about Solarfennel’s series of PV products, make sure you read the reviews here below from customers who bought their solar panels in the past or take a look at the solar systems listed on this page to find the ones that best meet your requirements and needs

Shenzhen Zhong Jing Solar has 13 solar panels in our database

Model Type Size PTC Performance Ratio Californian Approved
M9X-250 (96 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25022991.40Yes
M9X-255 (96 Mono cells)Monocrystalline25523391.45Yes
M9X-260 (96 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26023891.46Yes
M9X-265 (96 Mono cells)Monocrystalline26524391.51Yes
P6Y-230 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23020689.57Yes
P6Y-235 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline23521189.62Yes
P6Y-240 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline24021589.67Yes
P6Y-245 (60 Poly cells)Polycrystalline24522089.71Yes
P7Y-270 (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline27024289.52Yes
P7Y-275 (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline27524689.56Yes
P7Y-280 (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline28025189.61Yes
P7Y-285 (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline28525689.65Yes
P7Y-290 (72 Poly cells)Polycrystalline29026089.69Yes
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