Richard Chirgwin


Richard Chirgwin

Richard's a journalist with more than 30 years' experience covering a wide range of technology topics, including electronics, telecommunications, computing and science.

Richard’s early career saw him managing touring equipment after a brief stint at Telstra in the mid-80s. His pivot to journalism in 1987 with Electronics News marked the onset of a deep-dive into the telecom and IT sectors through subsequent editorial roles in industry magazines. His inquisitive nature led to a collaborative feature on quantum computing in 2001, showcasing his foresight in emerging tech trends.

In 2009, Richard ventured into eco-entrepreneurship with his wife by acquiring Bunjaree Eco Resort in the NSW Blue Mountains. The off-grid resort, powered by solar energy, marked his initial foray into the solar sector, blending seamlessly with his tech-savvy background.

He joined SolarQuotes in 2019, blending his interest in solar and renewables with his extensive tech and journalism background. His insightful articles, particularly around the crossover between solar technology and information security, have since become a cornerstone of the SolarQuotes blog.

Richard’s voracious reading habit fuels his quest for the next enlightening topic to share with our audience.


TAFE - Electronics and Communications certificate

Published works (outside of SolarQuotes)
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