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Avant Solar is a solar energy company based in Perth, WA. The company says that it is an accredited installer of LG solar systems and also uses Sunpower, Q.CELLS, Fronius, Serengeli, Kaio and Selectronic components. They also say that they have finance packages available to suit customers’ needs.

Customer testimonials for Avant Solar are available, and include the following:

“ I sincerely appreciate your honesty, integrity and professionalism demonstrated through the process of installing our solar system unit.”

“ The guy who came to quote for the system actually got up onto the roof to inspect the site. The others didn’t; they just went on satellite photos. He also designed the system, and actually listened to us rather than ‘sold’ the product to us. We never felt pressured to buy at all. The system was also a lot more expensive than the other quotes, but we are actually getting what we want, rather than what the other sales people wanted to sell us.”

Three customers who reviewed the company rated them highly for value for money, system quality and customer service; and fairly high for installation.

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Avant responded very efficiently to my enquirer and were able to liaise expertly with my builder. Other solar agents were not as receptive.
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I didn't get my original system from Avant, but bought a replacement (upgraded) inverter from them.
At the time it was the best price and the service was great, they installed it promptly and professionally.
All good for a few years then the inverter malfunctioned and would not operate anymore, It had a 10 year guarantee, but I was not hopeful after having issues with a previous company.
Shannon (The Office Manager) returned my enquiry straight away, forwarded me the manufacturer contact - wasn't the quickest at handling claims and helped to expedite the process.
Every question put through to Shannon was answered politely, informatively and accurately and updates on the claim process were consistent throughout.
Avant changed out the inverter, reset the settings and again did a professional job doing so (Thanks to Ian the sparky) and it did not cost me a cent, no arguments, no fuss.
I now consider myself to be a loyal customer and Avant will definitely be the first people i would call for any upgrades or need to recommend to friends.
Thanks for your help Shannon, it's refreshing to deal with courteous professionals.
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Would not recommend. No independent design and no site visit as promised. Panels would not fit on the roof where suggested. Panels placed in the shade of the chimney. Four attempts at installation. Originally the output was not near their estimated output. Initially not correctly labelled and incorrect wiring diagram supplied. Wiring not connected correctly resulting in arcing, melted wiring insulation and overheating of the inverter. After it was made 'safe' had burning on one circuit board. Lengthy delays in repairs. Communicating with them difficult. After 18 months I took my complaint to Consumer Protection. Some panels have now been relocated. Avant have supplied extra panels and a data logger free of charge to resolve the problems I have had. System should have been good with proper design and correct installation. I have been told the installers have now been changed. Disappointing to have to go to Consumer Protection to have the issues resolved in a reasonable time frame.
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Some of the people did not even do a site inspection but still quoted
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From an engineering perspective this style of system helped with our potential shading issues.
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Finn, the Solar Quote web page, on-line tutorials, videos, seven daily tips and checklist were most helpful and informative, thank you. I have recommended this to others as the place to go.
I have a number of small north facing roof areas, and wanted an installation that was aesthetically pleasing and eventually opted for a cantilevered combination awning and solar panel structure for up to 12 panels. This was not part of quotes and was installed separately.
Three companies were requested to quote by Solar Quotes. Silic Energy quoted within 1 day, Renewable Logic WA within 10 days, but I never heard from Sonnen Power WA. I had also arranged earlier quotes from Avant Solar and SolarGain, they took 14 days, but cancelled the latter when committed to Avant Solar.
The Solar Quote checklist was most helpful in a comparison of the three eventual contractors.
Silic Energy provided a simple desk top (pre-prepared) 3 product option LIST for a 4KW system, (4KW JFY Tech with 17-230W EC Solar / 4.2 KW Effekta with 16-250W CSUNergy / 4.2KW Aurora with 16-250W Perlight) minimal check of capacity, the site, and my needs. While the representative was willing to answer questions, it was a sales pitch. The documentation was largely unhelpful, the contract was referenced but not included. Price not fixed, STC's not mentioned, no connection to provider, 25% deposit. Little other info provided.
Renewable Logic WA provided an incomplete 3 product option for a 3-5KW system, (3KW Growatt with 12-255 QCells / 4.34KW 2* Inverter? with 17panels? / 5KW 3* Inverter? with 20panels?) with minimal check of capacity, the site, and my needs. While the representative was willing to answer questions, it was a sales pitch. The documentation was OK, but the contract terms and conditions were a compete deterrent. No price guarantee, and extensive exclusion clauses, no mention of STC's other than T&C exclusion, installation vague, time to install indefinite, products and components brochure, fees and charges not included, and Buy Back all contained exclusions. Caveat emptor here.
Avant Solar WA provided a 15 product option for a 2-5KW system, (3KW SPR 350IF or Kaco 4202 or SMA SB3800 with 14-228W Serengeti or 14-235W QCells or 10-318W Sunpower respectively / 4KW SMA SB3800 or Kaco 6002 or Fronius IG60 with 18-228W Serengeti or 18-235W QCells or 14-318W Sunpower respectively / 5KW Fronius IG60 or Kaco 6002 or Fronius IG60 with 22-228W Serengeti or 22-245W QCells or 16-318W Sunpower respectively) with a check of site, capacity (day/night) and discussed and considered my needs. The representative (Jaimee Brizzell) was most helpful and knowledgeable. Recommended a promotional price 4.6KW Fronius IG60 with 10-318 Sunpower panels for my day time usage. Fixed price guarantee, STC's fixed at promotional price (higher than daily market price), installation by sub-contractors (good workmanship), arranged for grid connection paperwork. The contract was clear, concise and simple, they took full responsibility. Due to energy supplier regulations, 2 x Kaco 3002 Invertors were substituted for the 4.6KW Fronius IG60 at no additional cost. The Kaco's permit battery storage, an option I will consider in the near future, and considering the 7c buy-back is a worthwhile consideration. The system was installed over two wet days (Fri-Sat) this last week. Not only did I obtain a guaranteed $3,840 for the Renewable Energy Certificates, but obtained the WA Gov't Perth Solar City discount of $636 for the Sunpower Solar panel installation. Very pleased with choice.
*During the month of June, the last month for the present Federal rebate, the state energy supplier Synergy changed the rule and restricted installation of the Inverter in domestic situations to 3KW or less. The timeliness and lack of consultation by Synergy and Western Power is astounding and makes a mockery of their communication, purported flexibility, and support of renewable energy. This lack of foresight and adaptability along with subsidised energy price by all state governments has effectively disenfranchised and distorted the renewable energy market in Australia.
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We bought a sunpower system from AVANT. And we are very pleased with out savings on electricity already. We pay nothing and have gone into credit on all of our bills.
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The guy who came to quote for the system actually got up onto the roof to inspect the site. The others didn't they just went on satellite photos. He also designed the system and actually listened to us rather than 'sold' the product to us.We never felt pressured to buy at all. The system was also a bit more expensive than the other quotes but we are actually getting what we want rather than what the other sales people want to sell us.
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My experience with them wasn't bad, but far from perfect. I wouldn't glowingly endorse them but I wouldn't discourage people from using them either.
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