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About Beyond Building Energy, Solar Installers

Beyond Building Energy

Beyond Building Energy has its roots in Florida, USA, but was established in Australia in 2007. The company says that it was originally formed to build affordable energy efficient homes, but now it is also in the business of providing solar power solutions for established home owners. Beyond Building Energy says that it has made solar power affordable for all home owners. The company has offices in Tweed (NSW) and the Gold Coast and West Burleigh (Queensland).

The company also says that its installers are fully qualified and accredited; and they will complete the necessary paperwork at the completion of the installation. They say that their products and installation are covered by extensive warranties and they can offer finance terms including ‘no deposit’ deals. The company is a member of the Clean Energy Council.

Customer testimonials for Beyond Building Energy are available, and include the following:

“ The boys have finished the install today and I must commend them on their friendliness, courtesy, and most of importantly, professionalism. Phillip, Tim and the young fellow answered cheerfully the many questions I had, and I was impressed at the quality of their work. Being a fitter, I like attention to detail which they provided. Anyway, cheers for all you have done, and you have a great install team.”

“ Right from the start when we spoke to Bart (Hutchinson) at Westfield Chermisde, to when the solar panels were installed by a lovely young man, we were kept up to date by the company every step of the way, which we appreciated very much. Most businesses don’t provide this type of customer service any more. We will certainly be recommending your company, and we have done so already.”

Beyond Building Energy Solar Reviews

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1.5kw with 3kw inverter. Of 8 total quotes only 2 came in at $3000 or under which was the acceptable payback point I set. Information about system quality is not much better so price became the only significant driver of my choice. Show additional information
Appreciate your service; I got three quotes thank you. The chosen one is local and a friend has a solar system they have installed which he is very happy with. Their price was the best also.
It is too early for me to say too much until it is installed which won't be until December as they are so busy.
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They weren\'t very good on communications. I had to ring them constantly to find out how my application was progressing, who would be doing the installation, when the panels would be delivered. I even nominated for their \"We\'ll do it on a weekend to speed things up\", but they never acknowledged that.\r\n\r\nI have to give them top marks for service. The first inverter failed within a week, and the second about a month later. Both were replaced without any quibbling or cost (including labor!!). Seeing BBE had to organise a replacement, ship it from to South Australia, and get the Subbie to do the replacement in less than a week (both times) is very impressive. Show additional information
I got very good service from Beyond Building but have not had phone calls returned when I made enquires as to when the system will be commissionmed. The young men who installed the pannels were curtious and efficient and di their job in about 3 hours. They left me a card to get in touch with their firm. It was a Sydney frim working under contract for Beyoud Guilding. I rang again yesterday and was told that they would get back to me as to when the unit would be commissioned.I was told that the meter would cost $450 and I said OK to that. So Far I have paid less than $2000 as it was stated at the beginning. I am aware that everyone wants their job completed, but I would like to know if it is to be next week or into next month. Show additional information
Followed up my initial reqest for information quickly and then did a futher phone call which was good. Offered a larger inverter which i thought may be useful in the future. Time between deposit and installation was suggested to be about 12 weeks - i dont know how accurate this is. Offered a regular payment option which was useful. No word from them since initial deposit paid about 4 weeks ago. Salesman was pleasant and seemed informed. Show additional information
Signed up in March still waiting for installation. They will not give a firm date. Have sent emails to the salesperson whom I dealt with but he takes forever to reply. spoke to girl at reception who was most indignant about my questions. Show additional information
They didn't answer email queries. Show additional information
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I am very impressed with the neatness of the installation. The young guys were extremely polite and it refreshed my thoughts on the youth of today. I would thoroughly recommend this company without hesitation. Show additional information
Thank you for your help. The installers that you gave us did give us quotes. Show additional information
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Communication through email and phone, but they have done everything they said they far. Beat my best prior quote by 15% and upgraded the inverter from a 1.9 to a 3. Installation should take place in about 2-3 weeks. Show additional information
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Thank you for having this service, the more people you speak with the more information that you get and understand different peoples opinions, I don't like that some companies refer to some panels as cheep Chinese rubbish? would we only buy Euro products like TV's? some of the biggest manufacturing industries use parts or source whole products made in China or Taiwan, this is why we have Australian Standards, Why the Clean Energy Council approves the products that can be installed and why we have regulations for the installation.

What we do need is not just the information about panels but a clear guide for the industry on the process, this is the most confusing part, some companies say 3 weeks others 30 days but talking to a few people its more like 3 months from go to woooow.

It's a journey of understanding what our needs and wants are and to have a picture of why we are doing this, going solar is not just about the environment, its not just about the bills, and its not just about payback periods.
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I accepted special offer for good panels( dark kind) $1000 off total price $1995 - already had allocation to the fitters awaiting their installation date so consider it first rate service. Expect panels and inverter (2 kw) to be installed mid January. Pleasant and knowlegable agent. Show additional information
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We also have had a solar hotwater system installed by ECOSMART (J.M.B.Solar Solutions.) of Yamba
I would recommend this company to anybody looking for this type of system.
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Could not belive the difference is the costs for the same size system , off the different companys.
I ended up getting a 2kw system with free up grade to a 3kw inverter so later all in have to do is add some more pannels, how good is that.
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Beyond Building took 8 weeks before lodging Grid Connection Application and that was only because I checked to find where the installation was at.It appeared that the original had been lost in the system so without my prompting it would still not have happened even though I had paid upfront.This means my installation is at least 8 weeks behind. Show additional information
not enough feed back so far from the company as too the progress Show additional information
Just that these people, Beyond Building are very slow and offer a lot of wxcuses, however on follow up through other sources, I do understand their main problem has been the supply of onvertors from Austria owing to the demand from germany.

I do expect my installation will be completed now in approximately a fortnight.
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Ours is not fitted yot so very hard for me to say.....But the price was highly competetive and they have delivered on all agreed terms so far. Show additional information
i bought a number of systems for, one for each of my children as well. good prices $2000 for 1.5 kw but comparable prices for other systems. no add ons, roof kits etc, this was important in my choice of installers as was the warranty (30 yrs on panels, 7 on inverter). we now have to see if they can deliver on their promise. Show additional information
hi all ... we had fantastic service all our needs were met, the install was fast and all the information i needed was supplied. all paper work was handled by the suplier so no need for me to chase anything up. the system is working exteremly well, coupled with solar hot water and its good bye to the price rises expected. every one in australia should consider solar its the logical choice to save money and stick it to the power suppliers,, cheers Show additional information
I would not recommend Beyond Building Energy to anyone. In fact I would suggest that they never use this company. I had nothing but problems from the first moment I paid my deposit.

1. I initially signed up for a 1kw system with the $8000 government grant before the cut off mid June 2009. BBE had all my documents and details, but failed to lodge my application with the government before the grant change. They tried to feed me a line about on sight inspection of the premises required. This was a flat out lie as I had also lodged another application for my father at the same time who application had gone through with no inspection.

2. BBE upsold me a 1.5kw system for an extra $1000 as I had missed out on the original grant. The system cost was now a total $1995. In doing so said that I would be on the priority instal list. To be installed with 6-8 weeks of payment.

I waited 8 weeks and called them. They said they were very busy, well who isn't ! and would process my application ASAP. I waited another month. In the mean time their sales staff called me three times to try and up sell me to the 1.5kw system, a system I had already signed up for and paid in full.

3. After several calls to administration I got a hold of their manager and finally got my application processed. It's now September. Then I waited another month. Called back an the call centre said that I was on the list for inspectiion and that someone would contact me within 6-8 weeks. I later found out that the inspection was an office assistant looking at a google map, something which takes about 5 mins and a phone call.

4. I waited another 2 weeks called the manager again and he had the installation manager call me. It was only then did I think that I would get the system installed. Up until this point I thought the company was a scam and I had lost my money.

5. The installation manager gave me the installers phone number and I rang them to check if they had my order to install. Finally I had the installers (contactors), who were very professional come in and install in one day, late November.

6. Even after installation the adminstration team contacted me twice to arrange site inspection. The first time I told them that I had already had the system installed.

7. In April, 6 months after the installation I received my user manual from BBE. Not quite a timely response.

I beleive there are still people waiting that paid deposits back in June for their systems with BBE.

This was my experience !
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From the time we signed up to the time we had our pannels installed took a long time due to the Government reniging on the rebate program. We also were supposed to get a solar hot water system with the deal but that still has not shown up. Show additional information
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Deposit paid not yet installed

Did appreciate the lessons on energy saving measures. Thanks
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I have not installed it yet but the sales person and the their brochure was helpful, and because we live 15 minutes out of urban suburb, 3 other companies contacted by ph oe email said they would follow up but did not!
A relative has used this company to set her solar energy she was happy with their service.
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There has been a delay in installation due now in July Show additional information
After 15 weeks still not installed so cannot rate any of the above. Very disappointed to date with feedback. Show additional information
Installation has not been completed as yet. Show additional information
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