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Ecovation has been serving the solar power market since 2006 and hopes to encourage more people to switch to clean energy solutions. So far, it has been responsible for the installation of in excess of five megawatts of renewable energy to homeowners and businesses.

Each member of the Ecovation team has a passion for renewables and hopes to make a difference to people's lives through alternative energy.

The company is able to provide solar power solutions to community organisations, builders, commercial and industrial property owners - among others. Technology available includes solar PV and inverters.

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I have had nothing but drama's with this company. The sales man promised the earth but delivered nothing. The System is rubbish and does not even nearly meet our needs as promised (even after them viewing the previous 6 bills). DON"T BUY THROUGH THIS COMPANY
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I fully recommend this company. Service was outstanding and I was kept fully informed through the whole process.
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STAY away from Ecovation as they are just sales people and they can't wait to get hold of your deposit despite my requesting people come to show me exactly where the panels would be placed. This place is not suitable, and the panels they want to supply are NOT the best which is what I had asked for and they will not give me back my deposit.
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Installation was very professional and went according to plan in spite of the rainy day. Dewayne is very knowledgeable and did every thing he could to satisfy my solar energy needs with the budget I gave him. He answered all my questions and was very gracious about it all.

Would encourage any and all to talk to Dewayne at Ecovation before you make a final decision on your solar system.
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Original Review on 06-07-2011:


Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: N/A
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

15 months later we asked Frank: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"


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Installation was very quick - only 8 days after making my deposit.
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From the first time of speaking with this company I felt comfortable. They did not rave on about how good their product or company was or badmouth another company which I found did happen from the quotes I received from your website :) the system I bought was exactly the same as all three quotes I received from your company. I did receive 9 quotes from different companies in total.
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Happy with the experience so far. The best price I could find after a lot of research (influenced by the fact they could install before REC multiplier rebate drop) with components (panels and inverter) that I was happy with. Not installed yet so I can't comment on installation quality.

Sales person was straight forward with no lies or hyperbole.

They also did an emergency evacuated tube solar hot water system for us at short notice!
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Ecovasion have a web base monitoring system called ECOiQ which is a good way to see what your solar panels are producing, what's being exported to the grid each day and what power you are using.
Nice free extra feature for a 3kW system or above
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Our experience at the moment is nil, as we have only signed some papers and paid a deposit.
But I am disappointed that we have to wait so long before getting an installation carried out.
From choice I would not have chosen these people (Ecovation). but we have no choice, so that is the situation we are left with. Solar from them, or no solar at all.
Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Thanks for all your help in the past.
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