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EnergyPak are WA owned and operated Electrical contractors specializing in Solar Installation and design. Their focus is high quality but affordable systems using the latest micro technology.

Micro inverters replace one big inverter with a small inverter for every two panels. This typically increases the power yield of your system by 10-15% over a conventional setup, decreases impact of inverter breakdown and removes high DC voltages from your roof.

They are the WA agent for Power Tracker monitoring systems.

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I have verified good reviews at the Energypak company, but at the end of the day they just wanted to grab the money and they ended up with the company, getting customers with the problem on the shoulders and having to pay the costs out of their own pocket in products still under warranty (The supplier sends me the inverter and I have to pay from my pocket the replacement).
Is there any alternative by law to be the manufacturer paying for the installation of the products?
APS (the supplier) sent me an email saying that they do not have qualified personnel to install micro inverters in Australia, because they are the suppliers and not the installers.
I have been trying to solve this problem since 10/16/2017, which started with the replacement of the APS - ECU first, and after it started to work and it was detected that 4 inverters did not work, and now I am in the expectation of who does the replacement of inverters ?? .. I've contacted some companies, but maybe because it's not a big job and the product is not from them, including the installer from Energypak, saying that it is not in business !! ..
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Paul (proprietor EnergyPak) came and spoke to us at length about all the features and scenarios available. He was patient and understanding of our “need to know all the details and spent considerable time answering all our questions. At considerably less (about a third the cost of the previous company's quote) we were happy with the cost and felt confident about the company (EnergyPak). We decided on a 5+kW system with 23 x 250 watt panels and PowerTracker monitoring.
The process of ordering and paying, as well as arranging for the installation was as it should be free of pressure (sales pitch) and problems. After arranging with Synergy and Western Power for the ok to go ahead, the installation went smoothly and was done on time with a minimum of disruption to power supply. The installers were professional and courteous – the team effective and knowledgeable.
We have now had our first full solar energy bill (a full 60 days of solar being connected) and what a difference it has made! From the expected (based on our historical energy bills data) $650 we received a bill for only $150 - a saving of around $500 (including nearly $100 in energy buyback rebates from Synergy - the excess power we generated but did not use). With the PowerTracker monitor we have been able to see exactly what we our solar panels are generating at any given point in time, and have been able to make sure that we use appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine during the day when we are producing the most power. We have also been able to see what power we are consuming, and tailor our use of various household appliances including lighting and a/c etc. accordingly.
All-in-all a big win! We couldn't be happier with the level of service and the products supplied, and the first bill sealed the deal - if you have been delaying getting solar, then delay no more - call Paul at EnergyPak on 1300 781 531 and speak to him about your needs - he will do his best to help you decide on which type of system and how it can be used effectively and to your advantage.
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The guys from Energypak have been great, the maze of getting approvals through Synergy and Western power have been made easier (If that is at all possible) because of Paul Morris.

Anyone who thinks that this is a ten minute process has rocks in their heads and are surely being set up for total disappointment.
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Everyone at Energypak from the Owner, to the Salesperson to the Installers have been very honest, professional, helpful and courteous and their aftersales service is unparalleled!
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I have no hesitation to recommend this company. They are professional, friendly and answer all questions you care to throw at them.
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The installation was completed professionally with no mess, it was also double checked the next day by the electrician, the system has been in for nearly a month now and seems to be working well, I am waiting for my first bill to let me know how well, here's hoping the system is as good as the service from Energypak.
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By far the best customer service experience and quality control I have experienced with any company in Australia in over 20 years.

Excellent client contact, excellent quality control, excellent overall experience. Highly recommended.
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My initial introduction to Solar Power was through a flyer I received from BlueLine Solar,a couple of years ago. I called them and a young man came out (straight from Sales School) and proceeded to BS his way through Graphs and figures and after 'speaking to his alleged boss on his mobile' proceeded to try to con me into various fanciful deals - $12392.00 for 10 panels and a 3.5 kw string inverter - needless to say that the garden flourished well that year because of all the BS he spread around.

This put me off Solar Installations for quite some time as I just lost all trust in anything they might say, but having finished other upgrades within our home, decided to try again - that's when I discovered Solar Quotes - I think someone 'up there' was looking down on me that day....
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I have had a lot of business dealings in my life but this is the first time that I have not been able to find a single fault or deficiency in any part of the purchase of my Solar System from Energypak in Jarrahdale WA. Helpful, courteous, professional, prompt service and much more. 5 stars in every field. Graham Garrad Mandurah WA
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These guys are amazing, all installed in less than a week since I started looking for a 2.5 kw system. - I chose a Micro-inverter system because my roof area is broken up into a number of smaller slopes and angles, the individual inverters ensure that all Unshaded panels are producing their max output. - What I didn't realize initially is that the whole array can be monitored by the actual company as well as myself on the internet, and if something should fail, they are able to monitor the history and rectify any fault - this as a real bonus in my book ! - I recommend this system and the company with full marks, thank you EnergyPak.
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Because we had used them before, we were able to negotiate a discount.
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Good service, great product, and fantastic advice.
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The team at Energypak were outstanding.... so nice to deal with a no-nonsense, straight-shooting provider with attention to detail and integrity.

I found them middle range for price ...... which I'm OK with because I have confidence in the high quality components and installation and know I will not have a problem for the life of the system.

Customer service was excellent and all my paperwork for STC's was done for me. Top Job - highly recommended.
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Prior to contacting any company I had done a lot of research on solar systems and inverters and I had firm ideas about what I wanted. In discussions with Paul Morris of Energypak I valued his enthusiasm and advice about the best components for the system I needed.

With Paul's assistance I decided upon Suntech Pluto 250w panels and APS micro inverters for each panel plus Power Tracker software to allow monitoring of each panel at any time of the day.

The installation, by Paul himself, and his team was smooth. professional and enjoyable despite adverse weather and a complex system to install.

At all times the team was friendly and helpful with lots of advice and assistance in getting everything operational.

I am delighted with all aspects of my system and with Energypak as my adviser and installer. I recommend Paul and his team without reservation as an honest, professional and knowledgeable company.
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My lucky day when I got in touch with Paul Morris of Energy Pak.
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Decision was made on overall presentation and technical data/stats provided.
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I was extremely pleased in all aspect with the installation of my Solar Power System. Very professional and extremely helpful, particularly the installer.
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Great company
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I am more than pleased with my decision to have a 2.53 kw system installed by Energy Pak. I chose this company primarily because I wanted a German made system and I liked their no nonsense approach.
Five stars.
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The sysem has not yet been installed as yet but to date the people at Energypak have been really great to deal with a superior product range with double the warranty period of anythig else offered and friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, buy no means the cheapest quote I have had but the company has gone out of its way to accomodate my system requirements after many months of research by my self, this company knows its stuff and are flexible with products for any budget.
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EnergyPak who operate out of Jarahdale were able to install in just over a week as another supplier quoted about four months as it takes that amount of time to get all the paperwork done!! I am not sure why he has issues and EnergyPak does not.
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We found the biggest problem is the different stories the reps are saying to get a sale. Make sure you find out where the panels are made and what they use to install them and there's a huge difference in prices from company to company you need to do due diligence and don't rush into anything get half dozen quotes.
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