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Queensland-based Future Sustainability has been in business for the past five years. It aims to provide its customers with high performing, low risk solar energy solutions at the best possible price.

The company only works with reputable manufacturers, including the likes of LG Electronics, Hyundai and SMA. Extensive warranties are available on solar power systems for consumers' peace of mind.

All solar panel installers for Future Sustainability are accredited by the Clean Energy Council and Master Electricians.

Customers can ask the company for advice on how to make the most of state rebates and feed-in tariffs.

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Original Review on 12-05-2011:

The initial meeting with David Gilles from Future Sustainability was awesome.

I thought I knew what I was on about regarding solar systems and how everything works. He ran me through, based on my current average daily energy consumption, exactly how much I may be able to generate with a 2kw system from Future, and how much money this could generate selling to the grid during the day, and the total I would pay for my power worked out to be in credit on paper. Only got the system installed yesterday so I won't know real figures until another few months.

I would highly recommend Future Sustainability to anybody considering a solar inverter grid connected system.
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Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

16 months later we asked Jonathan: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system has exceeded all my expectations. I wasn't convinced that splitting and combining two different ratings of panels was going to allow a performance up to the limits of the Inverter, but I'm more than satisfied that everything is performing as well as possible.
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I appreciated your tips about choosing a system and the quotes gave me a good idea of what to expect. After considering these quotes and a few others that I got I did start to feel a little overwhelmed but finally I went with a gut feeling about the genuineness of the sales consultant that came to my home and the quality of the product as well as the price which was the best for the panels and inverter that I wanted. My final decision was made rather quickly in the end as I wanted to get in before the cut to the feed in tariff.
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We chose Future Sustainability for installation of our solar panels after a bit of research online, and using this website. After speaking with our consultant Mark, and inspecting their display at Sumner we were confident that the quality of the 250w LG panels from Korea was superior to a lot of the others offered by the cheaper companies. Installation went smoothly and quickly with 3 workers. The slowest part was post install waiting for Energy Aust and Energex for the new meter connection. Very exciting to see our meter going backwards! Last bill we had was approx $400 less than before but solar was only connected mid way through our bill cycle, so still waiting to see how much it will reduce it by in total.
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With Future Sustainability the salesman wasn't pushy. None of this" if you put our sign up for 6mths we'll cut $4000 off the price" but "you need to sign today". Very informative on their products and up front about the whole process. They also had Australian backup on their products for warranty issues. Infinity solar was also good with their products and information, but they were outside our budget. Thank you Finn for your informative site it has helped me with all my research. Cheers
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The easiest and quickest way in the world to get quotes to compare and had I found it before I received the quote from Future Sustainability I definitely would have chosen one of the quotes I received. The follow up services is fantastic too.
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No delay installing.
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Thank you for the follow-up, Finn. We received one quote through contacting you, and obtained several others for comparison.

After doing extensive research from such websites as your own and Whirlpool, we narrowed the choice down to 3. When the market value of RECs dropped, one of these suppliers (not the one from you) immediately informed us that the quoted cost would have to increase, thereby eliminating themselves from consideration.

We eventually selected Future Sustainability as they quoted fairly without being pushy, the price was guaranteed, the quality of the system was good and they could get the installation done within a month of signing up.

The installation process happened relatively easily apart from some wiring difficulties. An electrical subcontractor completed all the electrical aspects of the installation, while another subcontractor installed the panels - 4 men onsite for just under 3 hours.

The major frustration is that we will have to wait for 10 weeks for Energex to instal a meter so that we can use the system. So at this stage I cannot comment on how it is operating.
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Future Sustainability ran a very efficient instalment service. The Electrician fully explained the running of the Solar System and what the procedure would be with Energex. All in all, a very efficient, tidy and speedy service.
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The firm has not installed as yet as they are saying they have been delayed by the floods. Fin I am quite prepared to give you an update when they do. Cheers John
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difficult to access unbiased information re various components of system
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I bought a 1.53Kw system with an 3.3Kw inverter to allow me to expand my system in the fututre.
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Very happy with the service on our Solar Power although there was some confusion with our Solar Hot Water. Now its all done though very happy indeed.
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The tradesmen used by the company who installed my 4.2Kw system were absolutely first class. They worked well into the night on the first night to ensure that my family had power for the night and then worked well into the second night to complete the system. I was a clerk of works for over 20 years and I can tell a good tradesman from a dud. These two were first class.
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Buying from Future Sustainability was one of the worst experiences i have had. They were very helpful at the start and were pressuring me to put a deposit down quickly. Once the deposit was paid their communication was nearly non-existent. They never returned calls and were often busy when i rang. I signed contract and paid a deposit in Oct 09, the system was finally installed in april. This was after lots of broken promises from the company. I'm still waiting for rebates to be paid so i'm also out of pocket. Once again they are being elusive when i try and call. I will never deal with them again and would never recommend them anyone. Buyers beware of this company. Very dissappointed.
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new idustry, every thing took a little longer than anticipated. I had other suppliers trying to get business by offering to underprice what I had been given. Do not like that. Also took a long time for energy supplier to contatc and complete the documents re buy back of power, so they got some free stuff.

Happy with what I ended up with, although as an early converter, I expect prices for systems to drop over next 12 months which will reaaly heat up the market.
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We are very happy with our installation, have had the grid approved by Country Energy and are currently waiting for a gross feed in meter to be available.
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