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Godwins Green Energy provides a wide range of energy solutions, including solar PV panels. Silex solar panels are used by the company as they comply with the strictest quality standards and perform to the highest degree.

A warranty is provided on 90 per cent power output over 12 years and 80 per cent power output during a 25-year duration. Furthermore, the solar panels are guaranteed against defects and materials for five years.

Solar power products are offered to both homes and businesses by Godwins Green Energy and efforts are made to ensure they work at optimum levels from the offset.

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Being 300 km from Sydney was always going to be a problem for getting multiple quotes. Of your nominations:

1 did not reply;
1 said the job was too small for them to bother with;
1 offered to come and quote, but 3 weeks later. In the interim I visited the showroom and made the decision to buy locally, as above.
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The approval has come through but the system has not been installed yet.
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They were really helpful, quick and ended up installing it on a Sunday in order to meet the deadlines.
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Only Mackie Electrics came back to me during my search for a supplier, and was the highest quote.
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Although the date for our installation was set several months ago, the team arrived shortly after 8am. The team were polite and friendly and got to work as soon as the ute arrived with the equipment. System was up and running, grid connected and Smart Meter installed by 12.30.
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Original Review on 05-07-2010:

I am still waiting for "Country Energy" to commission the system - have been waiting almost six weeks for the connection to be made. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

26 months later we asked Grahame: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes the system is fine - however I have received word today from AGL that my feed in tariff is being reduced from 68 cents to 60cents per Kwh from September 1st this year.. This is very disappointing as I have swapped over to AGL to get the extra 8 cents, as it seemed likely yhat the NSW government were not going to honor the promise of the 60 cent payment till 2017 without a fight! But it looks like they are slowly winning!
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N/A for first two. (Too early to evaluate).
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So far installation is good, however, did cause some damage which was promptly reimbursed.
Their reccommened system seems to be generating very good power (1.2 kW)in winter.
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The people from Godwins were punctual and extremely helpful. The salesman took the time to sit down with my partner and myself to explain every aspect of the installation and the operation of the system.
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We did not take the cheapest quote but chose the solar edge converter technology and this supplier was the only one who told us about this option for an inverter. We have not yet had the meter installed so the system is not up and running but I will be able to monitor each individual panel's performance. The installation was extremely well done. Everything is neat and tidy.
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