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Green Living King was the trading name of Drought King Water Tanks Pty Ltd (ACN 120 546 474) which has gone into administration. All reviews dated before July 2013 are for that entity. Since then some of the people involved in the original company have started a new entity called Green Living King Pty Ltd, which began trading as of April 2013.
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Do your self a favour and run before you get a quote slill not conected to the grid after 3 years
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Green Living King Pty Ltd are the worst company of any description I have ever had the misfortune to deal with, they promise the world and deliver nothing, as soon as they have your money they dissapear, NO OFFICE, NO WEBSITE, NO FIXED LAND LINE (phone), NO EMAIL, NO SERVICE, DON'T RETURN CALLS, they blame everyone else except themselves, unfortunately spent $9000 on a 5 kw system which worked for 2 months, Green Living King Pty Ltd will not do anything about warranty and blame everyone else, in the process of lodging a greivence against Green Living King Pty Ltd with Fair Trading Australia, truly do not trust this company at all
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I would never again use or recommend Green Living King. They will not answer their phone nor honour their warranty. They sold me a Solar Hot Water System that keeps breaking down, but now they are not interested in helping me. They have taken my money and are now telling me to go elsewhere.
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Why have their phones been disconnected
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Excellent customer service and no problem with installation. A very professional job.
We also installed solar hot water, in conjunction with the solar panels. Everything is working very well and I am very pleased with the service and would use this company again if I needed more solar panels.
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These people caused $5000 damage to my property and left us with hardly enough money to pay the Bills over Christmas.

They refuse to take any responsibility For the damages caused, won't even negotiate on splitting the cost which I should not even have needed
to offer. The accounts people didn't even know I paid in December.

After asking for a invoice about 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Sent an invoice 3 months later a called asking for proof of payment.

Have been saving for a holiday for 3 years and now struggling to pay the bills. Thanks green living king toukley
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I would strongly suggest you look elsewhere! Drought King Water Tanks t/a Green Living King have provided appalling service since installation of our solar hot water system and solar panels in 2011. We have had nothing but issues and a recent independent audit has revealed serious issues with the installation including a hot water service that is running solely on power not solar. I'd be looking elsewhere.

The independent inspection found:

* Insufficient/incorrect equipotential bondings of panels and mounting rails

* DC cabling on rood unsupported and exposed to mechanical and solar damage

* unsatisfactory waterproofing on roof penetration

* solar supply main switch label in wrong location

* Warning labels not permanently marked with required information

* Solar hot water system not operational

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Original Review on 22-07-2011:

Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

14 months later we asked Ron: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes and No. we make power but were not told we may never get our promised STC,s $40.00. been waiting over a year and price is still only up to $31.00Either we take the lower value in which case the system has cost us 25% more than quoted or we wait longer and maybe never get anything.
Would I recommend others to get a PV System yes but do a lot of homework to avoid getting stung.
When we have approached Green Living King, their response is that it is money in the bank.
Last time I invested money in the bank I did not loose 25% of the capital.
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Dealings with the supplier up to and including installation were excellent. Connecting to the grit to make installation operational - a nightmare. We are waiting now for six weeks and get all sorts of excuses why the connection takes that amount of time.
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Wasn't fully explained that the panels would be installed and could wait up to three weeks for meter connection. Wasn't explained on how the meter reads! Very poor sales service once the deposit was PAID.
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