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Green Living King Reviews

Green Living King

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Green Living King Overall Rating From 12 Reviews:

12 Reviews

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Green Living King was the trading name of Drought King Water Tanks Pty Ltd (ACN 120 546 474) which has gone into administration. All reviews dated before July 2013 are for that entity. Since then some of the people involved in the original company have started a new entity called Green Living King Pty Ltd, which began trading as of April 2013.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
Do your self a favour and run before you get a quote slill not conected to the g ...
>>> See Wayne's review
Wayne NSW 2265
Green Living King Pty Ltd are the worst company of any description I have ever h ...
>>> See Norm's review
Norm NSW 2262
I would never again use or recommend Green Living King. They will not answer the ...
>>> See Gordon's review
Gordon NSW 2259
Why have their phones been disconnected
>>> See Neil's review
Neil NSW 2259

>>> See Jonathan's review
Jonathan NSW 2264
Excellent customer service and no problem with installation. A very professional ...
>>> See K's review
K NSW 2259
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2250
These people caused $5000 damage to my property and left us with hardly enough m ...
>>> See Smith's review
Smith NSW 2285
I would strongly suggest you look elsewhere! Drought King Water Tanks t/a Green ...
>>> See Angela's review
Angela NSW 2261
Dealings with the supplier up to and including installation were excellent. Conn ...
>>> See Frank's review
Frank NSW 2259
Wasn't fully explained that the panels would be installed and could wait up to t ...
>>> See Christine's review
Christine NSW 2325

>>> See Ron's review
Ron NSW 2259

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Green Living King