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Mr Solar Australia is a Solar Power Installation company based in Belconnen and serves ACT. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Note: The ACT Commissioner For Fair Trading has warned Canberrans to steer clear of this firm.

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We have had the worst experience with Mr Solar. Got our 7kw system installed at the end of March and from day one we had problems, i.e the inverter showed over voltage error in the mornings. Mr solar straight away blamed our energy provider. We made an appointment with them (energy provider) and upgraded our energy meter. The inverter still had the same problem.After so many text messages and emails Mr Solar sent an electrician at the end of July.He couldn't fix it. We told Mr Solar about it and now they don't reply our text messages and emails. I would never advice anyone to trust this company. I have all the text messages and emails as proof, even from Solaredge that software update (as claimed by Mr Solar) won't help and of course i will have to fork out money to fix it through some other company. Any advice!! Essential energy just told me that only 2kw system was registered with them and Mr Solar installed a 7kw system which is illegal according to them. I emailed Mr Solar and the reply was "call my installers straight away".i only paid Mr Solar and had no dealings with anyone else. Pathetic service!!!
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Contacted NSW Fair Trading first to enquire about Raj at Mr Solar Australia before you deposit your 50% deposit into Raj personal account. At this stage heard he close up business at Moore Street. At this stage he may still be using CEC contract "Country Energy Council" that been informed by us of a letter from Fair Trading saying he doesn't hold a building electrical licence that isn't allowed to subcontract work out. At this stage we had no choice after waiting up to 3 months without solar panels and had nothing but issues not able to get our 50% refund back we decided to hired a Collection Agency to help out.
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Was quoted and paid for a "premium" Solar package with a Free 6 Channel Security system. What was provided was not what I paid for.

I have no idea what I paid for, as the panels were COMPLETELY different. I did not receive a statement of work completed. I was left to configure the Solar inverted myself, with help from the "Supplier".

I only received a 4 channel security system not the 6.

Install took 2 months... 2 Months for a 5kw system to be installed, then a further 2 for the correct paper work to be submitted to actually get connected to the grid! No compensation supplied at all would have been roughly $500 I would have been paid back by the electricity company.

I was also not supplied with a part for the Solar inverter, I have been chasing this for months, always told that they will arrange for this to be dropped off. Never get a call, part never gets dropped off.

I am in the market for a Solar Battery to be added to house, Will NOT use MRSolar (MR Solar Australia) Again
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I got my solar panels installed through Mr.Solar (Raj) and from day one I had nothing but issues. They don't have any good electricians to find my fault and despite several calls and texts the system is still not working. As they are subcontracting to other electrician, once you pay the money they won't look after you. I strongly advise not to go with this mob, getting attracted by their competitive price.
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We bought 2 systems together as neighbours. We received the best quote in the market so we went ahead with MR SOLAR. The installation went smoothly despite having 2 systems installed next to each other. The only issue we came across was our electricity supplier took a few weeks to change the meter. The MR SOLAR staff were very helpful and kept us informed throughout the entire process.
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I could not recommend Rajan from Mr solar any more highly!

After a really dismal result from another company (S.P.N) where they took my deposit and promised an install within a specified time frame and nothing was done for over 3 months as well as the company dodging, not returning and refusing to put any further correspondence in emails (I had to get fair trading involved to get my money back), I was left with a sense of hesitation to even get solar.

I decided to call Rajan from an email quote he provided and arranged a sit down to discuss the system I wanted as well as my specific house hold needs. I’ll say that I am glad I made that call! Rajan was very friendly and obliging to the timing of the meeting as I work 2 jobs and have limited time free during the day/ afternoons. As I did my own extensive research into the type of equipment I wanted, solar orientation as well as how many panels I wanted over two surfaces (split array) it was quite a fluid transaction, but in saying this I also had a lot of questions and still a lot to learn. Rajan and his colleague were very patient and addressed all my questions and were very respectful in correcting any errors in my own research, the pricing he provided during the sit down was extremely competitive and after some casual conversation we discovered he has provided solar to two of my work colleagues; which he did not hide and asked myself to consult with them about their experiences and outcomes. My colleagues could not have been happier with the end result they received from using Mr Solar and I decided to proceed with the install.

Mr Solar was very flexible with the installation time frame and bent over backwards to suit me as to when I could take time of work, did not feel pressured or ‘locked’ in at any point. The installation team were very polite, professional and knowledgeable also, as I had some panels on the roof face facing the front I was very worried how the panels would look. However I took the installers advice (technical expertise and aesthetics) and the end result was great! Panels were installed very neatly and the inverter was mounted with no visible signs of wiring or conduits next to the meter box; they even swept/ cleaned the path to remove any concrete dust from the drilling! Currently just waiting for the meter to be programmed and ironing out some gremlins in the Fronius smart meter, otherwise the system is working great.

Anybody interested in solar I would advise giving Mr Solar a call and arranging a sit down, if you have a better price for a system do discuss this with Rajan or his colleague and who knows he might be able to do a better deal.

The whole process from start to finish took about 6 weeks.
System: 18x Trina Honey MPlus panels and 5.0 Fronius Inverter plus the smart meter.
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